WIN! A place on the next Up & Running 5K or 10K Course

image from www.upandrunningonline.orgIt is all happening at Up & Running! We've got two e-courses on the go this Fall, or Autumn if you prefer, or Spring if you're from the Southern Hemisphere…

  • First there's the third session of our 5K Beginners Course
  • Then there's our brand spankin' new 10K Course!
  • We also have the new Bridge to 10K programme – a series of self-paced downloadable training plans
  • Phew.

The Fall 5K Course starts on Monday 5 September and the 10K Course starts on Thursday 8 September. Both courses run for eight weeks. Right now I'm slightly emotional as it's the final week of the Summer 5K and despite all warnings I've become attached to the runners again. But you'd have to have a heart of granite not to feel something as you watch people go through the journey and learn so much about themselves. I'm a fool for a tale of personal growth! I'll miss them big time. Although I cannae wait to meet the Fall folks πŸ™‚

Anyway, enough of my emotional interludes. You can read more about the ongoing awesomeness that is the 5K Beginners Course or the shiny freshness of 10K Course over on the Up & Running website. Coach Julia and I have been slaving over 10K and it's a cracker! She never ceases to amaze me with her coaching creativity and expertise… who knew there were so many ways to make people trot around in public? There's so much variety in the training, lots of conditioning exercises and drills to strengthen all the muscles used for running, plus loads of great content on the Course blog to help you, such as yoga for runners, running anatomy, inspiring interviews, exercise demos, race tips… you can read more about the course and recommended running experience for participating here.

So… fancy joining us? There are still four-and-a-bit months left in 2011. Plenty of time left to KICK SOME ARSE and do something wonderfully fun and kind and challenging for yourself. And meet some new pals. I'm giving away one free place on each course. All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post and tell me, What's do you like best about Fall/Autumn?

  • Entries close 11PM UK time this Friday 12 August
  • There are two prizes: one place on the Fall 5K Beginners Course and one on the 10K Course
  • One runner up will receive a Bridge to 10K download 
  • The winner can give the prize to a friend, so you can enter if the thought of running makes you stabby but you know someone who would dig it!
  • Winner can be from anywhere in the world. Remember the Course is for women only.

Winner will be announced on Saturday 13 August. Go for gold, baby!

79 thoughts on “WIN! A place on the next Up & Running 5K or 10K Course

  1. I love stepping on the crunchy leaves when they fall on the ground. I can’t resist and actually go our of my way on the footpath to get them!

  2. Normally the thing I like best about autumn is the feeling of a new beginning in September- must be that ‘new year at school’ thing – but this September I’m getting married so it really will be a big change and a new beginning! πŸ™‚

  3. What I love best about autumn…the sudden rains that thunder down. The kind that force you to abandon all plans and nip into the nearest pub, where you can shed your sodden accoutrements, buy a large brandy, then stare out the window as it warms in your hand – watching everyone else get wet.

  4. I love the day where you realise that you need to start wearing jumpers and sunny but crisp Autumn days. A chance to hide my wobbly body away under layers again – hurrah!

  5. My favorite here in Finland, Scandinavia is late autumn when the ground and colourful fallen leaves are a bit frosty in the mornings. Specially if the morning is sunny. Going to morning walk is a must then. And no mosquitos or any other flying bugs πŸ™‚

  6. The beautiful sunny but cool mornings, bonfire night :), the leaves changing colour, conkers and blackberries. So many things to love about autumn πŸ™‚

  7. My favorite thing about fall is the warm nights of “Indian” summer. It gets nicer here in fall than summer πŸ˜‰

  8. I live in Florida and we don’t really get fall/autumn here, it just starts to cool off some, but what I do love about this time of year is the idea of new beginnings. New Year’s everything is new, but for some reason I always think of September as the chance for a fresh start. I also love all the fall / winter fruits and veggies that will be available soon, I love a nice crisp apple on a cool fall day. Yum!

  9. The fall offers up the promise of change…when I was younger it was due to the beginning of the school year coupled with my birthday…now as I’m older, it’s just my birthday with the promises of what I hope to accomplish in this new year of my life.

  10. My birthday is in autumn, so I always eagerly wait that. Then I love all the colors that autumn brings to the nature. It’s so wonderful to walk in the woods and enjoy the falling leaves.

