Say it loud, say it clear

For your aural pleasure!For the past two nights I’ve woken up at 2AM with The Living Years playing in my head, that cheesy Mike and the Mechanics tune that was #1 for about 79 weeks in Australia. Specifically the bit where the choir swoops in. There are few things that give me the heebie jeebies than a choir in a pop song… especially if it’s little kiddies singing. Whenever I hear Another Brick In The Wall I long to push the children off said wall…

(Actually I make an exception for the choir in Madonna’s Like A Prayer, that is a killer song!)

Anyway. I neglected to post about last week’s new Two Fit Chicks episode – Intuitive Eating II starring Christie of Honoring Health. She is extremely articulate and thoughtful on the topic and has had great success with changing her relationship with food. You can check it out over at the Two Fit Chicks website!

I was also a guest on The Because Show, an addictive podcast from L.A. where three friends meet weekly to chat about books and food and telly and life. I talked to the producer Jerilyn about book writing and life in Scotland. I also say “um” and “like” far too much and fail to disguise my ignorance re Scottish cashmere. You can check out The Because Show here.

So what’s your stance on choirs in pop songs? Do you have any irrational, petty hates you’d like to share? I also hate when people take something out of a microwave before the time is up then don’t reset it and/or leave the door open. BOO.

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  1. I think this one is up there for the title of “My Favourite 2 Fit Chicks Episode” πŸ™‚ I loved it when Christie said that getting control over her eating was a doorway for her to what else was possible in her life, because that’s how it was for me too.

    FYI, my faves are 3, 9, this one and the two where you have Julia Jones talking about running!! More, more, more!!

    Off to check you out on “Because” now! Rock on you superstar πŸ˜€ xx

  2. havent herd last weeks episode yet im not quite there (playing catch up) but i heard the 1st version of that yesterday and it had some good stuff in it for sure

    I so get the microwave thing glad its just not me..i also cant stand to leave it flashing on 0 and not set the time lol

  3. @Christie – Oh no! Hope I didn't insult it too much πŸ™‚

    @Phil – I love 3 and 9 too! Have a soft spot for Alison and her goal kicking!

    @Misty – agree on the flashing… oh that could drive you demented!

  4. Oh. God.


    Yes, they had more than one hit. No, I haven’t listened to it in the past decade so you can all stop sniggering now.

    Irrational, petty hate? Well, it’s a bit weird.. but in a lot of 80’s bands I irrationaly HATE one person.

    In Billy Joel’s band, it’s this guy:

    In Bon Jovi it’s the guy in the white pants:

    In Prince’s band it was this guy:

    And inHall & Oates it was John Oates:

    Just looking at those pics gives me the heebies. I can only blame this affliction on too much mtv at a very impressionable age.

  5. I have a new microwave and I’m trying hard to do right by this one, but then the last one lasted 22 years.

    Hmmm..Madonna’s song is good. What about “Dear God” by XTC. Doesn’t it have ethereal kiddie choir in that one..Love that song.

    Petty hates: I’m trying to take my own cloth /fabric bags to the grocery to save the world from plastic bags, but I do forget. I hate it when clerks put a giant package of toilet tissue or jug of milk in a plastic bag. So, then I take it out of the bag and tell them to reuse it as my item doesn’t need a bag. Then the clerk crumbles up and throws away the plastic bag and rolls her eyes like I’m a hippie. Jerk.

  6. A) thanks for getting that song stuck in my head! This is actually a real thank you. Prior to that I had Justin from Something Special’s song “Hello Hello How are you..” stuck there. Oh damn!

    B)Irrational pet peeve: crumbs on the counter. If you make a sandwich can’t you PLEASE just wipe up the crumbs instead of leaving them there for ME to wipe up?! ARGH.

  7. Good to see you Shauna πŸ™‚

    I hate it when people leave the bread bag open and the bread dries out. Ugh!

  8. I feel the same way about The Wall! I feel a distinct opposition to child choirs in general. I suppose that’s strange considering I spent my entire childhood in one.

