5K Course – Your questions answered!

image from www.upandrunningonline.org I've received a lot of new questions via this blog about the Up & Running 5K Beginners Course. We've replied individually but since but many of the questions were so similiar, I thought I'd shout out here that the answers have been posted to the Up & Running blog:

  1. Am I too unfit and/or too heavy to do the 5K Course?
  2. Can I do the workouts on a treadmill?
  3. I’ll be traveling for for a week or two during the Course. Is it okay if I can’t keep up with the course schedule?
  4. I’m a man! Can I sign up for this course?
  5. I’m already cool with the 5K distance. When are your 10K, half marathon or marathon courses starting?

If your question isn't covered there or in the original FAQ page, please give us a shout!

Coach Julia pictured at Starbucks on her recent trip to Edinburgh. Apparently even when you're surrounded by all that fancy Italian coffee, one still needs ones Starbucks hit!

UPDATE: Here's another inspring post by Julia about the story behind four women in a finish-line photo.

4 thoughts on “5K Course – Your questions answered!

  1. Shauna, can I really do this? I mean, I had a stab at a couch to 5k plan before and it was a dismal failure. I struggled with all of it – running in public, various wobbly bits that wobbled far too much, and then when I gave up I felt like yet another challenge was too much for my pathetic, unfit body.

    I could do with something positive to focus on (relationship break up, he’s moving out) but I don’t think I could bear it if I failed again.

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