WIN! ‘An Honest Kitchen’ magazine – DG 11th Birthday Sell Out Day 1

Dietgirl 11th Birthday Sell Out!The prize:
Ten winners will each receive one copy of Cooking For One, the latest offering from An Honest Kitchen, the e-magazine all about delicious, simply prepared seasonal food. 

Available to readers from: Worldwide

What the heck is it?
An Honest Kitchen is the creation of nutritionist and writer Kathryn Elliott of Limes & Lycopene and food writer and photographer Lucinda Dodds of Nourish Me. The magazine is about, "real food that's good for you". Their trademark is easy, healthy recipes packed with flavour and made with easy-to-find ingredients. They also offer recipe variations and tips, all served in a totally accessible and non-pretentious way.

Why do you dig it?
The Cooking For One mini edition is fab. You get three tasty recipes with variations and ideas for leftover ingredients. Since it's meals for one they’ve also cut down on the washing up and found ways to minimise food waste. Next on my To Cook list is the Paprika Chicken with Rice and Vegetables which has a zesty picada on the side. I'd never heard of a picada before but it's a sauce type of thing with almonds, lemon zest, parsley and fresh tomato… yummo. As with all issues of An Honest Kitchen it's written in a friendly, non-jargony style and the photographs are lovely. You can check out Cooking For One and previous editions of the mag right here.

There are ten copies of An Honest Kitchen Cooking For One e-magazine to be won. Simply leave a comment on this blog entry to enter. If you're reading this post via an RSS feed, Facebook or Goodreads, you need to click through to the Dietgirl blog. Winners will be drawn at random. Entries close Tuesday 31 January 2012 at 9PM GMT. Click here to view the terms and conditions of the Sell out.

107 thoughts on “WIN! ‘An Honest Kitchen’ magazine – DG 11th Birthday Sell Out Day 1

  1. I’m not a singleton, but I know how to multiply or cook for myself when my family is eating other “crap” food πŸ™‚

  2. Though I’m a married gal, I’m sure I can double the recipes and make my husband happy, too. πŸ˜‰

  3. I think it is because of your blog that I began reading Kathryn’s, although it might be the other way round – my memory isn’t what it used to be! The two are linked in my mind, definitely…

  4. Need cheering up, did my ankle ligaments vampire running and need something to take my mind off the biscuit tin so prizes would be good!

  5. It would be so great to learn how to cook for one. Since I am just about an empty nester, I could use help to cut down on the amount I cook.

  6. Happy 11th! My German friend once told me the double digit birthdays (11,22,33 etc) are special ones because there are so few of them, so enjoy it!

  7. A friend just referred me to your blog…I’m always looking for good and easy recipes!!! Enter me for your contest.please!! gonna go check out the rest of your blog!

  8. Hi Shauna
    Thanks for offering this contest again. I love reading your blog. One of the hardest things for me to do and stay on track is cooking for one. It doesn’t seem worth the effort and it is much easier to grab a few cookies and call that a meal. I look forward to checking out this magazine.

  9. Ooh, I want this!! I’m a complete cooking mag addict and I don’t know this one… so please, pick me! Pick me!

  10. Not single in the technical sense, but do cook just for myself most of the time. And I love Kathryn Elliott, she’s inspired me to try all sorts of new things over the last few years.

  11. Hi, Arrived here through your 2010 post about growing pea shoots. Have had a great time reading your recent posts. You have a great sense of fun and gave me much laughter today. Thankyou! Keep it up! Good luck to your hubby on the bike challenge. His term for muscle burn out made me laugh – I first came across this term many (20+) years ago when a Canadian intern came into the mega boss’ office and announced that she was b…ing – we did not know where to look!!!

  12. Please pick me hahaha I have tried everything so hopefully if i win this i will be able to learn to cook the right way and lose some of this weight I have been carrying for years

  13. Hey Shauna! Excitement! I am a single and I cook for myself. So I will give it a try πŸ™‚ Best wishes from Hamburg!

  14. That sounds perfect for me! I am always looking for recipes for one since my husband is trucker and isn’t home during the week.

  15. Yes! Please, I need recipes for cooking for one, and a resource that will help me to cook in a way that cuts down on food waste while lessening clean-up sounds like exactly the right one for me.

  16. Part of my 2012 resolutions was to cook better meals at home. This would be perfect for me!

  17. Always looking for recipes with easy to get ingredients since my move from the land of all foods (CA!) Happy blog-day! πŸ™‚

  18. Wow, another blockbuster sell out! Maybe this year I’ll get lucky πŸ˜‰
    Love Kathryn’s site, but I’ve never gotten around to looking at An Honest Kitchen.

  19. This would be perfect – I just realized that now that the boyfriend and I are long-distance, I always cook either too much or not at all. I’m going to check out that website now!

  20. Thank goodness THIS sell out is open to ALL of us!!!
    Love new recipes, need to get back on the straight and narrow after straying quite a bit during the Christmas season and struggling now to lose those extra pounds. Thanks Shauna!

  21. Sounds like a good one! This is one of the first giveaways I’ve ever entered…I’d be thrilled if I won. :]

  22. I have loved reading your blog. I was late to it, so I spent days reading from the beginning. Thanks for helping to keep my motivation going!

  23. I just discovered your website/blog, and I’m so glad I did! I think we are the same person… oh and yes, I’d love to win this prize! Thanks πŸ™‚

  24. Anything that will reduce my washing up, or “doing dishes” as it’s known over here, will suit me just find.

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