The trouble with blogging…

… or rather, the trouble with my inept slow-arse brand of blogging, is that I spend days and days dithering over an angsty post and by the time I get my words together, I'm in a completely different (non-angsty) frame of mind. So I don't want to publish it because then that slab of derangement will sit at the top of the blog until I get around to writing another one!

I was feeling truly crazy at the start of this week, but I got out of my head by getting into the garden then on the spinning bike. I hacked at the earth with a fork (very theraputic), planted some beetroot seeds, then sweated away to the finale of Biggest Loser Season 11.

Hannah-and-oliviaWatching old episodes of Biggest Loser is my favourite guilty pleasure. I love the pointlessness of getting enraged about and/or enamoured with things that happened on television many years ago.

Hannah and Olivia have now usurped Tara Costa as my favourite contestants ever. They're sisters, they banter wittily and they're the same age gap as me and my sister Rhi… so I just fell for them bigtime.

When I'm on the bike I love to daydream about being a contestant. It would be vintage Loser with Bob and Jillian. If slimming Black was unavailable, I'd be on Team Purple coz it's probably the best of those lousy colours with my ginger tones. I'd totally do as I was told and I'd never fake-puke into a bucket. I'd flog the Jennie O turkey with a knowing twinkle in my eye. I'd be charming and jovial and inspirational. Except for about one week per month when I'd be a loathsome, whiny twit.

See that's the problem with The Biggest Loser. Unlike blogging, you can't just go AWOL during Crazy Week. Your hormonal rantings are captured by the camera and presented to America! I think I better stick to the blogging.

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23 thoughts on “The trouble with blogging…

  1. I often wonder about PMS week on the BL and I’ve decided that with all the extra exercise and weight loss, that their cycles stop during production. I know that when I losing that my cycles were irregular at best and my doctor blamed it on my weight loss and body changes. Thank being said- you’d look great in purple!

  2. I loved Hannah and Olivia too. I even asked Hannah to be my friend on Facebook and she accepted! lol. I am such a nerd.

  3. My best Biggest Loser moment was during one of the Australian Seasons (love the commando!) when I watched the first weigh in and realised that I no longer qualified. Best. Moment. Ever. πŸ™‚

  4. The thing I loved about Hannah and Olivia is how TONED they were by the finale! Sometimes you see some contestants who have lost a huge amount of weight, but have obviously done more cardio than weights, and still have a lot of loose skin – I know it doesn’t work like that for everyone, that everyone’s different, etc – BUT LOOK AT THEIR ARMS! MY GOD. You would have never thought they were overweight, ever.

    So jealous.

    Also, they’re awesome. I love banter-y sisters, too.

  5. Hehe. My rule with angsty posts is to sit on them overnight before pressing the “publish” button.

    I have one in my head right now, but I don’t think it’s going to see the light of day because I just know I’ll come off as a whiney, self-centred twat. Even though I’m REALLY quite charming and good-natured and witty and not at ALL egotistical. πŸ˜€

  6. I have just recently started watching The Biggest Loser! Funny that I’m watching season 6 as I read this. I would cry uncontrollably on that show. No smugness just tears of pain, joy, hunger, fear, lack of Grey’s Anatomy. But I would leave there HOT!

  7. Love this post and have always felt bad for female Biggest Losers who have an off week, because I’m always sure it’s due to PMS. πŸ™‚ I know my monthly sends me into a state of mind where I don’t give a flip about eating healthy.

  8. Your angsty hormonal posts are my favorites! That’s what I’ve always liked best about your blog, the relief of seeing “thank goodness someone else feels like this too.”

    But, if you want to, you know, retain your privacy and dignity, fine go ahead πŸ™‚

  9. I love Hannah and Olivia too. They were so funny! And very inspirational. I think it’s funny that they never mention when “those weeks” are on BL. We women all know how those weeks go on the scale and yet they never mention that fact on the show…a little unrealistic! The women are at a total disadvantage…they should get a 3 lb. advantage that week. πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Shauna,
    Love reading your blog. I think you introduced me to blogs a number of years ago and have been into them ever since. I just love your writing style. Enough gushing. I checked out your TBL link since for one reason (bored housewife) I am nuts about this years Australian singles season and discovered that the two guest trainers on this year’s US version were called Cara and Brett. Which is mine and my boyfriends name! This is hilarious since it is 1.30 in the morn and both of us are short for our weight. I had to tell someone…keep up the good work.

  11. Glad I am not alone in writing posts and never posting them. By the time I seem to add pics, or get the time to post–my post seems irrelevant. Sigh!

    Glad you are enjoying spring there! Want to come and plant my garden once the snow melts and the ground is unfrozen?? πŸ˜‰

  12. I would be the complete bitch that everyone hated and voted out early. So unless I could win all of the immunity competitions (unlikely) I’d be screwed.

  13. I’ve often fantasised about being on The Biggest Loser – well, frankly… it’s more about just losing lots of weight, rather than the show (I’d probably be one of those people who complained and cried all of the time!).


  14. I love BL! Team Hannah!I’m always icluding weights in my workouts…so freaked out to have a bunch of hanging skin! I only wish they had Biggest Loser in Canada! I would totally be in!

  15. You are right~! I have never seen a contestant throw a wobbly and then scream “I’m SO PMS’Y RIGHT NOW!” That would be quite good TV though, I feel. Someone should do it.

  16. I don’t know if you read regularly or not. I think you have said you sort of read in spurts, catching up on several weeks all at once. Either way, I did not want to disappear on you. I have not yet dived into all the emails, so you may have sent me one already and I just don’t know it is there. I am taking my blog private at the end of this week. If you are interested in having on going access, the information is in a post that is up right now.

  17. I’ve only watched a few episodes of Biggest Loser ever because they irritate the life out of me with the crazy things they do to lose weight. That said, I would definitely watch you and your sister if you got on, so do let me know. πŸ™‚

  18. I just cannot stomach The Biggest Loser. It is NOT realistic to lose the amount of weight these folks lose in that amount of time they do it in. Yeah, I could lose my 70 pounds in 6 weeks if I also worked out 6-7 hours a day. NOT!!! I’ll take my 30 lbs over 16 weeks that you very much. Shauna I’m reading your book for the second time. I adore your sense of humor and your zest for life.

    ps. All said, I’d kill for those arms πŸ™‚

  19. Glad I’m not the only person in the Uk with a biggest loser addiction.

    I too think Olivia and Hannah were the nicest.. have you been watching this years series? Not as heart warming..

  20. What I like best about Hannah and Olivia, is that they seem to have kept the pounds off. We all know that is the hard part! Whenever they return to the show, they look just as skinny as they did on last season’s finale. Can’t wait to see who wins this year. I don’t have a favorite left, although Kim is looking very gorgeous. Can’t believe she could lose 15 pounds when she is so small already. Should be interesting!

  21. This is almost completely off topic (only you did mention a bike) so borderline spammy, but I wonder if you could give some link love to Pedal on Parliament? We’re planning a mass bike ride through Edinburgh on Saturday (28th April) in support of safer cycling for everyone. More on our website, plus we have a petition we’re asking people to sign.

    Thanks and sorry for polluting your blog…

  22. Thanks for your comments folks! I am so behind, sorry! It’s been a crazy week

    @Rose – it’s a tossup, I love them both! Can I be on Team Jillbob?

    @Rose & Pam – I gave up on this season, it was just too grim!

    @Sally – no worries! Just tweeted and shall sign petition

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