Headaches and Weight Maintenance

For your aural pleasure!I’ve got a brand spankin’ new episode of Two Fit Chicks And A Microphone for you – Episode 26 – Lynn & The Art of Weight Maintainence. Yep we’ve finally tackled the oft-requested topic of maintaining.

We spoke to the wonderful Lynn Haraldson of Lynn’s Weigh who has maintained a 175lb weight loss for over five years. And she’s been on Oprah, so needless to say we had oodles to chat about! It was quite an emotional interview in many ways. Lynn is very open and honest, so we really got down to the guts of the ups and downs of maintenance, what mindshifts are required to be successful, and what it’s like to write publically about your weight. As someone who seriously flunked out in the maintenance department these past couple of years, it was great to ask her some how the hell do you do it kind of questions.

I’ve also just realised that I negelcted to link to Episode 25 – When Staying Healthy Is A Pain, in which we spoke to Jennette Fulda about her new book Chocolate & Vicodin and her never-ending horrible headache. Jennette is another very open and articulate woman, and in this interview she is so philosophical and brave about living with chronic pain. She is a legend.

So two new episodes that I’m really bloody excited about. If you fancy something new to listen to while you’re slaving away at the gym or bored to tears on a long commute, why not give us a go?

4 thoughts on “Headaches and Weight Maintenance

  1. Having JUST reached goal last Friday, I was very interested in the new podcast and was NOT disappointed. I’m going to take maintenance very seriously, and hope to obsess over it just like I have been about the weight loss. Lynn seems to think that’s what is necessary. Also read this somewhere and thought it said it all: “We never agonize about brushing our teeth each day or bathing or things like that–why–because we have decided they are “part” of our life. A healthy lifestyle–nutrition and exercise tracking need to be like that to us also–just part of the daily routine, not overly important, not neglected, just part of our day, everyday, no questions or angst required.”

    I really hope that someday I can get to that point–where maintaining is just normal to me. It is very new right now. PLUS, ideally I would like to lose 10 more pounds so that I’m not always teetering right at the top of where I want to be. But I’m also finding myself justifying eating more now. After all–I hit my goal!! But I know this is faulty reasoning.

    I’ve been curious, how have you been doing with trying to drop that extra weight? I mostly want to know, because I’d like to be able to gauge how difficult it is going to be to get back on that wagon when I ultimately fall off. I struggle with starting, once I start–I’m okay, but I haven’t cheated much on this weight loss journey, just because I know if I do, I won’t be able to stop!

  2. I listened to the podcast and I still want to know why Shauna has an Aussie/English/Scots accent when she writes but not when she speaks. Interesting.

    Also of interest to me was realizing that losing weight gets all the attention but maintaining is so tough and so boring. Good to know.

  3. congrats on reaching your goal, Pam! 🙂

    I think “obsess” might be too strong of a word for maintenance. “Vigilance” might be a more gentle one. From what I’ve gathered from Carla, Lynn and other success maintainers the key thing is to make sure your methods are realistic and sustainable. How you eat, how often you exercise etc, needs to be something that is realistic and fits into your life, so sticking to it is not difficult. There won’t be a wagon to fall off…

    The weight loss is happening very slowly here. I lost a couple of pounds each month Jan-March but April have not lost more. Will write about it in my next update. Weight loss isn’t my goal right now, however. I’m trying to deal with the emotional eating issues and the all or nothing thinking, as that’s what got me gaining.

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