New Years Goals Check-in: June

I'm doing monthly updates on my New Year Goals.

We're 50% done with 2011! 

June highlights

  • Kettlebell Love. Wow that weird lump of iron makes you feel like such a badass. But a lot of the love is for lazy reasons. There's only one item to deal with: no faffing around switching plates on a barbell or putting dumbbells away afterwards. Makes it easier to get past the "I don't wanna" tantrums!
  • Bike Non-Hate. I cycled up my very first hill without stopping this month. I know most people achieve this when they're 8 years old, but one must celebrate the victories. I had to use the very lowest gear but at least I got up the bloody thing. I attribute the attitude improvement to this wee cycling computer. Now I can geek out on how fast (okay, how slow) I am going and how far I've been.
  • Six months of Food Mood Journal Spreadsheet completeness. Nerdgasms ahoy!
  • Six months of not gaining weight and actually very slowly losing, without being an obsessed dieting crazy lady. That feels great after steadily expanding for so long.

June lowlight

  • I completely unravelled for about ten days. There have been some challenging times lately and I managed to carry on with the mindful habits for a good while, but for awhile this month I lost it. It started innocently with running out of yogurt for breakfast leading to me deciding to buy a pastry from Starbucks, then a chocolate after lunch, then skipping a few workouts, then feeling really crap then just wallowing that feeling. And while being aware of exactly why I felt crap (which is progress in some ways), I decided to continue feeling crap by making poor choices, not planning meals, ignoring hunger signals and not pausing to think before I ate.

The positives: I've returned to the healthy habits so much faster than previous setbacks. I'm back to Tuning In and the meal planning is sorted so July is looking better.

Mid-Term Review
It's been a modest kind of year so far. But when I think about my mental state and the inability to breathe in my jeans back on January 1, it feels like real progress.

July plans

  • Improved consistency with strength training – twice a week minimum. Need to remember how much I enjoy it when thinking of ditching it for a cuppa and a book!
  • Cycling cycling and more cycling. There's only three months til Cycletta, eep.

Hope you're all well… thank you gazillions for reading. Apologies for the cobwebs on the blog lately!

28 thoughts on “New Years Goals Check-in: June

  1. Nerdgasm is my new favourite word!

    I also had a “lowlight”, after months of slight weight loss (I don’t have much to lose). Mine lasted basically a week before I got back on track. I seemed to have gained surprising amounts of weight in that week, but it also disappeared again suprisingly quickly once I got back on track (I suppose a lot of it was fluids). So don’t worry, a 10-day relapse is not a disaster.

  2. Great idea to get the bike computer, now you can have a cycling spreadsheet, graphs, the possibilities are endless

  3. You’ve done well! I am just getting around to thinking about what New Year’s resolutions I should make for 2011…where the hell has this year gone???

  4. “while being aware of exactly why I felt crap…I decided to continue feeling crap by making poor choices”

    This has been my biggest problem this summer. Hope you find a way to defeat it and then let me in on the secret.

    Good to see a post from you!

  5. To be honest, I was in tears reading this, because I identify with it so strongly. Be very proud of yourself. We don’t begin again, we start from where we are, each and every time. Being able to identify what is going on and get ourselves turned around is hard and huge and wonderful. I am not a hill girl either, so I know what a big deal that was too. Onward and upward.

  6. Those positives and highlights are all HUGE things Shauna! All progress is to be celebrated, and doesn’t need to be qualified as ‘modest’… and you rawk! πŸ˜€

  7. I LOVE YOU SHAUNAAAAA my last 4 years were a lowlight but hell, we all come out of it eventually eh? Big hugs mate big hugs…cause you’re awesome no matter what xox p.s. totally hear ya on the kettlebell badass connection! Love those things lol Have a gooder

  8. When I read your first line about us being 50% into 2011, I just stopped. This year (like every other year) was going to be my “big change” and all I’ve done is mess around.

    I started my diet again yesterday and I intend to blog about it regularly. I really love reading through your archives for inspiration (I need to lose around 160 pounds) and I hope I can achieve my goal like you!

  9. Wow, that is REALLY great, solid progress. I am SO glad to hear it, SO happy for you. Nice, calm, rational, healthy stuff. SO GOOD! =) I really think THAT is the thing, and you’re pretty much there.

    I have also improved a lot re: awareness re: eating relative to last fall. It took a while & focus to get it going, and persistence, but it’s mostly totally on, now.

    I’ve TOTALLY slacked in exercise last few weeks/getting-to-be-months, lately. Did SOME stuff here and there, but VERY SPARSE.

    THIS is why I love your 2x/week goal of strength training. It’s SO REASONABLE. I MAY have to adopt it.

    And add 3x/week of SOME cardio DVD. ANYthing.

    Maybe just “noon-time dates in front of tv/dvd in workout clothes and push PLAY” is the requirement.