  11. Right now I don’t love anything about Autumn because I’m over cold weather – I’m going to give you something I love about Spring instead – it’s almost freaking here!!!


  12. I want to ruuun!! I see people on the street going at it and I sooo want to be like them, all agile and light and active… I want to be like that EVERY season!!

  13. Fall in Chicago is short-lived, unfortunately, because it’s my favorite season. The temperature is perfect, I love cooking in the fall, soups and stews, I love apple cider and apple anything, oh and pumpkin! My birthday also falls on the first day of Autumn, so I guess I was born to love it!

  14. I love autumn because summers here are so brutal. The first month of summer feels like basking in wonderful, but by the time autumn gets here, you can’t wait to put on some tights and get back to hot coffee instead of those expensive frappuccinos!

    Also, it is much easier to run when it’s cool. Hard to get motivated when it’s 90*F (32.2*C) at 9pm and cools down to a balmy 85*F (29*C) by the time 5am rolls around.

  15. I love autumn because I love it always feels like a new beginning. I guess I’m remembering new back to school clothes and supplies!

  16. Please enter me for the 10K (not sure if we are supposed to indicate which course we would like to try).

    What I like best about fall is that it is perfect weather for running. I like the crisp air, the leaves, and the fact that the ground is not yet covered with snow and ice.

  17. I like Fall best because of the leaves changing colour and because its the season I got married in. πŸ™‚

  18. I feel renewed in the fall! It’s a great time of year to meet new people and tackle something new. Everyone seems to be in back-to-school mode, ready to make plans and take on new challenges whether they’re seated at a pupil’s desk or not. We’re usually healthy and happy after months of summertime Vitamin D. We celebrate the first few days of jeans and sweaters, smile when we see our breath again for the first time and then revel in the surprisingly warm days of late September when we can leave our sweaters and jeans at home. The air seems fresher and the cool air is invigorating after the humidity of summer finally breaks.

    In the midst of all of this goodness, there’s a run of five days in early October when I get to celebrate my wedding anniversary, my birthday and my husband’s birthday…and I am reminded again and again that life is sweet!

  19. Fall makes me a bit sad(Summer is the most amazing season!) bur I suppose the feeling of a new school year starting is lovely. New possibilities and all. Running would be a great new possibility!

  20. What I love most about the autumn is beautiful sunshine but with a slight crisp nip in the air, beautiful colours in the trees and roaring log fires. I love it most when the wind catches the leaves and my doggy chases them πŸ™‚

  21. My favorite thing about the Fall is the crisp weather and the leaves changing color. Of course, I’m a sucker for a good cup of mulled cider as well…and the obligatory cinnamon donut that goes with it! πŸ™‚

  22. Camping and hiking in the beautiful falling leaves! And the start of American football season! Autumn is my favorite season.

  23. I love autumn as I can wear cardigans and jackets again. The cool breeze, frost in the morning. With the smell of snow in the air I know it’s nearly time to get my snowboard out of the celar and hit the slopes. I fancy a soup or a stew now!

  24. My favorite part of autumn is the contrast between a cool day and a warm meal, especially soup. Just as the heat of summer helps me appreciate a cold drink, the crisp air of autumn inspires me to enjoy a warm cup of soup or mug of tea.

  25. I love the cool nights. Perfect sleeping weather — and an opportunity to snuggle without overheating!

  26. I love/love/love Fall: the temperatures, lack of tourists, cool nights, but, best of all, the light is so glorious!

  27. Now that I live in Northern Germany that actually has a proper fall rather than Sydney, Australia that doesn’t, I have fallen in love with the many different colours the leaves on the trees turn. It makes my city of Hamburg turn into even more of a postcard city than it normally is. I love spending weekends running around with my camera trying to capture it all.

  28. I love that the temperature starts cooling down and I can be active outside again!

  29. What I like most about the change in the season is the chance to get my a?$e-kicking boots out again and gain extra height: yippee!

  30. Time opens out in Autumn in a good and generous way – not pressured like too-hot summers or grueling like long winters or urgent like the glorious spring time.

  31. Mmmmmmm….the slightly nippy wind as you stroll through a park, leaves crunching underfoot and sipping a steaming hot apple cider or mocha. Fall always brings for me an exhilarating feeling of change with the new weather sweeping in!

