Friday Link Feast #13

As soon I wade through the almighty pile of laundry and To Do lists on my bedroom floor I will write a proper post, but in the meantime here's some tasty links!

12 thoughts on “Friday Link Feast #13

  1. Thanks again Shauna! I’ve been writing about the whole unplugging thang myself, so that post interested me anyway. And the article about eating after weight loss…brilliant. Love hearing from you even if it’s ‘just’ links. You always find good tidbits to share.
    And I’m right there with you in the geothermal pool. WHEN is spring coming anyway??
    Now, about my own laundry basket….hm….

  2. The eating to maintain article was interesting, and I thought this was a crucial point:

    “The most important tip I can give you for how to eat after weight loss is this one: Do it With Conviction!. Successful maintainers have, for the most part, undergone what I call a Food Conversion. They believe something different about how to eat than they did before and the change is pretty radical.”

    But a lot of the rest just made me shake my head… For instance, frozen blueberries in low fat creamer and splenda as a treat? What the hell is THAT? It’s not even real food. To me, that’s perpetuating the belief that to maintain, you can’t enjoy proper food, real treats; that you have to stay on a kind of diet forever. Ugh. Sooo not true, if you really have done the emotional work necessary for long-term change.

    As for unplugging, you know me and my Wankerphone. LOL. Hey, it’s still a novelty… I’m going to ban myself from taking it to bed at night though. Very bad habit. πŸ˜‰

  3. If I could run for miles, I would run the width of Canada. I haven’t been to every province and it would be a nice tribute to Terry Fox πŸ™‚

  4. hi shauna – your blog had fallen off my blog reader and then finally all these links came through and I have just finally caught up with months of dietgirl – brickbats to blog reader but I can’t believe how much I missed including the 10 year anniversary give aways – enjoyed a good solid read – wish you well with your laundry and bedroom floor – always love your quicklinks and fingers crossed that the blog reader will not leave it so long next time

  5. Your link lists are great. Thank you for posting them. It is brilliant that people share interesting things they come across when travelling on the paths of the WorldWideWeb

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