Hello! I’m over here!

Does weeding burn calories? It better bloody burn calories. We spent three hours weeding the allotment the other day then went back last night to plant out some onions and it was totally chockers with weeds again. I just threw my hoe to the ground and yelled, "THIS IS FUTILE!".

I need to add another item to my Why gardening is like weight loss analogy listit never ends. You dig and dig and dig but you can't stop digging! For there is always more digging to be done. If you don't dig everything will get wild and weedy. Sigh. But hopefully you'll be rewarded with an onion or two, eventually.

I wanted to say that I'm posting more regularly on my non-fat blog What's New Pussycat. This blog actually pre-dates Dietgirl by eight months. It's weird to be able to read what I was thinking about during the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Clue: the same thing as London 2012 – handsome blokes in Speedos!

Sometimes when I'm only writing Dietgirl posts it feels like the state of my lard is the only important thing about me; that my worthiness/interestingness is dependent on the size of my arse. There's a lot more to life than that, and a lot more to me. So I'm having fun waffling on about random things!

I know some folk may only be interested in the lard-related rambles, that's cool! I'll update on that soon. But if you fancy reading about a wider range of topics, I'm over at What's New Pussycat? too. You can subscribe to the feed or I link to the new posts on the DG Facebook page.

Here are some recent posts:

Smiley Wiggo

Hope you're having an ace week!

14 thoughts on “Hello! I’m over here!

  1. Handsome blokes in Speedos??!! I love it! I’m going to be watching, as I do every time the Olympics are on. I’m especially interested in the womens’ volleyball (NOT beach) this time around, because a young woman from my home state of Nebraska is one of the stars on the U.S. team. GO USA!!! Go Great Britain! Go Australia! I hope all 3 countries do very very well!

  2. it feels like the state of my lard is the only important thing about me……..

    I had to laugh at this one. Yep, I think those of us who have really struggled with our weight over an extended period of time (for me since I was 8 and now I’m old as heck having turned 40) losing it consumes us and after awhile that’s what we seem to only be about.

    Good for you for being aware and saying, “Hey, I have other stuff to talk about.” I will check your other blog out to.

    Take Care.

  3. Just left a comment on the TdF post – soooo jealous! I’m glad to see more posts at your other blog – you have lots of funny/interesting stuff to say. I’m also easily amused by all of the neat UK/Aussie words that we don’t hear much in Canada.

  4. Hi! Glad you are expanding (uh, not a good word maybe?!) into random stuff, culture and cake. Look forward to reading your always-hilarious ramblings xxx

    P.S. I now make ridiculous running-life comparisons, get some funny looks!

  5. Hi my fave blogger, just wanted to touch base and wave hello. Been admiring from afar and thought its about time I commented. Life has been getting carried away. I fear my addiction to travel is overtaking my addiction to food…. a very good thing, except for the bank balance !!! Jen

  6. Thank you groovers! And nice to see you Jen, I am with you on the travel addiction. Glad you are out there living and loving life πŸ™‚

    @Simone – would love to make some of those later on! even the raised bed folks at the allotment are struggling with the weeds this year – sooo much bloody rain and wind! πŸ™‚

  7. Hello there, its been a while since I’ve checked up on you. Just wanted to say that what you mention about the weeding (the never-ending process) is very much talked about in the book Hand Wash Cold by Karen Maezen Miller. I say this as I think you might enjoy the book, as you try to bring mindfulness in your eating, and she is a Buddhist and a great writer. I also bring mindfulness into my life, not into eating but that is a pending task. I actually don’t have any weight problems any more, but there are always other issues that need attending, the allotment of life is never weeded and finished as you say, always work to be done. Take good care XXX

  8. “the allotment of life is never weeded” – love that, Em! I’ll need to check out that book, thanks for the recommendation πŸ™‚

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