  9. No, the songs that get stuck in my head are my kids’ music. To which ol’ Mike and co. would be an improvement…I cite the song “Whip My Hair” which I was just amazed to discover actually does have other words in the lyrics than the phrase “I whip my hair back and forth.” It makes Duran-Duran’s lyrics, “Like a birthday/Or a pretty view” seem downright Shakespearean. That confession, *sigh*, makes me sound about 58,000 years old. It’s not all ear-wormage, though…anything by that YouTube songster Parry Gripp cracks me up (Robot Hamster, Last Train to Awesome Town) and I like that “I’ve Got the Magic in Me” song.

    My spouse has the funniest pet peeve: it drives him nuts when the toilet paper is hung with the paper dangling from the back of the roll instead of over the front. Darned if it isn’t the logical way to do it, too, so it ended up becoming one of mine as well.

  10. I hate it when there are spelling errors in official/ printed documents.
    And this one is a bit controversial, but I hate osteopaths and chiropractors referring to themselves as doctor.
    ooh, and Tony Abbott really annoys me, to the point where I start swearing at the TV when he comes on.

  11. Speaking of intersections of pop music and choral arrangements, one time in college I thought I’d set my alarm to the local pop music station, but I actually left it on NPR. I woke up at ridiculous o’clock to make my 8 AM spanish class to Gregorian chants. It was SO. CREEPY.

    Hmm, bizarre hates… people who mush my toothpaste tube from the middle, especially if the toothpaste has stripes. Because then the stripes get mixed! And you have this weird colored goop by the time you reach the end!

    Does a hatred of the bozos driving Priuses (Prii?) around my neck of the woods festooned with idiotic statements such as vanity license plates with some variation of “MYPART” and stickers proclaiming their self-righteous asshattery count as bizarre? Or is it justified?

  12. I’m with Ms. PJ Geek — why does the clerk have to crumple up the plastic bag and throw it away if you don’t want to use it? Because it’s got product cooties on it?

  13. Shanilie – lovely to meet you!

    Merry & Ms PJ Geek – I HATE THAT TOO! RAAAAAAHH!

    Isabelle – oh yes… Amazing Grace on the pipes is truly torturous!

    M – that was a quality rant… love it! actually you all wear the ranty pants VERY WELL! πŸ™‚

  14. I have far too many hates (both rational and irrational) to list but I do particularly hate that child choir too AND YOU’RE SINGING FLAT KIDLETS, UGH.

    And the microwave thing – yep, utter selfishness and happens ALL THE TIME at work.

    Also agree with grammar ignorance (ignorance is no excuse, people) and loo roll hanging the wrong way.

    I have many, many more but I’ll spare you a 10 page diatribe.

  15. I hate pop songs that tell sad stories…Billy Don’t be a Hero….Butterfly Kisses….I’ll Walk…Gahhhhhh!!!!!

  16. I actually don’t mind the raucous kids on “Another Brick in the Wall” although I feel it is unkind to teachers (being, like you, the child of a teacher). I am not so keen on cutesy child choirs, though, including the Brummie ones on “I wish it could be Christmas every day”. (Besides which, it would be rubbish if it was Christmas every day.)

    Also I don’t like songs that are schmaltzy yet depressing. I cry far too easily and I resent crying to Don McLean’s “What a Shame” or James Blunt’s “Beautiful” (well, especially that last one). If it’s a really good song then I don’t mind so much.

  17. LOL, actually I used to love that Mike and the Mechanics song (I was a radio DJ and played it all the time). Now I run screaming from the room if I hear it πŸ™‚

    And yes, I like choirs in pop songs, which is weird as I’m an atheist!

  18. Ugh, I’m sorry – waking up at 2am with ANYTHING in your head sucks. I’m torn on choirs – I do love The Wall and all, but it is pretty cheesy.

    One of my weird quirks – I hate having my closet disorganized. I can let the rest of my house go, but my clothes need to be neatly put away or I get grumpy.

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