Friday Link Feast #14

7 thoughts on “Friday Link Feast #14

  1. Yeah, well I bet my fitbloggin panel can kick your fitbloggin panel’s ass. It’s on like Genghis Kahn playing Donkey Kong! (wait… is that a thing?)

  2. ah, i love a good friday link feast! makes me happy when one appears in my reader. this is a particularly good one…thanks Shauna! loved the observer article, really interesting 🙂

  3. Nice links! I’ve been reading your blog for ages and read the book as well, but for some reason never commented directly here. Well done! 😉 Thanks for inspiration!

  4. Fabulous – I always look forward to your link feasts so it’s especially exciting to be included 🙂

    Love Mizfit’s post – kids are just so much better at eating than us grown ups

  5. Ahhh, lots of procrastination, right there…. I love the kids intuitive eating post. What I note is that they just leave bits of food. If you give a plate of food they nibble a bit of this and that and leave half finished bits of everything. Sometimes they leave them in strange places and you find them a month later…

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