Long Walks with The Mothership

So far so good with Operation Don't Stop Exercising Just Because Your Mum Is Visiting. Today I did spinning bike intervals while watching a couple of episodes of Home Cooking Made Easy. Mum and I have also been taking long walks around the neighbourhood. We keep a brisk pace except for when she stops to exclaim at random plants and flowers, "WOW! We couldn't grow that in Oz!" or to take a photograph of caravan (edit: that's a trailer for the Americans) in someone's back yard as her dear husband has a caravan and he will be delighted to know that they have caravans in Scotland too.

Yesterday she paused before a rose bush out the front of a neighbours' house and said, "Did you know, when I was a kid helping your grandmother in the garden, my favourite job was dead-heading the roses?". She then started plucking dead rose heads off the bush and chucking them back into their yard. "I just love it! It's so theraputic!"

I had been missing The Mothership big time so it's absolutely brilliant having her here, and not just because she brought a bag of Pascall's Marshmallows. The bag still has a declaration of FAT FREE on it just like in the '00s, which made me nostalgic for the early lard-busting days when my favourite indulgence was hot chocolate (the instant sachet kind, packed with artificial everything) with two of these babies on top.


19 thoughts on “Long Walks with The Mothership

  1. I wish you would include a picture of a caravan, because all I can see in my head is this: http://bit.ly/ptv8OY

    And I’m concerned that about the amount of camel dung that would produce. (Although excellent fertilizer for the roses, I guess.)

  2. This cracked me up. I have my mum visiting at the moment and can sooooo imagine her doing that to the neighbours roses. Yesterday we took a walk in the botanical gardens here and she paused now and then to kick a stray thistle out of the ground with her toes. She just can’t help herself!
    Fabulous work exercising despite the extra company.

  3. I actualy LOl at the Mothershp dead-heading the roses in someone elses garden. It is VERY therapeutic, but I normally choose to dead head my own plants!

  4. “Operation Don’t Stop Exercising Just Because Your Mum Is Visiting”…? You know the whole POINT of giving an ‘operation’ a name is so that no-one can crack the cunning codename you’re using?? *laughs* Glad you’re having a fun time. And since you’re already getting practice in with the long walks, I’ve got one word for you, darling; it begins with M, and rhymes with Spoonwalk. πŸ˜€

  5. Aw, it sounds so nice to have your mother visiting! I’m from Norway but my mother has moved to Italy, so I know how it feels to live separately. Most of the time it’s fine, but sometimes I miss her a lot. πŸ™‚

  6. autumn is the season for long walks and nostalgia so the mothership and her marshmallows have come at exactly the right time!

    i curse lorraine pascale a little. i spent all of last winter convinced i could bake because of her. i really can’t. but i did have fun trying πŸ˜€

  7. Haha I love the visual of The Mothership dead-heading your neighbour’s roses! Enjoy your time together! :o)

  8. This post really hit home for me. I’ve been trying to do better about staying healthy (mostly in terms of eating right) when I home for a visit. My mom has a lot of yummy but unhealthy things around πŸ™‚ It’s a bit easier when she comes to visit me though because she’s usually a good sport about trying out foods I try to eat.

  9. Awww, I feel like I know the mothership personally! Looking forward to hearing all your stories from you and Rhi this weekend – squeeeeeeeeeeeee, sooo excited!!!! Love ya!

  10. Shauna, I’ve been reading your blog on and off for the past year or so. It’s terrific, you’ve achieved so much. I’m off to my first Weight watcher meeting tomorrow, I’m nervous as I have a ton of weight to lose but coming on here makes me realise it can be done.

  11. I find it super hard living so far away from my sister and niece (they moved to Liechtenstein last year.. ABANDONED ME for feeble reasons such marrying the the wealthy love of her life yada, yada..) – yes, I did not take it well. What we need is a cheap and fast way to get from NZ/Aus to Europe/UK. I’d even go for cheap without the fast, although 30-odd hours in cattle class is a special kind of torture.
    So glad your mum is there. When I travel with mine, she HAS to make sure that everyone knows where she is from. I don’t know why. She becomes a walking advertisement for New Zealand – learning in every language to say ‘we are from New Zealand’. I think she learned that NZ is well received pretty much everywhere and it can get her a discount or a free grappa sometimes.

  12. Thanks to Woolies, hubby and I enjoyed a share bag of cherry ripes the other night (over 2 nights even~)…and boy they really are damn good. Just sayin πŸ™‚

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