Friday Link Feast #11

Let's get this backlog unlogged, stat!

  • Mostly Eating: Mind apples and movement – simple tips to pamper your mind
    For World Mental Health Day, Sophie has some thoughtful ideas and excellent resource links for looking after your mental health.
  • Memoir Armoire
    Diane Shipley's book blog is dedicated to the memoir genre and she has a short and snappy author interview with me today.
  • Opposite Life: A Tale of Two Pieces
    I love Pubsgal's post about body image, her little daughter and rocking a bikini.
  • Nourishing The Soul: Social Networking and Self-Esteem
    Ashley writes: "We’ve all heard about the apparent privacy risks we’re taking by putting our personal and even professional information on social media sites like Facebook, but have you ever considered the threat of these sits to your self-esteem?"
  • Meish – Senseless
    "I do worry about the habits that a social life (amplified by social media and networks) can fall into. Performing. Feeling like you have to constantly feed (/amuse/entertain/shock) a hungry audience"
  • Before & After: Oh the stories I have told!
    "These are the stories I’ve told myself and others…stories that made me feel better about myself, stories that helped me feel right, stories that helped me feel like I was getting revenge. I got off on these stories. They gave me an out and allowed me to abdicate responsibility." One of the most honest and compelling posts I've ever read.
  • Now The Plan Is This – Alison's Marathon Report
    Two Fit Chicks listeners will remember Alison's inspiring interview on our Goals Goals Goals episode. She just finished her third marathon and her race report is so vivid you'll feel like you ran every mile and gulped down every gel with her.

Have a good weekend, comrades!

13 thoughts on “Friday Link Feast #11

  1. So very glad you’re back posting!!!! Always enjoy reading your recommendations/perspectives on things, and I’ve been introduced to some great sites thanks to your link feasts.

  2. Thanks for those! I’m at work with exactly NOTHING to do, now I have some great reading! Happy Friday 🙂

  3. Hi Shauna – have always loved your blog – it’s one of the few that have inspired me so much that it warranted a complete reading of all the archives. Every post – be they triumphant, reflective, or touchingly honest – absolute jewels.

    Anywhos,I remember that maybe a year ago you linked to a blog (I think?) which referenced a Buddhist dieting philosophy. Something about not being guilty for past failures, as the circumstances weren’t right at the time. Kindness, self love, etc.

    Do you recall where I might be able to find that passage? I could really do with a refresher!

    Stay lovely! xoxo Jan

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