WIN! Cardio Coach audio workouts – DG 11th Birthday Sell Out Day 7

Dietgirl 11th Birthday Sell Out!The prize:
One lucky winner will receive all eight volumes of Cardio Coach high intensity interval MP3 workout downloads. Ten runners up will each win a copy of Volume 2.

Available to readers from: Worldwide

What the heck is it?
Cardio Coachβ„’ is a downloadable audio high intensity interval workout programme for any MP3 player and you can use it for just about any cardio activity – treadmill, elliptical, stepper, rower, cycling, jogging, walking). Cardio Coach has a patented levels and zone system which means you can make it work for you no matter your fitness level, from beginner to advanced.

Why I dig it
I'm dead chuffed that the Cardio Coach folks were up for a third appearance in the Sell Out. I'm still a huge fan and in the past year have introduced some of my Up & Running pals to the delights of Sexy Sean, as he's become known on the forums.

I remain a non-lover of cardio and Sexy Sean makes it sooo much easier to bear. I still can't describe it any better as I did way back in 2007:

.. a dude called Sean O'Malley with a rather sexy voice tells you exactly what to do; suitable for any piece of cardio equipment. When to go fast, when to go slow, when to stretch; it really does make the time go faster! I have conversations with Sean in my head. I hate you Sean. Oh we're almost there? Fine then. I'll do it. Only for you. Fetch me another bottle of water Sean. You're the best Sean. HIGHLY recommended.

Cardio Coach

Your coach, Sean O'Malley

To be in the running for the Cardio Coach prizes, simply leave a comment on this blog entry . If you're reading this post via an RSS feed, Facebook or Goodreads, you need to click through to the Dietgirl blog. Entries close Tuesday 31 January 2012 at 9PM GMT. Winners will be drawn at random. Click here to view terms and conditions of the Sell Out.

BONUS! If you don't win this time, all Dietgirl readers score a 25% discount off all workouts until 14 February. Just enter the code dietgirl at the checkout.

98 thoughts on “WIN! Cardio Coach audio workouts – DG 11th Birthday Sell Out Day 7

  1. Ooo this would be helpful with my workouts on the exercise bike (which I have been avoiding all week!).

  2. I want to meet sexy Sean too!

    I feel like I say this every year but thanks for the contest Shauna – I enjoy it even though I haven’t won yet.

  3. Oh yes! I could burn them on a CD and use them in my player in my bedroom! I have no laptop and DVD player for workout DVDs. I only can play DVDs in my livingroom where is a lack of space. So: a good prize!

  4. me me me me me me me….want it bad!! Ive listened to O’Malley and do like his voice but being non-cardio wondered if it was for me….I think it might be…so pick me pick me pick me….

  5. This sounds like just the thing I need to get me off the couch and back to the gym! Thanks.

  6. Oh, how lovely it would be to have this. Fingers crossed for a win but I’ll be making use of that code otherwise.

  7. So many lovely possibilities…please count me in…it’s hard to know what to wish for, though…sexy audio coach…fancy new braaaazeeer…the possibilities are endless!

    Thank you (and your pals) for being so generous!

  8. A non-lover of cardio is the best description ever! I am a non-lover as well but working on it. The treadmill and bike and I have been seeing a lot of each other in 2012. Sigh.

  9. I love Cardio Coach! Been working out with Sean on and off since 2002 but lost all my Cardio Coach MP3s when my computer was stolen:( Would love to rebuild my collection!

  10. Oh yes please. During the winter my home exercise bike seems to be the only option for exercise since I do not quite want to get my ears or nose frozen off outside – make it less boring please!

  11. I’d like a man with a nice voice encouraging me along… maybe even we could extend this premise and dangle Rob Lowe off a stick just beyond the end of my treadmill…. hmmm

  12. I have to admit, I’m curious as to how someone can be sexy while being EVIL (all personal trainers are evil)….

  13. Might just be the kick up the bum I need to get back on my cross trainer. fingers crossed.

  14. Since I started lifting weights (thanks to your blog- what a difference it makes! And I feel all strong and independent and I can open jars now) I’ve started to dislike cardio: it takes longer and is more blah blah run blah run blah blah. HOWEVER, methinks Sean may help me along πŸ™‚ I’ll check out the site!

  15. I’m completely curious as to how sexy he sounds. Hopefully sexy enough to give me an aural kick in the drawers. I’ve been slacking a lot lately! *crosses fingers*

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