  32. I’m planning on signing up for the 5K program when I get paid next(and I almost have a friend convinced to join me!) but, I am poor and despite my always poor luck, I can’t help but give your contest a try. What do I love about autumn? Sales on school supplies, apple crisp with vanilla ice cream, fall fashion (the colors suit me well), countdown to Thanksgiving and Christmas, winter foods like stew and roasts. Hmm. And now I’m hungry. (And yes, it does coordinate well with my ginger hair!)

  33. Having spent last autumn in the UK, I really love how noticeable the change of season is! The colours are just so pretty. Very different to autumn in New Zealand.

  34. I love the relief that Autumn brings from the heat of Summer. I’m currently looking forward to Spring and it’s longer days and milder weather.

  35. hehe… what do I love most about your Autumn/fall? It means that over here in NZ it is SPRING!!! I know that is the wrong answer but really Autumn is not my favourite time πŸ™‚

  36. I love summer most of all, but what I love about fall is the leaves changing colors and getting to eat things with apples and pumpkin and cinnamon, and soup! πŸ™‚

  37. The thing I like the most about ‘your’ Fall is that it is ‘my’ Spring! After a horrible, misereable, very bad day-type of Melbourne winter, it is time to Rock on Spring!

  38. Can hugely recommend this course!! Everyone should sign up if they don’t win. I did the first 5K course earlier this year and I went from someone who could not (would not? lol) run to someone who genuinely now loves it. I’ve tried so many of those run for one minute, walk for 1 minute etc plans that show up in women’s magazines all the time and they have never worked for me. Every previous time I’ve tried to run I’ve always had sore shins and little niggles – this course was hard work of course, but almost no pain. I’m not a super runner by any means (more of a shuffler!) but I love it. PS I love autumn because the weather isn’t so perfect – it’s cooler and wet which means there aren’t too many people around to see me when I’m running!

  39. so excited for this course to start! AND i’ve talked two of my local friends into joining – they were so impressed watching my progress on the first program that they want in on the fun πŸ™‚ keep up the great work shauna & julia!!!!!

  40. Oh man actually feeling much better about impending autumn now, thanks guys! And MinnieK – apple crisp with icecream, phwoar! πŸ™‚

    Jem – you are a legend! I hope you printed out your well-earned 5K certificate! πŸ˜‰

    Jill – REALLY excited for the 10K! will be great to meet your buddies too, are they 10K-ing with you or going for the 5K?

  41. Ye gads it’s the smell, nothing rivals that fresh autumn scent that makes me feel completely blissed out on life and that everything is amazing, even when it’s not. Step outside, take a deep breath, step on some crunchy leaves and ahhhh yes, there it is, the badness falls away leaving nothing but bliss <3 Autumn

  42. Fall…here in the southern states, fall is a much looked forward to time of relief. Relief from the heat, relief from the humidity and relief from allergies! Oh and relief that the kids go back to school!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone out running, including myself!

  43. What I like best about autumn? It’s my season of New Beginnings! Say what you like about New Year’s (and NYE is my birthday, so I have quite a lot to say about it), I always feel like autumn is the time for a new outfit, new shoes, a new pile of books to read and a new exercise regime (really!) wherein I do not have to torture myself with 90+ degree (F) temps. The exercise doesn’t always “stick” (see also: resolutions, New Years) but I always have a nice time trying, wearing my new sneakers and enjoying the fresh start.

  44. My favorite thing about fall is the color pallette – red and orange and gold and bronze. It’s so gorgeous here in Michigan, for that ever-so-brief window. Love it!

  45. In past years what I’ve liked best about autumn is that it exists at all. I grew up in a place where seasonal differences were negligible, and then moved to a place where they existed in fine form. Loved. Fall. Now, I just moved to a place where it’s summersummersummer all year long, and I know I’m going to miss my favorite season.

