Winners of the Up & Running Summer course giveaway

I'm busting to do a race report from Monday's Dublin Mini Marathon 10K (No, wait… I promise there'll be minimal grumbling!), but first, here are the lucky winners of the Up & Running Summer giveaway! 

Taking a breather at the Bologna bootcamp

Taking a breather at the Bologna bootcamp

Thanks everyone who entered. Here's how the winner was drawn: I put all your names into a spreadsheet, with one one row for each social media medium you entered with, e.g. if you followed on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest you got three rows. Then I put the total number of rows into the trusty random number generator to choose a winner. I was kinda hallucinating from Google Docs/cut'n'paste overload by that point and told it to pick 7 integers instead of 5 which is why there are 7 winners below!

For reference, I've put the original comment number beside the winner's name to avoid confusion.

  • #63 – Corrie
  • #77 – Armi
  • #19 – Fiona
  • #25 – Linda H
  • #9 – Alicia
  • #14 – Erin
  • #32 – Jo

Congratulations folks… I'll be in touch with you tomorrow once I've had a snooze!

If you missed out you can still join us - the 5K Course starts next Monday 11 June and the 10K Thursday 14 June. As a big thanks for your support of this blog, you can use code CHEERS at checkout to get 25% off but but only if you register before this Saturday 9 June.

Finally, to show it's not just me waxing lyrical, here are two groovy comments from the giveaway post…


"As an Up & Running Alumni, I would say that any of you reading this post and thinking that you'd maybe like to try one of the courses out, if you don't win the prize, please seriously consider signing up anyway. There's probably about a 97.9% chance (disclaimer; all stats totally made up) it will be the best money you'll spend on yourself all year.

Actually, you do actually have to do a wee bit of actual 'running'… so that drops the stats to maybe 97.6% – but let me tell you, what makes this course different to any of the other 'learning to run 5km from doing very little exercise at all' type online running courses, is the forum support, pure and simple. Just knowing that if you have a great run, a group of girls around the planet are cheering for you, and if you have a bad run, a group of girls around the planet will say something supportive (and maybe post a stupid picture of a duck to cheer you up) – it's enough to keep you going. Good luck in the competition, folks, and maybe I'll see some of you around the Alumni forum in a few months… :D"


"Hi from Alex, toddler + dog! I'm with Sharmaya ladies – if you don't happen to win, think about signing up anyway. Doing the 5K course and then the 10K course have been amongst my personal highlights for the last 12 months!"

… and the all-time classic quote from legendary Spring 2011 graduate Sas:

"Up & Running sh*ts all over Couch 2 5K!"

6 thoughts on “Winners of the Up & Running Summer course giveaway

  1. OMG this is AWESOME! Thank you so much!
    And timing could not be more perfect, I’ve done a couple of 5Ks, and my big goal is to do a 10K before the end of the year.
    Shauna, I just replied to you email.
    Congratulations to the other winners!

  2. I must be some sort of good luck charm – both Erin & Fiona entered because I told them to. People should totally do what I tell them to do all the time!

    Anyway, a little scared and a little excited about next week. Woo woo!

  3. Anyone that can run is my hero. Zumba, hell yes; running… *cough*.

    I really enjoyed Gareth’s last update too. Gave some money to the MS people that were out collecting today. I had no idea he had been through peripheral neuropathy, it must have been scary as hell for both of you!

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