Pilates with the birds

Last night was Pilates. Did I tell you I'm in the intermediate class now? Woohoo! Definitely shuffled to the "back of the pack" now. I need more modifications to the exercises than the 70 year old lady. She's very cute and whenever she says something funny she does the same bashful little shrug as my grandmother. She is also kicking my arse at Pilates, dammit.

I waste a lot of energy surreptitiously looking at my classmates. I'm busting to see who can do the hundred with their legs fully extended (I can't); who has the strongest bridge. Sometimes I just watch the teacher and wonder how it is humanly possible to be so buff and beautiful. But really, I need to focus more on my stuff. As The Mothership would say in her best teacher's voice, Eyes on your own work please, Shauna!

There was a moment of zen during the relaxation bit. You don't expect moments of zen in the cavernous sports hall of a primary school, but it happened, flopped out on on my mat staring up at the ceiling. There are big windows in the roof, so I was looking up at dark rain clouds and dozens of swifts, you know those lovely pointy birds. Normally I close my eyes and think of dinner, but I was totally hypnotised by the swifts swirling and diving, so dainty and… swift.

Then a fat seagull landed on the roof and totally ruined the vibe. It was so peaceful while it lasted. Ahhhhhhh.

(I took his pic of the ceiling after class but the birds had gone by then, so have added an artist's impression of them)

7 thoughts on “Pilates with the birds

  1. Ahh, bliss! We have to take those moments when they come, and treasure them. It’s nice to have them in your pocket for days when you aren’t feeling so blissful.

    I know what you mean about watching others & wishing you were at a different level. For me, when I run a race and see people who I think should be less fit and slower than me passing me by, it can get to me. I repeat over & over, “run your own race.” Keep on keepin’ on, and you’ll be kickin’ butt Pilates style. You are already improved or you wouldn’t be in the intermediate class.

    I love your artist’s rendering. Too cute.

  2. Pilates looks so gentle and easy, but it can be diabolical!

    Love the picture. Don’t quit your day job though. πŸ˜‰

  3. Heh that’s funny…I just re-started Pilates this week πŸ™‚ or, well, I could actually say I just _started_ it, as last time was just a short beginners’ course, more than a year ago.

    Guess what else I started this week? Body Combat! Wasn’t that one of your old favourites? I found it potentially addictive, even the first time, and will definitely keep it up. I wonder what it is that makes punching and kicking empty air so saisfying…Unfortunately I seem to have hurt my left bicep during the class – the last couple of days at the office haven’t been fun, as keeping my elbow flexed makes the bicep hurt more – but I sincerely hope that won’t stop me! I’ve just coughed up the money for a monthly fee, so I want to try as many classes as possible.

  4. I was totally fooled by those birds. You should consider a new career as an illustrator, yes? πŸ˜€ I have those little moments of stillness sometimes after a yoga session. Not always – sometimes I just leap up and get right back to ‘doin’ stuff’, but now and then it all goes clear and beautiful in the stormy parts of my mind.

  5. What a beautiful summation of life really, all zen and then, oh crap! πŸ˜‰
    I will be thinking of you as soon as I touch down in UK, we are on the countdown now, days to go.
    Still snooping around here, just don’t get as many comments out as I like.
    thanks again for the smile Shauna !!

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