  46. I love how you can actually see things more crisply in the crisp fall air. Humidity makes everything a little fuzzy.

  47. There is something truly magical about autumn as you sit on your back porch and watch the squirrels scurrying about trying to pilfer all your pecan nuts for their winter stores. They seem rather oblivious to the fact that you may need these particular nuts for the Thanksgiving pies! Since I am full of senseless trivia, do you know that these little buggers eat 1.5 lbs of pecans a week and then bury another 2 lbs? I guess they are preparing for Armageddon! Maybe I have a soft spot for them because we don’t have them in Australia, but either way I’ll never cease to take delight in the adventures of these little rodents. :o)

  48. I love the sense of new beginnings. I suppose most people associate that with spring or the new year, but working in a university setting, turning leaves and cooler evenings shout “possibility” to me.

  49. Autumn generally coincides with Easter here- it reminds me of hot cross buns, amazing sunsets, and picking up acorns to feed the piglets!

  50. I absolutely LOVE the Fall/Autumn! I love the crispness in the air – cool enough for a sweater, but not cold enough for a jacket (except the Fall that I visited Edinburgh! Brr, it was cold there!). I would love to join the 5K program and FINALLY learn to run!

  51. My favorite thing about autumn (because I’m a teacher) is the fresh start at the beginning of a new school year. I feel like that’s the time to get all the goals that have been circling my head all summer off and rolling.
    (I’ve been a reader for a long time, I’ll come out of the woodwork for a contest, I guess:)

  52. I love fall. The change in the season. The leaves falling. Football (american) starts. Weather is cooler but you still have nice days in the 70s and 80s. Great time to play golf. To get out and enjoy the weather. I am looking forward to this Fall because it is the beginning of my training for a 10K working towards my 1/2 marathon.

  53. Autumn means I can put the electric blanket back on the bed. Love snuggling into a warm bed…

  54. After being confounded about my 50-pound weight gain over the last few years and my body’s stubborn refusal to lose any of it, I decided to attack the problem with all I’ve got. I started reading books by fat and formerly fat people (“Fat memoirs,” if you will) and yours just happened to be the third one I got from the library. (Sorry I didn’t buy it–although I might now that I’ve read it.) I didn’t really expect you to have anything new to add to the discussion about being fat and trying to not be, but you did. I love your spirit. You ARE amazing!

    As for what I like about Fall, besides loving the colors and the crisp air, I’d have to say that I like the way it makes me think about life and death and all those deep philosophical things. My father was diagnosed with cancer in the fall (and died right before Christmas) and I don’t think I’ll ever go through fall again without thinking of that period in my life. It took me a long time to get over his death, but now I can take a walk among the autumn leaves and feel the bittersweet promise in the air: yes, things are dying down, but they will return and you will rejoice again.

    Sorry that this is somewhat of a downer, but you did ask! πŸ™‚

  55. I love that first hint of crispness in the air that makes me feel like I’m waking up at last from my summer hibernation (NOT a warm-weather person!).

  56. Wow… thank you so much Ellen! I really appreciate that.
    Your Autumn comment put a lump in my throat, it must be a bittersweet feeling at that time of year…

  57. Dear Shauna, I am a Canberra girl living in Santiago, Chile. We are hopeful for a bit of Spring. I always feel happier when I go through the turnstile and the revolving door to find it still light as I leave the office. The evening always feels full of possibilities. I was thinking yesterday as I was wandering (ambling?) home in my coat that I felt like a chrysalis, undergoing all these changes, ready to emerge as a butterfly (or maybe a moth) as soon as it became warmer. Clearly, I need a life! I used to run in a far off galaxy a million years ago so I would like some help getting to 10km. Lindaxxx

  58. My favorite things about the fall are watching the leaves change, the cool weather and buying new sweaters and jeans!

  59. I love the change in the weather — when it doesn’t quite feel cold, but it’s no longer hot. It’s that pleasant coolness that puts a little pink in your cheeks.

  60. Honestly, Im not much of a fall lover, because that means snow is just around the corner!! BUT, the cool days and nights are nice, and the fall leaves are beautiful!! My kids go back to college and we all settle into a routine! and PUMPKIN!! mmmmm

  61. I like putting the blankets and comforter back on the bed. And when the trees in Southern California start to fall off the trees only because they are tired of holding on.

  62. It’s hot where I live, so I love when it cools down in the fall so I can enjoy spending time outside!

    I also really love how family gatherings start happening more and more throughout the fall- I just love everyone coming together for football games and campfires!

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