New Years Goals Check-in: September

I'm doing monthly updates on my New Year Goals.

The rest of September went well. No more mindless munching and a better handle on the basics. About bloody time! The mission has been, as a friend put it, "keep your head attached to your body"… no more retreating from reality when things are kinda stressful and uncertain. Good food and exercise endorphins go a long way. DERR!

October plans:

  • Kick butt on new post-Cycletta exercise plan (spinning, weights, Pilates)
  • Keep up the exercise during the Royal Mothership Visit (she touches down on Tuesday! Quick, scrub the bathroom!)
  • Watch the portion sizes and really pay attention to the hunger signals. Still overdoing it at times.
  • Continue work on Operation Morning Person. It's about the fifteenth attempt since I started this blog! But this time I've racked up two whole weeks of getting out of my scratcher at a respectable time, i.e. not half an hour before I have to run screaming out the door for work.

In other news: I've been nominated for Shape Magazine’s 2011 Best Blogger Awards in the Favorite Weight Loss Blog category. I'm but one on a long list of kickarse blogs so if you're looking for new reads why not have a gander. If you fancy voting all you have do is click and vote – no pound of flesh or email address required!

Bon weekend, groovers!

21 thoughts on “New Years Goals Check-in: September

  1. Well done, you! Shape magazine…awesome! 🙂

    Enjoy your mum’s visit – I hope she’s packed an extra suitcase with Violet Crumbles, Mint Slices and so on.

  2. As I am a newby to this blogging fun that list has had me clicking away. Loads of new things to read. And WEll DONE on the new years resolutions.

  3. Voted! (And then tried to see if I could cheat the system and vote more than once…)

    Ooo Mothership coming already?! That means you’re coming to casa PK really soon! (Quick scrub the bathroom! 😉 )

  4. Yay, go Shauna! I have voted 🙂

    At least you have lots of advance warning before any landing of the Mothership these days. haha


  5. Hi Shauna!!! I have spent the last few weeks at work stealthily working my way through your archives (don’t tell my boss!) and you are an inspiration! As I have recently re-dedicated my efforts toward losing weight/getting healthier/becoming more active, your blog has been a great motivation! I’ve even passed the link onto my best friend, who is also on this weight loss trip with me! So many days your blog entries inspired me to get up off my bum and head outside or to the gym, so thanks!!! I’m looking forward to reading live blog entries now that I’m all caught up!! =) (Oh, and PS, I definitely voted for you in the Shape poll!)

  6. Hey thanks fb and Miz 🙂

    Nice to meet you Kalee and well done on ploughing through all those archives! Glad it helped pass the time at work, I’ve done that with many a blog too, hehe. Best of luck with your own adventures!

  7. This is like asking a mother which kid is her favorite. Some of my favorite bloggers are on this list but you (and Pasta Queen) were the first to inspire me to reach my goal so you definitely got my vote. Rock on!

  8. I’ve been skulking about in the halls at work waiting for people to go in search of coffee so that I can vote for you again from new computers – HA!

  9. You got my vote! Now if only you would release another podcast, so the puppies of the world can stop crying… 🙂

  10. You have my vote! I was rather disappointed there was no box to give a reason, so I couldn´t write “Shauna rawks.”

    I am 12 years´ older than you and still have made absolutely no headway on the OMP project. And when people are really cheerful in the morning or do crazy, provocative things like MAKE EYE CONTACT or even ATTEMPT TO SPEAK TO ME, I feel homicidal urges coming on.

    Luckily, my lifestyle now means I never get up before 11am. Or I think at some point someone would have got hurt. 😉

    I hope the Mother Ship doesn´t bring you too many tasty nostalgic treats and wish you continued success for September.

  11. Am new to blogs and wanted to say yours has eased my 40 year old habit of pigging out on chocolate at night. My aussie daughter(born in tassie)  is married to the bloke who created the Sufferfest videos ,recently he happened to mention to me you mentioning his video on your blog. Have been obsessed ever since. Obviously I am a tad older than you …62 next month…but felt a real connection to you coz you don’t preach that it is all about healthy diet and exercise. For me,  with 35 years of fussing over the body, it took me 15 of those years to realize that my weight had far more to do with my mind than my mouth and what I put in it.

    Anyway just wanted to say thanks , your writing is so honest, engrossing… please keep it up…reading blogs is new to me..a new hobby that is keeping me from eating cadbury,s snack chocolate at night….

    And yes I have voted for you too !

    Sent from my iPad

  12. Thank you gazillions everyone!

    Darnie – SO COOL to hear from you! Wow the internet makes the world a small place. Welcome welcome welcome! I just saw your email too, I’ll be back with you once Mum has gone back to Oz 🙂

  13. Hey, I voted for you too! I love what you’ve done here with making a new year’s goal and really sticking with it. It’s brilliant. I always mean to keep my goals but never do. I’m feeling kind of inspired for new year’s now. Thanks!

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