Right where I am

"I have come to believe that there really is no such thing as a backslide. It's all part of moving forward, even when it doesn't feel like it.

There are many clichés in the dieting world: Get back on the wagon, Get back on track, Start again tomorrow (or on Monday,) and so on. I like to think that it's more a matter of continuing from right where I am."

A nice wee quote for the weekend, from an interview with the smokin' Karen Anderson.

7 thoughts on “Right where I am

  1. Love that quote. It’s frustrating to think of “starting over” every time we fail. I think it’s brilliant to start “right where I am” instead. Very empowering.

  2. I love this.
    Sort of related – a week or two ago I was listening to a meditation that was talking about being in the present moment. They guy said something like “The breath you are taking right now has never been taken before and will never be taken again”. That really resonated, because I’d been feeling like I was in the same old pattern of falling off the wagon as I had many times before – but in fact each time IS different and I’ve never been in THIS place before, so there really is no such thing as sliding backwards.
    Thanks Karen for making it make more sense in words than my brain had managed to do, and Shauna for sharing.

  3. Like I said, there is no track to stay on, nor any wagon to fall off. I spit on the track and curse the name of the wagon.

  4. Thank you, Shauna! I am reading this on my home (to the US)after 3 weeks in France, and it was 3 weeks of bread and sweets and wine and beer. I can tell I’ve gained a bit and I feel very soft and squishy even with all the walking. BUT, I won’t bash myself this time. I will simply move forward. Thanks for posting just what I needed 🙂

  5. beautifully put! being healthy is a state of living… it’s something we work on day-in and day-out. as with most things, it has its ups and downs, but learning to maintain a proper balance is what counts the most, and feeling good, energetic, and happy above all!

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