The Winners! – 10th Birthday Sell Out

The Dietgirl 10th Birthday Sell Out The Random Number Generator has spoken. Here are the 10th Birthday Sell Out Winners. I've put the commenter number beside the name as some commenters share the same name and we don't want any fights breaking out πŸ™‚

  1. "Chocolate & Vicodin" memoir by Jennette Fulda
    73 Psychsarah, 116 fd
  2. "The Beauty of Different" book by Karen Walrond
    106 Angela
  3. Cardio Coach audio workouts
    33 Mari, 116 Acacia, 87 Tanya, 4 Nanette, 41 Sarah B, 20 Julie, 122 Amanda, 136 Clare, 123 Karen George, 51 Tuuli.
  4. "Get Lucky" novel by Katherine Center
    45 Elizabeth in Chicago
  5. Beyond Chocolate e-course and books
    Stop Overeating E-Course – 4 Laura I.
    Beyond Chocolate DIY Workbook – 84 Kiwijo, 144 Jen
    Beyond Chocolate book – 68 Narelle, 18 Corrie, 152 Caroline
  6. "The Great Fitness Experiment" book by Charlotte Hilton Anderson
    50 Jo @ Jag's Fitness Blog
  7. Soul Vision three-month life coaching package
    77 Karenne S
  8. Weight Loss Resources three-month membership
    23 Philippa
  9. Less Bounce Β£45 gift voucher
    63 Debs

Winners have been notified by email. Don't forget if you missed out this time, there are still Less Bounce and Cardio Coach discounts available.

Thank you again lovely prize donors for your generosity and thanks everyone who entered!

11 thoughts on “The Winners! – 10th Birthday Sell Out

  1. Congratulations to the prize winners!

    Thanks to the sponsors and DG for putting it all together.

    DG, all the best for another 10 years!

  2. Shauna, thank you. I rarely win anything so this is a huge treat. Now I need to buy an iPod or MP3 player …. and this gives me a boost. If you or any of your readers can recommend something or let me know how I should choose a suitable one it would be such a help. (I know, give her an inch and she take a mile.) Thanks again, and happy anniversary.

  3. Congratulations to all the winners and hope the prizes help in your journeys, remember to give some feedback and reviews.


  4. am totally thrilled! thanks so much. i’ve never ever won anything before. off to play the lottery in case its in the stars at the moment or something…

  5. I said think you in an email, but never on your blog! Thank you for your hard work and generosity the “sell-out,” and in giving us bits of yourself in every blog post!

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