New Years Goals Check-in: July

I'm doing monthly updates on my New Year Goals.

July highlights

  • Exercise consistency – giddyup! July's initial motivation was a slight SHAME JOB! feeling – the Summer Up & Runners have been busting their arses 3x week and I didn't want to feel slack! But the motivation is now, "coz it feels good and it makes me less grumpy". Can't go wrong with that.
  • Cycletta training – I had a few weekends away so alas it was mostly on the spinning bike, but I was consistent and I can feel my fitness improving.
  • Seeing a lovely osteopath about my dodgy knee and lower back – after "working around" the pain for about five years. Good to finally understand what's going on.

July lowlights

  • Feeling rotten after the first osteopath visit due to these humbling realisations:
    • the obesity/weight loss/regain rollercoaster has taken its toll on the bod
    • denial/"working around" the problem for years made the knee so much bloody worse than it had to be
    • kickboxing is off the cards for now.

But I got past the gloom pretty quick, and now focusing on what I CAN do. It doth suck that kickboxing and kettlebells are out for the momemnt (all the squat-esque kettlebell moves anyway)… but Pilates, cycling and upper body weights are IN, baby!

I might look into a punching bag to help with the kickboxing withdrawals. Or just gently clobber Gareth to save money. Not really. Don't call the cops!

August plans: Cleaner eating. There's no getting round the fact that my joints would be happier if I was 20 kilos lighter. I've held steady the past two months and I'd like to make some more progress now. No crazy schemes, just making sure I check in with those portion sizes and hunger signals. I slackened off with that a bit in July.

22 thoughts on “New Years Goals Check-in: July

  1. Hey Shauna, Totally with you on the knees. I had a bilateral arthroscopy back in March and my knees are still recovering. And like you, Osteopath told me no squatting, running, jumping…basically anything that promotes cardiovascular fittness/fat burning….oh and lose 20kg! Thanks, thanks very much. On the upside, I have got myself a very energetic little dog (Kelpie X), which is getting me out walking a fair bit. Good luck with your knees!

  2. Hope your knee get’s better or they can give you something that will help…I am having problems with mine as well these days but I’m hoping that once I drop some more of the weight the problems will at least get better πŸ™‚

  3. Definitely get out more on the bike, the more you do it, the more confidence you’ll gain and you’ll enjoy it more and more. I’m finding it so much easier on my body than running.

  4. Oh – HUGE booooo about the kickboxing – that sucks!! I remember how gutted I was when my physio told me that snowboarding would have to be off the cards, so I really feel for you. I’m glad you’ve found alternatives you’re intereseted in though. And looking forward to your cycletta race report too! x

  5. Hi Shauna, very sad about the kickboxing but like you said focus on what you can do πŸ™‚
    You August plan sounds fab and very similar to mine πŸ™‚
    Keep up the feels good and less grumpy motivation!

  6. Bugger.
    However lowlights 1 and 2 could perhaps be the black dog talking? Try this: “I am noticing myself having the thought that (this is all my fault/I’ve done this to myself)”. Start from today mate. The past is the past and you’ve always done your absolute best under the circumstances you’ve found yourself in. My favourite saying at times like these is “I forgive myself for not being perfect”.
    Just another thought – if talking to Ms O has had this effect on you she might not be the right person for long-term care. (((HUGE HUGS)))

  7. It absolutely sucks when you can’t exercise due to injury. I have recently increased my walking to 10,000 steps a day and have developed achilles tendonitis as a result. But hooray for pilates. Have just got back from a class and feel completely knackered, very sweaty and absolutely fantastic. Pilates may not involve a lot of leaping around but it gives you a great workout.

  8. Shauna – I’m right with you on the injury thing. Lots of pain my foot, but finally decided to deal with it properly this time and am seeing an orthopedic physician next week. Until then it’s hobbling around and lamenting that maybe running really isn’t for me. This is a big deal, taking a moment to consider like you did, what I CAN do, not just cry about what I need to stay away from right now. Swimming, biking, weights, and back to my Jillian Michaels DVD, πŸ™‚ Thanks for your time on the blog.

  9. I hope your knee feels better soon so you can get back to kickboxing and Gareth doesn’t have to suffer the consequences. I’ve been wearing a knee brace and not pushing things too far so I don’t put myself out of commission.

