The Movie of Your Life

One of the Spring Up & Runners, the astoundingly clever Sara Lando, said the most wonderful thing on the forums recently when one of her comrades was having an off day with their running:

"… Struggling looks best in the future biography of your life.

Can you imagine how boring would be if you told your story like "yeah, I started running and it was ok. Then I was awesome. The end".

Sometimes as I run I try to imagine an epic voice narrating what I'm doing. You know the guy that does movie trailer voiceovers? He goes like "And through adversities… never giving up… with sheer willpower…" and so on.

So I feel like I'm fighting for something great with spectators rooting for me and since I just avoid movies without an happy ending I KNOW I will eventually win. If I suck it just means I'm about halfway through the movie and that I need a good training montage."

(Quoted here with Sara's blessing)

P.S. It's been a little crazy around here since I got home, more soon!

9 thoughts on “The Movie of Your Life

  1. I’m often amazed at how a post will be so relevant to what is going on in my life right now. I’m not trying to run but this directly translates to how I’m feeling about my job.

    Just wish I could be more patient to get to the bit where I get to look back at the struggle rather than battle through to the other side!

    Thanks! good to be reminded that others are battling too.


  2. I get through everything difficult by pretending I’m in a movie or book. That’s probably the definition of clinical insanity, but hey it works for me.

    Glad the volcano didn’t get you.

  3. Unfortunately, I think that my life would be one of those ones like Flying High where I will stumble and fall miserably in front of a barrage of onlookers! But, I like the idea!

  4. Well I was searching the net for Aussie weight loss blogs to get some motivation and tips from. I found yours and WOW, what a fantastic blog! I have read through a few of your posts, mainly older ones and what an inspiration you are. I am just beginning this weight loss journey once again and will come back often to read more!
    Thank you!

  5. Wahoo!! This post was showing in my blogroll but for some reason wouldn’t load for over a day – the suspense was KILLING me!

    I am at a point in my running where an idea like this really resonates. I need some new mind tricks! (I already considered putting some Rocky-style music on my iPod *grin*)

  6. On a similar note, one of the things about having a blog, for me, is that it puts a new perspective on some bad experiences. Sometimes, when my evening sucks, I think “Well, how can I see this as humorous, so as to write it up in a funny blog entry?”

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