Ten years ago today…

… I was in Canberra, Australia, bawling my heart out on the scales at Weight Watchers then racing home to write about it on an anonymous patch of internet. Today I was in Edinburgh, Scotland, significantly smaller, allegedly wiser and meeting my friend and former virtual running coach Julia in person for the first time. Memo to concerned citizens of 2001: turns out the internet is not entirely full of perverts and axe murderers!

My mind boggles when I think how much has changed since that gutwrenching day Down Under. This blog has been a great companion through the ups and downs. All week long (between the flood watching and workplace panic) I was mentally composing spectacular, deeply poignant commemorative posts… but in typical fashion I never got round to writing anything.

Now it's late and I'm a wee bit red wine merry, so I will just say how glad I am to have grown older and realised that there is so much more to me and life than the size of my jeans. And a huge thank you to everyone who has stopped by over the past ten years. Thank you for all your comments and emails and friendships and ideas and all-round goodness. It has truly been a blast.

58 thoughts on “Ten years ago today…

  1. Congrats, lovely Shauna! You’ve come a long way, baby!

    Hope to catch up with you for a good old natter again next time you’re in Oz (and no, we haven’t all floated away).

  2. I’m glad that your decision 10 years ago had such a great flow on effect for you (not to mention that we got to meet too).

  3. I hope that whatever size those jeans are right now, you are proud of what you have done, how many people you have inspired and how much you make us all smile when you write.

    And I don’t care if that sounds wanky! πŸ˜‰

  4. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for the inspiration you’ve provided to thousands of readers like myself around the world. Now that the holidays are over I’ve been needing a bit of inspiration to get back on the healthy wagon and am reading your book for the second time. I feel privledged to be able to go on that journey with you again in the process, and I hope that one day we’ll get a sequel to learn more about this chapter of your life.

  5. Cheers dears! It would be bloody boring round here without you!

    @Philippa – one pair are an 18 and the others are a 20! (different brands) And well on their way to bagginess soon if current sane eating continues, I do reckon πŸ™‚

  6. I’m so glad you didn’t just give up and say @!#% 10 years ago!

    If you could devise a time machine and travel back to tell younger-Shauna all that was going to happen, would she have believed it?

  7. So happy you and Julia finally got a chance to meet! I knew you’d hit it off right fine!!! (Hey Julia, make sure you get some of that cream of wheat while you’re there, stockpiling time!)

  8. Congratulations on your 10 years Shauna!!! You have been a true inspiration and there are many things that you have blogged about that I have just read and nodded. You have voiced many of my thoughts, feelings and emotions and bought others into my mind for the first time. Whatever the size of your jeans are, you have been a source of motivation, stimulation and my muse for a while now.

    Congrats once again and I am looking forward to reading the next 10 years.

  9. Well said, my friend. For whatever juice age saps from our metabolism, I like to think it makes up for in a little more wisdom in our heads and steel in our will.

  10. I think of the Vintage Alanis Morissette song “You Learn”.
    If only we knew now what we knew 10 years ago.
    Onward and upward, Shaundogg. Yer doin great.
    (And don’t take any/much crap at work)

  11. Bravo DG! Thank you for your honesty and inspiration throughout the last ten years. Your journey has inspired so many of us!

    Big hug,

  12. Congrats Shauna! I’d love to catch up too next time you’re in Oz…though I recently left Canberra to move to Adelaide. 12 years there was enough for me πŸ™‚

    I’m friends with Kek, and I’m so envious that she’s already met you in person.

    I’m married to a Scotsman too, but he now an Aussie.

  13. You’re consistently wonderful to read, up or down (though up–as in happy–is absolutely to be preferred).

    Hope your tenth year goes as well as your first?

  14. You are the reason that I am 80 lbs lighter. I read your book 2 years ago and started my own blog and nevr looked back. I don’t know if I would be were I am today, had it not been for The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl.

    Congrats and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  15. Ten years of Dietgirl goodness! Your Archive of posts is just amazing. I can’t imagine how many people you’ve helped, uplifted and entertained in that time with your funny and remarkably honest blog. And I can’t begin to express how grateful I am that you put yourself out there for so long.

    Thank you, Shauna!

  16. Thank you Shauna!

    I’m a newer reader but I loved making my way through your Archive. Amazing that anyone could be so consistently funny, honest and insightful en blogue for ten whole years. I can’t imagine how many people you’ve helped and uplifted in that time.

  17. “there is so much more to me and life than the size of my jeans”…Perfect, Shauna, just perfect! I’m so happy to read you type that tonight. It really resonated within me! That’s definitely a wonderful mantra to embrace for the New Year! :o)

  18. Happy blogiversary from Orange! Thanks for ten fabulous years. Your blogs have had a HUGE impact on my life. I will never be able to thank you enough for not giving up and showing me it could be done. xox

  19. Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary! WOW. That’s a great achievement. I love your honesty, your wit, your writing style and your foibles.

