All sold out

Dietgirl 11th Birthday Sell Out!Thanks everyone for all your Sell Out entries thus far! Entries close this Tuesday 31 January at 9PM GMT, so if you've not checked out all the groovy prizes there's still time to do so. Here's the complete list:

  • Day 1 – 'An Honest Kitchen' magazine
  • Day 2 – $100 Cathe Downloads voucher
  • Day 3 – Weight Loss Resources three months membership
  • Day 4 – Less Bounce £45 sports bra voucher
  • Day 5 – MizFit's My Trainer Fitness cards
  • Day 6 – Total Greek Yogurt + Zest mag subscription
  • Day 7 – Cardio Coach MP3 workouts
  • Back with a new post tomorrow. With just words. No prizes, alas.

    2 thoughts on “All sold out

    1. I’m not sure if I’m doing this right, but I would love to enter the Sell Out to win the Sports Bra! I have a dog show coming up and can’t afford to pop one of my eyes out with these bad boys.

      In other news…I made granola muffins for breakfast today! They’re pretty delicious with a cheeky lemon yogurt (the little fat Activia ones) and keep me pretty full. Next time I’ll be brave and swap the half and half wholemeal/white flour ratio to just whole meal!

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