Tomato soup, unitards and weight loss surgery

  • Unitard Good morning! Do you like Heinz Tomato Soup?
    It’s so comforting, like slippers in a tin! Lately I’ve been guzzling a tasty homemade version: Tomato, Chili and Basil soup from the Cook Yourself Thin cookbook (spawned from a Channel Four series a few years back – I didn’t catch the show but the recipes are ace).

    The soup is easy and zippy to make – sautee some onion and garlic, dump in a tin of tomatoes and some water, simmer, then blitz with a blob of creme fraiche to make it Heinz-like. Even better than the real thing, as Mr Bono might say. I added a tablespoon of vegetable stock powder, used less water to make it more tomato-ey and only had dried Italian herbs instead of fresh basil but it was tasty as heck. Check out the lovely Alyssa’s video tutorial!

  • I woke up laughing today after dreaming I was in an undercover car park filming my very first workout DVD. It was imaginatively entitled Shauna: Workout DVD. I was suddenly six feet tall with a bouncy ponytail and a lurid green unitard. The car park was carpeted in electric blue shag pile. There were a dozen barbells dotted around the place. I started in the back corner and the camera followed me as I skipped over to the first barbell. Skipped, like one would do across a sunny meadow. Then I hoisted the barbell above my head, placed it back down and pranced along to the next one. Repeat. Yeah, righto. Don’t think I’d have knocked 30 Day Shred off the bestseller lists with that one.
  • Yours Questions Answered is the theme of today’s new Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone episode, including one from a listener considering weight loss surgery. I’m often asked what I think about weight loss surgery, usually framed in a “do you think it’s the easy way out” way. In my opinion this is not a bloody competition. We’re all human beings just trying to find a way forward and I don’t believe one M.O. is more worthy than another. We chatted to Jennifer Joyner, author of Designated Fat Girl, about her own gastric bypass experience. She was amazingly candid and it sounded anything but easy. Check it out if you fancy Β»
  • Here’s to a good week, comrades!

30 thoughts on “Tomato soup, unitards and weight loss surgery

  1. I have a homemade Carrot and Parnsip Soup bubbling on the stove at the mo, first time I’ve tried this one, so have no idea what it’ll taste like!!
    Loving the fitness DVD dream! I’m a HUGE fan of Davina’s DVD’s. Being stuck at home with my girls it’s the only way I can excercise. Once I went to circuits and the trainer said I was really fit and that was all thanks to Davina’s DVD.
    I wouldn’t plump for surgery – after having 2 c-sections I really don’t want to put myself under the knife again…but I would love boobs and a smaller bottom!! LOL!

  2. OOOH.
    there you go.
    we shall film the TWO FIT CHICKS AND A VIDEO CAMERA workout dvd at fitbloggin!

    us two on a bed giggling (core work!!) & gossiping about our lives (uh, mouth work) and then invite everyone over to join us (cardio as we git up and down and up and down to answer the hotel room door!)

  3. I don’t think surgery is the easy way out – actually I think it’s probably the hardest way. Risk of death; unbearable pain and discomfort if you eat the wrong thing post-surgery (the wrong thing might be something as diverse as pasta or any meat that isn’t minced within an inch of it’s life); never being able to tolerate any sweet or fatty food ever again (if RNY) (so become a social pariah when someone suggest having pizza or sharing a dessert); loose skin from losing so rapidly; and some people start to put weight on again after a couple of years so it’s not even guaranteed. Doesn’t sound at all easy to me.

  4. With the surgery, I don’t need gastric bypass, but I do have a perpetual beer belly that doesn’t go away no matter how thin I am. I am seriously tempted to get hipposuction to get rid of it, because it makes me feel like I’ve failed when in fact I’ve done amazingly well. The only thing that stops me is knowing all the horror stories about Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong, and the fact that in Australia any chump with a medical degree can set up shop as a “cosmetic surgeon”.

    My main concern with gastric bypass is that it’s not the magic bullet people think it is, and I assume Jennifer discusses that in your podcast.

  5. Yay, new post from Shauna!

    Haha, I am pissing myself laughing at the image of Shauna:Workout DVD. I would totally buy it, by the way.

    Soup sounds delicious. I could do with cooking myself thin…If I could trouble you for your opinion – do you have any thoughts on trying to overcome emotional/depression/food issues at the same time as trying to lose weight? I really want to lose some weight but I also want to address all my mental problems too, and sometimes ‘trying to lose weight’ can make me a wee bit crazy… but on the other hand, I can’t just let myself go, can I..

