Winners of the Up & Running Fall course giveaway

Up & Running e-courses for runners Thanks very much for your entries in the Up & Running giveaway. All that chat about crisp air, crunching leaves was very comforting since Summer seems to have completely vanished from Scotland this week. Booooo.

The random number generator has spoken and the lucky winners are…

#17 – Sonja

#58 – Tamara

Here are their comments:



Congratulations Sonja and Tamara. I've emailed you both so please get in touch to claim your prize.

If you missed out this time round there's still time to join us for the FallToday the Summer team are running their first 5K… just think, it could be you by November! Then you could feel smug for whole the holiday season 🙂

Thanks everyone who entered and hope you have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Winners of the Up & Running Fall course giveaway

  1. Hey Shauna

    Well, a little obsessively, I’ve just read your whole archive. Being anal, I had to read it in order, so I was a little cranky that I finally got up-to-date to find out that I had JUST missed out on the chance to win a place in your 5km running group. Oh well, you might just find me there anyway (have been promising my dog more attention…).

    So, hello from sunny Melbourne (right this minute anyway… who knows what it’ll be like in an hour’s time). Good luck with the cycling (and thanks for the v entertaining archives).



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