Two Fit Chicks Episode 27 – Kettlebells and Kindness

For your aural pleasure!After an unintentional 2.5 month absence there’s finally a new peisode of Two Fit Chicks And A Microphone for you – Episode 27 – Kettlebells and Kindness.

We spoke to the lovely Karen Anderson of Before & After: A Real Life Story about her path to self-acceptance and also her love for kettlebells. Karen is such a smart and thoughtful woman so the conversation flowed like BUTTER, baby!

Carla and I also talk about the Fitbloggin conference and finally meeting each other in person. Consider this a verbal recap as six weeks on I’ve still not managed to write about its goodness. Oh dear. As The Mothership used to say in flustered fashion, “I just haven’t had time to bless myself!”. I bet she doesn’t say that now she is retired πŸ˜‰

Monthly review post coming soon! Hope you are doing well, groovers. How’s life?

Check out the podcast… if you dare πŸ˜€ Β»

4 thoughts on “Two Fit Chicks Episode 27 – Kettlebells and Kindness

  1. Life’s horribly busy, but not too busy to listen to your long-awaited podcast. πŸ™‚ This one had pretty poor sound quality, though – maybe check your recording volume levels? (Or something. Alas, I’m not as technical as I’d hope and can’t really help.) Good stuff, though.

  2. Thanks Tuuli! Can you elaborate on poor? Too loud? Too quiet? There were some bits were I was too close to my mic, must remember to not do that next time!

  3. Very cool episode!! (the only problem with sound that I noticed was that it gets a bit mangled at about 25 mins – but it comes good again).
    Great to hear more about fitbloggin. And I’m about to go start reading Karen’s book now…

  4. Cheers Jo! It gets a bit of distortion sometimes when recording a Skype conference call. If we get rich and famous someday we’ll buy some proper equipment πŸ™‚

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