WIN! £45 voucher from @lessbounce – DG 10th Birthday Sell Out Day 7

The Dietgirl 10th Birthday Sell Out Phew… It's the final prize in the 10th Birthday Sell Out.

The prize: One lucky winner will receive a £45 gift voucher to spend at Less Bounce, the online sports bra retailer, including free worldwide shipping.

Available to readers from: Worldwide

What the heck is it?
Last year's most hotly contested prize was the Enell sports bra, as donated by Less Bounce. This year I want the prize to be suitable for chests of all sizes, so asked nicely if I could give away a gift voucher. So whether you're after serious scaffolding or the flimsiest scrap of fabric, this prize is suitable for everyone! They also sell sportswear and swimwear if you're already sorted in the bra department.

Lift! Lift! Why I dig it
LessBounce is a UK company started by fitness instructor and personal trainer Selaine Saxby when she couldn't find a good sports bra locally. Now they stock a huge range of sports bras suitable for all sports for chests of all shapes and sizes.

They also have great customer service, a handy bra finder on the homepage and they ship worldwide. To cut and paste from last year's giveaway: you and your boobs cannae go wrong!

There is one £45 Less Bounce voucher (including free worldwide shipping) to be won. Leave a comment below to enter! Entries close Monday 31 January 2011 at 12PM GMT. Winners will be drawn at random. Click here to view terms and conditions of the Sell Out.

BONUS! Dietgirl readers can score 10% off all Less Bounce orders placed before 28 February 2011. Just enter code "dietgirl" at the checkout.

181 thoughts on “WIN! £45 voucher from @lessbounce – DG 10th Birthday Sell Out Day 7

  1. I am still on a search for the perfect sports bra. It would be nice not to have to wear 2 when running!!

  2. Very nice! I’ve been wanting to try these since I first read about them, here on your blog, about a year ago!

  3. I loved my Enell, but it’s all stretched out now. A new one would be so exciting 🙂

  4. I would love this! I’m still working on finding a bra that I don’t have to double up while running.

  5. Please enter me into the Less Bounce drawing because Enell’s are the ONLY bras that keep the grrls in place even during HIIT tm sessions (and even about 50 pounds ago). They are long lasting but not forever so a new one would be FAB!

  6. ME SHAUNA ME ME ME!!!!!

    I love the enell sports bra, but they’re expensive!! It’s the only sports bra I can wear only one of!!! x

  7. I want to start running, and this would definitely be of great help..
    Thanks for sell-out week:)

  8. Shauna, what a lovely gesture. I,like many of the others, often resort to wearing two bras,especially when running.I’m a new Aussie follower and read your book on my shiny new I-pad, it was the first book I downloaded and I read it in a day. Thanks for being so inspirational and so normal at the same time!

  9. Sounds like this would be fancier and nicer than the discount store model I”ve been sporting. What wonderful prizes for your 10th Anniversary Giveaway, Shauna. It’s been fun checking in each day to see what you’re promoting and giving at the same time.

  10. After yesterday’s workout, both underwires from my sports bra were up around my collarbone. I desperately need a new one! 🙂

  11. Do I ever need less bounce in this area. I always joked about beating myself to death if I would run down a flight of steps in my stretch strap bra!!

  12. oh my goodness, my new jogging endeavours would be so much easier with one of these! I’ve been mulling over shelling out for one of these for a while 🙂

  13. i would be over the moon to win this, i am desperately in need of a good running bra. And think of how much faster i’ll go!

  14. Trying to take up running, but would sure like the girls not to look like a pair of maracas!

  15. I was very inspired by your writing about the Enell bra last year, but i think the open gift certificate is a perfect kind of prize. Thanks for organising the giveaway!

  16. I’m retooling my life at 55+ in an effort to live better…and longer! Food-wise, I’m gaining on it…exercise-wise, not so much. I’m playing a bit at yoga, but I need cardio…now! I’ve checking off the barriers to getting started one at a time…would love to check off BUY DECENT SPORTS BRA!

  17. I am in desperate need of a good sports bra! This is a great way to get to try it out before investing the money into buying several.

  18. This one has obviously touched a nerve. Decent sports bras are almost impossible to find and very expensive. I wear two bras when I run.. not ideal but affordable and it does work.. winning this would be a better solution!

  19. Yes please, I’d love to win this one. In desperate need of a new, comfortable sports bra!

  20. well. I really wanted this last time, didn’t win but bought myself a fantastic enell sports bra- thanks for introducing me to them. I could do with another!