  6. I would totally buy that DVD, because laughter is the best medicine:-)

    I’ve had abdominal surgery (not WLS though) and I get so irritated when people say WLS is the “easy way out.” Abdominal surgery, even if it’s laprascopic (sp?) is no joke. It hurts, it takes a long time to recover from fully, and any internal surgery entails all sorts of risks of things going wrong with your insides long after the surgery is done.

    I LOVE your phrase “This is not a bloody competition.” BRAVO.

  7. What in the world is “slippers in a tin”?

    I LOVE the dream. I’m not going to do any workouts ever from now on unless they incorporate blue shag carpet. And skipping.

  8. @Gabrielle – I guess all the stuff I’ve been blogging lately has been about dealing with the emotional/depression issues and the weight at the same time. As I said back in the “There will be spreadsheets” post I’m trying a combo of mindful eating techniques, counselling, being more organised/planning meals, being kinder to myself and taking it very very very slowly. I couldn’t think about my weight at all for a long while; it just wasn’t the right time.

    Personally I reckon the best thing is to be patient and focus on The Issues first and foremost, rather than worrying about the weight. That is my *personal opinion* gleaned from experience of treating the weight like the problem instead of a symptom. I don’t know your history or specific issues so this not might at all suitable for you. All the best to you comrade!

  9. What the heck did you have to eat before you went to bed? LOL But hey, skipping in a green unitard sounds like a whole lot more fun than any other DVD I can think of!

  10. PLEASE. make. the video. MAKE IT.

    do you know how many times i’ve read your blog and contemplated commenting? but i was never pushed over the edge of reticence to speak up… until Shauna: Workout DVD.

    this is clearly your most inspiring moment yet.

  11. Ahhh Ginger… I was trying to be poetic. Slippers are comforting, and so is Heinz tomato soup… so Heinz soup is like slippers in a tin. OH NEVERMIND πŸ˜›

  12. First – I own a unitard. Seriously, I do. It’s not green but you are welcome to borrow it ANYTIME:)

    Second – I’m so fascinated in why people choose to have bariatric surgery and what their experiences are with it but it feels rude to ask so I’m super excited to listen to your podcast now. Thanks!

  13. I thought I was the one who just couldn’t fixate upon my weightloss and eternally maintain with out problem. My heaviest was 17.3lb and I’ve put on huge amounts of weight when pregnant, at Christmas and sometimes without reason except using eating as a way to cope with stuff. I’m not glad to see you struggle, but I know where you are in a head sort of way. You know where you’ve been and you know where you want to be. I’ve put on 7lbs over Christmas and now need to do something about it. Unfortunately, I’m feeling the February blues and far from motivated!! When I’ve lost the Xmas bulge I still have around 2 stone to lose before I am comfortable. I don’t know when this will happen. I do know I will keep trying. Thanks Shauna, I have been inspired by your humanistic anecdotes and tales, I know you will keep trying and I know you will get to where you want to be!! x

  14. You have written a book, Shauna, here is no reason why you can’t do a DVD in a lurid green unitard! Jokes or not! PLEASE! Or maybe some You Tubes at home – have you got a web cam? I’ll join the phenomenon that is Shauna: The Workout. xxx

  15. Bahaha! Your dream made me think back to my dancing days. Our dance studio’s colours were purple and teal, and we were all required to wear those colours to every class. Of course my mother bought unitards instead of just the regular leotard and tights combo for my sister and I…hers was teal and mine was purple (both extremely SHINY). I always thought I looked like a giant grape πŸ˜› My rotten little brother got away with wearing black shorts and a white tee-shirt since the boys were somehow exempt from the teal and purple rule.
    Now that I’ve had time to really mull it over, I have to say that a green unitard would probably look fantastic with your hair πŸ˜‰

  16. Consider this my application to be part of the production team for Dietgirl: The Workout Video whilst in Baltimore. I have a video camera and a MacBook, Carla will be the fabulous Director, and you need only bring your leotard and tights (MUST have tights!). Amazon is probably creating the promo as we speak – I smell instant success!!!

  17. I was Ok’ed for the gastric bypass and came to my senses when I realized that the after surgery diet would cause anyone to lose weight WITHOUT AN OPERATION. I knew then it was my brain, not my stomach, that was the problem.

    In Overeater’s Anonymous I met many people who suffered terribly after the operation. Some died, some lived in pain, some re-gained the weight, some reversed the operation. Nothing is easy.

    The soup sounds great! Satisfying and safe.

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