21 thoughts on “What’s new at the plus size zoo?

  1. What’s just as bad is when rural branches of chain stores don’t stock the ‘young people’ range that their city branches stock. People under 40 live in country areas too you know!

  2. Holy eff word. I wouldn’t wear ANY of those in a pink fit. Do they think plus sized ladies want to look like deranged toddlers.

    SO. MUCH. FUG.

  3. … and there I was wondering how Gemma from Towie’s plus size range could be popular. At least it looks like adult’s clothing!

  4. I have so many comments on this one! I think I will just stick to one – what plus sized (or any sized) woman doesn’t want precariously placed panda eyes?

  5. I think they’re all cute tops, except for the one where it’s just panda eyes and his little nose and even smaller mouth, and his eyes are right where your boobs are. Not that one so much….

  6. So, at first look I actually liked the bright neon pink Panda one – the furthest on the right. Like, oh, that’s kind of fun – something you’d wear just around the house or to a theme park or something. Then I realized the eyes would be right where my boobs are…and…yeah. Never mind.

  7. Hideous. Why can’t they make the clothes the same style as the “regular” sized ones ? Why is it assumed if you are a larger size that you don’t have good taste?

  8. But hungry dog hemlines are SO flattering 😉

    In a scene in my novel my character is looking at clothes in her size and everything has Winnie The Pooh on it. It was based on wandering through Kmart in 2005 sometime….so nothing has changed!

  9. What does the frog one mean?
    “I am desperate enough to kiss frogs” or “I am a frog on the outside but a princess within kiss me”? Neither of which feel particularly empowering.

  10. So awful. It’s like they think we need bright colors and 2D stuffed animals to cheer ourselves up.

  11. Oh heck no, I might think about wearing a couple of those tops to bed as sleep shirts but even then I would have to seriously consider that!


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