    Keep it up for at least another 10 years.

    Love your work πŸ™‚

  20. Shauna:
    I just read your book about a week and a half ago. We have the same weight loss “birthday” except I’m just turning 1 now. I hope that I can be as successful as you 9 years down the road!

  21. Shauna, you certainly have come a long way, and you should be very proud, but you should be even more proud of the fact that through your openness and honesty, and communication skills, via your blog, book and podcasts that you have been such an inspiration to others (including me) helping us find their way too. Keep it up!

  22. What an awesome achievement, changing your life over the past 10 years, not to mention all of the readers you have inspired with your candour, humour and wisdom! Congratulations on the anniversary, and thanks, big time!!!

  23. Hi Shauna – a long, long time reader of yours here πŸ™‚ Thanks for all the laughs and real life drama along the way. Thanks for the way you described Dr G, for the laugh I had when I read about you trying on the stretchy, hold it in underwear to wear under your wedding dress and for the honesty you always shared through the years. I am so glad that now you are in a different place and realise that happiness is not really about the size you wear.

  24. Happy blogiversary peach-face!

    You’re one of the most awesome people I know.. and I know heaps of awesome people! Keep on keeping on. I love you like I love Dolly Parton.

  25. Oh the time goes by so fast! I’ve been reading your blog since 2004, I think, it seems like just yesterday πŸ™‚

    Congratulations on everything you’ve accomplished, chickie. Not just the jeans, but all the other amazing things you’ve done and place you’ve been, and oh yeah that guy you married. You rawk.

  26. Congratulations Shauna! You’ve come so far (literally!) and have been such an inspiration to those who have “found” you along the way.

  27. WOW!

    I am one of those who found you years ago and then went back, at that time, and read from the beginning of your blog to present. And then read the book as well. So, I knew it had been a long time, but did not realize it was as much as 10 years.


  28. Happy Anniversary – I’m so glad you documented your journey! Love hearing your voice on Two Fit Chicks as well – you really have given so much hope to us losers! πŸ™‚

  29. I just want to say how glad I am that you shared your experiences and your life with us and hope that you will continue in doing so. You’ve inspired so many of us to get of our behinds and do something, but you’ve also made us not feel so alone in our own struggles with “the lard”.
    Glad you’ve met your internet friend too!!

  30. I just finished your book, and it has been a great kick start to my 3,001th attempt to slim down. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your journey.

  31. Shauna a HUGE congratulations – what a fabulous milestone! Your writing is a constant source of joy and I feel privileged that you have shared your journey with us. Here’s to ten more years! πŸ™‚

  32. Happy anniversary! I only started reading your blog in the “happy ending” phase but have really enjoyed getting to know you virtually (and in that one fun visit, in person). I’ve loved reading your posts and your comments on other blogs. You have had some really interesting wacky commenters over the years, which is always interesting, too. Hope this year has nothing but wonderful things in store for you and Dr-not-a-real-Dr. G!

  33. ’tis the season of “fativersaries”…. Well done on reaching your impressive milestone and showing so many people that weight loss can be achieved and sustained (well, most of it) and that it isn’t the most important thing in the world…

    I doff my cap…

    Lesley xx

    and you
    and the fact that Im so late to the soiree Im bringing down the house and shouting:

    LAST CALL!!!!

    xo xo

  35. Oh this is so exciting, happy 10th birthday! When I read your post yesterday about it having been 10 years I thought wow, 10 years ago I was in high-school in Sweden, feeling crap because I was twice the size of my petite-friends, feeling out of place and quite depressed… 10 years on I moved to London, got myself a degree and a lovely other half, lost a bit of weight, gained a lot of confidence and most of all became happy! A lot can change in 10 years and you have really been an inspiration for me Ms. Shauna, you RAWK! *hugs*

  36. I just wanted to say that your book is one of the best weight loss books I’ve ever read. It helped me get through some really hard times, and gave me hope that I really could get the weight off, and I did! Half my original body weight now gone in 18 months and I’ve just hit goal. But I will never forget reading your book and feeling like I was reading my own story early on.

  37. Congrats, Shauna, you have indeed come so far in so many ways. Would that the same were true for all of us!

  38. I suppose this is a good time as any to say thank you for sharing your story!

    I finally picked up your book and ripped through it in a few hours!

    Seeing as I’m up to date on the podcast (I’ve even submitted blogger news!) and I’ve already read your blog backwards and forward …. am now hankering for a DG fix.

    Just kidding.

    But seriously. Thank you and well done!

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