    Thank you for continuing to inspire me every single day. I’m not sure I would be where I am today without the Amazing DietGirl!

  10. Hi Shauna

    sounds like you are being very sensible and positive and are going to be successful πŸ˜€

    I’ve been on a fitness kick.. became addicted to zumba and have managed to damage my back, hips and now sprained my right ankle :S
    Something tells me I’ve got to take a break.

    I also saw my friendly osteopath (brother’s fiance) who sorted me out, after the first zumba related injury.

    It sucks.. I understand how you must feel about missing your beloved kick boxing. But I will adopt your strategy (after some deserved R and R) and try to think of exercise I can do and watch the eating a bit!

    Its perverse.. as soon as I get enthused about something I get injured πŸ™ Its so easy to overdo things

    Hope you keep us updated on your successes πŸ˜€


  11. Good luck with the healthy lifestyle malarky for the coming month. I’m a kettle-bell addict (after much initial agony) so you have my sympathies, but trying new stuff is fun anyway, and a great way to keep things interesting.

  12. I’m so sorry about your knee. I had a chronic injury and when I started seeing my osteopath in the spring I fell in loooove. They are magical.

    I have also been using a DVD from Katy Bowman to help me counter some of the damage done to my body. I CANNOT RECOMMEND HER ADVICE ENOUGH. I’m sorry to yell at you but really, she is this brilliant biophysicist who basically fixed my body with five easy exercises. She has a DVD for knees… you can find it at her website. I have no affiliation with her except that I owe her and my osteopath my ability to walk forwards again. Literally.

    Good luck!

  13. I’m with you on the dealing with the feelings about the damage from obesity / weight loss/ regain. And the kickboxing. Hard to roundhouse kick (even without imnpact of a target) when you can’t be sure that you’ll be able to lower your arse to the toilet( other than just plopping there because the knee is so unstable. I’m working on basic physical therapy exercises for the legs. For the psyche, I’m trying to remind myself to stop looking back and just look at now or forward . no guilt, no shame.

  14. Congrats on your progress! I’ve also been taking another look at my nutrition to make sure that my workouts are not being negated by what I’m eating!
    Good luck with your August goals πŸ™‚

  15. Have I mentioned how wonderful I think it is that you’re publicly posting this and keeping yourself accountable?
    I shouldn’t love it, because by doing this you are in fact, young lady, making me look bad and feel guilty and.. and… oh all right, so you’re not the one doing that, I am. But I’d like to blame someone else for my lack of accountability. I suppose I could always blame the Tea Party people.

  16. Hi Shauna,
    Having just read your blog I have random lyrics from a very old song going through my head! “You’ve got to accentuate the positive and decentuate the negative and don’t mess with Mr Inbetween” – or someting like that!!

    For a very long time now I have been sitting and doing nothing, saying I can’t do that when deep inside I know there are so many things I can do.(Like get off my fat a@@* and move and not stuff x number of mars bars every night!)
    SOOOO – no more Mr Inbetween for me, I shall focus on the small things I can do and hopefully in time I shall shift some of the excess lard, ease the pains in my body and get myself back to a happy state.
    Thanks – you inspire me. xxx

  17. Shaundogg, I think it is time to skype again soon. I miss you, darl, and will be coming your way shortly.
    Cilla xx

  18. Oh Shauna, I hear you on the dodgy knees! Well Knee in my case. I hurt mine at Dry grad Sumo wrestling! (story is a lot funner when I am not overweight :P)
    It was in those big blow up suits, anyways, I have had 5 surgeries on that one knee, and am waiting on a second reconstruction of my acl now… no fun! I love that you are being positive, even though I am sure parts of you are disappointed about the now lack of kickboxing. You will get through it! Your a Superhero!

    By the way I am still blaming you for my chocolate cravings… I never had ANY desire for chocolate till I started reading your blog, and then I wanted to try it all… especially the imports!

  19. I also, have had to adapt and adjust to what my body needs. My damage was from lifting too heavy weights, and it’s taken years of lighter exercise (not ‘easy’ exercise, mind you) to make me realise that I didn’t need to be torturing myself after all. My shoulders, back and knees just love yoga and zumba and a bit of walking up hills. I have not done a squat for years, apart from ‘horse’ pose, which is basically a long, isometric, knees out squat.

  20. Thank you all GAZILLIONS for your comments… really cool to see others working so well around injuries too! xx

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