    Also recently pulled together a few oh-my-LORD-I-must-dance-to-this tunes and if I play this, I get up and boogie for a few minutes. SUPER fun, and keeps the cats entertained.

    Thanks for the 1/2 year wake up call. OH MY! =) Again, VERY happy for you. SO proud. Hooray!!!

  10. Thank you for this post. After losing 135 lbs and hitting “diet bottom” –aka FREAK OUT and started having binges again and in the last push to lose I got a wee bit scale / number obsessed. I’m working towards the Intuitive eating / /non diet mentality but it is ROUGH. Wallowing , regained a little, want to diet again, know that that is crazy, got to work on this some more. Thank you ..I feel like someone out there is going through what I’m going through ..Now I gotta get my booty back in gear.

  11. LOVE Jen’s observation, “We don’t begin again, we start from where we are, each and every time”.

    So true and so blindingly obvious!

    I keep reminding myself that THIS body that I’m in today RIGHT NOW! – is the best body I’ve got…I feel quite affectionate towards the old thing these days!

    Right I’m off to the gym…very tired so planning on doing sitting down exercise, aka the stationary bike!

    Way to go Shauny – we are all rooting for you!

  12. The wallowing part struck a note in me today. I was just reading a bloke’s blog (he’s just lost 150 lbs) and soaking up his words of wisdom. In a nutshell, he said to never belittle any day (even if you have a set back). Always remember how far you have already come. You’re stronger, fitter and healthier than you were before! Like you said, you got back on track sooner than you used to be able to! Progress! I’m celebrating my first 50 lbs gone forever, but I still have a long way to go. So I plan on tucking these little seeds of wisdom away for when/if I fall off the wagon again. Awesome blog, Shauna! :o)

  13. Oh how I’ve been wallowing myself!! I could have written the whole lowlight part myself!

    But I loved the first and last bullet points in your highlights section (although I am not kettlebelling myself lately…see what I wrote above??)

    Anyway, as I like to say, it’s all about catching ourselves sooner, which is basically what Jen said…

    Here we go!

  14. You are rad, Shauny.

    The fact that I have lost count how many times I’ve imbibed HOT CHIPS this week means I can feel ya on the helter-skelter bender. Hee hee. I felt sick, they called my name! I also had lots of chicken soup, home made.

    And, ere, there is nothing wrong with doing things MODESTLY, said the vicar to the snail … or something like that.

  15. I love your blog Shauna!! I miss reading your posts and hope that you’re able to find time to post more often in the near future – you’re the reason I started my own blog, and reading weight loss blogs in the first place – AND I loved your book and you’re such an inspiration!

  16. Goals, I has them.
    C mah blog!
    Loves you shaundogg, will we in your part of the world soon, darling.

  17. Nothing wrong with a few cobwebs. Your spirit and enthusiasim are contagious – thanks for continuing to share bits of yourself!

  18. While you’re sweeping away cobwebs from your blog, could you take a few swipes at mine?

    And good for you on the kettlebell badassery! For some reason, that’s one piece of equipment I can’t make myself grapple with. I’d blame it on fear of breaking windows or bones, but alas, I think it’s just laziness.

  19. Yay for biking up hills! Having been off the bike for about seven months now, I will have to regain this ability when I get back on, and I know how much goes into it. (It does get easier, though!) I don’t have a cycle computer but my husband does and he finds it a good motivational tool too – for monitoring speed and also reckoning up how many miles he’s done.

    And it’s excellent that you managed to pull yourself out of the downward spiral. Certainly my experience of depression/stress (observing someone else’s) is that you can’t stop life from ever going off-plan… but if you can manage to pause and get back to what you wanted to be doing before too long, that’s what counts.

  20. I could have sworn I posted a comment on here already, but apparently not … anyhoo – you’re not alone in your nerdgasms (love that phrase) over completed charts, spreadsheets and calculations a la diety / healthy stuff – I’m dreadful at bury myself in them – geek sirens ahoy!

    But the real reason I came on here just now again, was to say I just spotted you and the book mentioned in Weightwatchers magazine this month – hoorah! :o)

  21. I’m coming to you tonight LIVE from Grumpy, Out of Sorts Central, where I’m grumbling about having to expend energy to breathe. Some months are easier than others but I think the mere act of recognizing it and calling it out is the first step. And, as usual, you’re already miles ahead of me so I’m going to have to dust off my bike to catch you up!

  22. My favorite…

    “Six months of not gaining weight and actually very slowly losing, without being an obsessed dieting crazy lady. That feels great after steadily expanding for so long.”

    That’s where I am and would like to stay. πŸ™‚

  23. Shauna, Glad to hear that things are going pretty well – we are so proud of you!

  24. I have desperate to diet but cant exercise much as had a bad accident in March and still on a crutch to walk, mobility not great, but slowly getting better, this whole accident thing has made me see being fat is so bad for you, when recovering and getting mobile.

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