  21. You are most kind to us girls and our boobs! My fave sports bra is giving up the ghost so here’s hoping….

    Lesley xx

  22. Wow, I really must learn to slow down when reading things. At first read I thought the company name was Les Bounce, which struck me as a silly name for a bra company, even if it was a bit French. Clearly Less Bounce is a fantastic name for a bra company. And I really do think that I could benefit from winning this one.

  23. oh, this prize was made for me!!! I always have to wear two bras, esp. when doing sports (like bodycombat, outch..) But since I read your blog, I posess an enell bra. The problem now: I`ve lost 30 kg and my enell isn’t fitting anymore… And I’m an (poor..) student and good sport bras are so expensive… So I hope I#ll win!

  24. Luckily I’m all sorted out in the bra department but would love to gift this to my dear friend who is in dire need.

  25. Well, I’m ok on bras, but I’m in desperate need of running pants. My current pair has a hole in the seat, and that does not make for very appropriate running. Here’s to hoping I win!

  26. This is a popular prize – all my sports bras are from less bounce and I’d love a new one. Thanks

  27. Going to throw my dice in with this one… the boobs are way overdue for some new support structures.

  28. Now, this is a great giweaway! I keep looking for good sports bra, but I haven’t found “the” one so far. Maybe this is the right time?

  29. Amazing! I’m a runner and have 34G boobies (I’m not sure how universal that sizing is, but suffice it to say it translates to “ginormo”). They and I thank you in advance. 🙂

  30. I could definitely use this! My newly post-partum lactating boobages are in need of some decent support!

  31. I wouldn’t consider myself overly well-endowed, but I had the misfortune of being directly in front of a mirror for Spin class the other day, and I got to see the horror that is a nonsupportive sports bra. It didn’t FEEL painful, but it certainly looked it! So now I’m on the search for much better sports bras!

  32. Yes please – a sports bra that works and doesn’t require you to be a contortionist to get it on.

  33. Yes, please! Have been holding out on buying a new bra while I lose weight and things are getting desperate now!

  34. please please – I would love to win this!! My sports bras are in desperate need of replacing!

  35. Hey, I need all the help I can get with stopping my boobs from premature sagging… Seriously, I’m so worried that I force myself to do press ups. And wear two sports bras whilst running. And have even taken to wearing my old sports bras in bed (but, y’know, not like *that*).

    I’ll be quiet now.

  36. Wow, this is what I need! I bought my Enell on your recommendation way back lol and it served me well, but have recently been using a Shock Absorber sport bra as I got it at an outlet store. I’m in desparate need of a new bra for running though so would love the chance to try the Shock Absorber Run bra. Please enter me, thanks.

  37. A new sports bra would be ace (and probably so much better than my KMart Hestia ones too!).

    Happy Oz day too (from another Aussie!)

  38. My Enell bra was the only thing that could control the bouncing bossom after the birth of my son and during subsequent breastfeeding. I HIGHLY recommend them. Super supportive.

  39. Oh gosh yes!!! 5’1″ but without the petite boobies to match – I look like a cartoon, definitely need this one!

  40. Oh, I need a good supportive sports bra in a bad way, especially if I want to continue running. After hitting the big 4 0 and losing over 70 pounds last year I need to make an investment to keep everything in the right place before gravity starts winning the battle.

  41. Free world wide shipping? Wow I’m impressed. I have major plans for getting back into zumba this year, this bra looks like the perfect support for my zumba stylin’

  42. Yes, please. As a larger cup sized lady who is desperate to run her first 10k without giving herself black eyes or permanent damage this would just be AMAZING.

  43. The five of us would be thrilled if we won a great sports bra – me, the girls, and my eyes! Please please please!

  44. Only just started reading your book! You hit on my feelings & emotions about being overweight & wanting to be slimmer but its no easy journey, not just diet-wise but emotionally. I’m at my halfway point; lost 5 stone & another 5 to go! I’d love to win a running bra as I’m starting C25K (again) and I’d love to have bounce free puppies! Thanx for such an inspiring blog & book. x

  45. I certainly could use a better sports bra. I’m pretty sure the folks at the club probably think I could too!

  46. I have used less bounce and they delivered promptly .The shock absorber was the best !

  47. Oh wow look at all these untamed girlies wanting to win! I’m at the start of my dieting and fitness journey… if it happened to “bounce” my way I’d be mega happy!

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