New Years Goals Check-in: November

I'm doing monthly updates on my New Year Goals.

Here we go with the 11th installment for 2011. I hope you guys don't mind these monthly posts, but it helps keep me from wandering off!

November review:

  • Get through the month without stabbing anyone. Check. I ended up getting a sunrise alarm clock! Will report back on its effectiveness soon.
  • Be consistent with my food tracking. I'm using Weight Loss Resources this month, at slowest rate of weight loss (Β½ pound per week).  Check. Kinda. 50% success: I'd track Monday – Thursday then fizzle out over the weekend. But I lost 2 pounds so I met the weight loss target and though slow, it felt sustainable.

Other November highlights:

December plans:

  • I have something on every day until Christmas, so the aim is to enjoy the remaining festivities but not go crazy with it. The first 10 days of December have been overly indulgent (why did my boss have to make the world's most delicious stollen? I normally hate anything marzipanish but this was bloody amazing). I want to finish 2011 feeling positive, dagnabbit, rather than being a sugar zombie. Woohoo!

December highlight so far: Edinburgh Santa Run (Walk :))

345. Edinburgh Santa Run

28 thoughts on “New Years Goals Check-in: November

  1. I loved my sunrise clock. Until the bulb burned out and I had to be proactive and get off my bum and go and get a replacement bulb.
    And I love the goal of getting through the month without stabbing someone. You set the bar high, woman!

  2. Hi Shona, I LOVE your blog and always look forward to your updates….Thank you for being honest and sensible……Merry Christmas to You and Yours, Jane xx

  3. What a cute pair of Santas – keep on keeping on – it never goes away – you just have to learn to incorporate it – something I do better other times than others!! Happy Christmas and hope 2012 is absolutey awesome xxxx Z

  4. Oops stuffed that up – meant some times more than others – but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s bloody hard work !!

  5. In Atlanta this weekend we went to the Santa Speedo run- that’s right- everyone was running in Speedos. It was quite a sight! So fun!

  6. Since I’m in US, am I allowed to use word “bollocks” or not? It seems like too good of a word for me not to have access to, but I don’t want to step on any toes. Please advise!

  7. That last photo is singularly TERRIFYING. I totally fave’d it on flickr. SO MANY SANTAS SQUISHED IN A ROW.

    Congrats on finishing NaNo! I think I got about 500 words written in day one before giving up this year. πŸ™ NEXT YEAR, I WILL DO IT AGAIN.

  8. Thank you trillions for your comments!

    @Jack – YES! You should say bollocks with wild abandon! Try it today and report back πŸ˜‰

    @Tracy – Next year for sure… I will nag you!

    @Kate – That sounds hilarious, love it!

  9. I saw photos of the Santa run somewhere else (Facebook, probably) and thought of you! How fun, you look so cute with chin hair. Heh.

  10. I love my sunrise clock too! It makes me feel like getting up earlier… when I turn it on πŸ™‚

    Hope you are enjoying the holiday season.

  11. I like the New Year’s goals check-in idea. Maybe I will steal it. That’s gotta be better than looking back at the original post towards the end of the year and saying, “Oh, crap.”

  12. I love your idea of posting your review of your original goal of the month, what actually happened, and then your goals for the next month! Would you mind if I adopted this and included you in a post? Thanks!

  13. I actually saw the Santa Run! I was in Edinburgh on business that week (first trip to Scotland ever) and stayed the weekend before heading south to London and eventually home to Toronto). Looked like great fun.

    Loved Edinburgh and also took the train up to St. Andrew’s as my daughter is considering going to Uni there. Just gorgeous.

    I am quite late posting – but Happy New Year!

  14. How is the sunrise clock working out? Had mine about a year now and now the Darling Partner has started to complain that the light goes on 30 minutes before the alarm goes! I personally like mine a lot, but the model I have has fiddly buttons so I should upgrade (I got it on a deal just to see if I liked it).

  15. Ash it’s going really well! I have the Lumie basic model. Like yours the buttons are kinda annoying. I like how it gradually lights up, it just seems a more gentle way to wake up. I am actually getting out of bed on time without too much bitching. The “light before alarm” thing has bamboozled gareth a few times too, hehe!

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