Back in the groove

A belated Monthly Check-in post for July.

POW! There's been a quiet leap forward in the month since the previous belated Check In post. Last time I mentioned forgetting I wanted to lose weight, from a combination of contentment, complacency and daydreaming. I wanted to light a fire under my butt in a kind and gentle way.

I'm chuffed to say that I've actually been doing all the things I said I'd do to get my focus back! I know, I'm surprised as you are! To recap:

  • automating brekkie and lunch
  • tuning in to my hunger/feelings before eating
  • sitting down properly to eat, i.e. no spear fishing
  • regularly recalling my reasons WHY (head, shoulders, knees and clothes!)

I've also added:

  • getting more specific about what I want and setting some short term aims (thank you Olympic Challenge for the inspiration)
  • dusting off my beloved spreadsheets
  • strengthening up the real-world support network
  • recommitting to meal planning – shopping, organising and preparation
  • using the MyFitnessPal app – I've been mucking around with it on and off since Christmas (so addicted to that bar code scanner!) but now on it daily

All the above has seen a strangely focused yet relaxed/non-obsessed attitude sneak up on me.

What prompted a mind shift:

  • the DietSnaps app experiment – after just three days there was no mystery why I've been a master of maintenance this year. Portions too generous, some mindless grazing and not enough greenery. I won't be using the app in the long term, but it was a fab way to get back into mindful mode
  • a weekend in Paris – the weather was hot and I felt blobby and frustrated by my frumpy wardrobe. It's easier to ignore that discontent in Scottish climes.
  • Confronting the Wardrobe of Doom – tidying up a tangled pile of clothes, most of which don't fit, was another exercise in mindfulness. I didn't feel despair, just a desire to get on with it.

None of the above tools/plans are earth shattering – it's all the same structured mindfulness kinda stuff that I personally find effective. But making the extra effort to stay present, and keep remembering what I want and why, is helping the momentum build. Stay tuned!


A DietSnap snapped snack. Try saying that three times!

15 thoughts on “Back in the groove

  1. Shauna, you’ve done it before so you’ll do it again ;-)! And at least it sounds like you’re in the right frame of mind again, good luck :-)!!!

  2. Way to Go Shauna. So glad to hear you are once again actively working on it. It’s easy to get out of the habit. I quit walking a while back, and even though I didn’t gain much weight as a result I still felt like I had fallen on the wagon. As of yesterday–I’m back. I walked almost 3 miles yesterday. Today I went out with my little bulldog (she’s 3 months old) and we walked 1.2 miles. It’s a challenge with Lola, she’s all over the place and I am constantly readjusting the leash, but she’s doing so much better than she did the first few times we tried walking her. I think this little dog will MAKE me get out and walk every day. At least that was the idea when I relented finally and let my son get her. She should be good for something, because she is a LOT of work!!

  3. Hey Shauna – Just signed up for the up and running 10K in preperation for the Fields of Athenry 10K in Galway, Ireland the day after Christmas. Can’t wait to get started! Also, if you like tools that help you track steps, food water and even monitor how well you’re sleeping, you should check out FitBit. It does much of the same stuff as MyFitnessPal, and also works with Withings wi-fi scales to keep track of your weight automatically. I promise I don’t work for them…just really love their product! Check it out on fitbit(dot)com.

  4. Sunitaaaaaa! I was so chuffed to see your signup yesterday, really looking forward to the next 10k group πŸ™‚ Wow I love the idea of a post-Crimbo race, no lolling around on the couch for you!

    Would you believe I bought a Fitbit in June – Erin from our current 5K group was posting pics of the graphs and I had to get my mitts on such a nerdly thing! I am loving it so far πŸ™‚

    @Pam – good on you for getting back into it! A little puppy must be a great incentive… aww!

    @Johanna – thanks comrade. Slow and steady, I’ll get there πŸ™‚

  5. Those apps you mention sound great. I’m still a bit app phobic after a white noise app. crashed my phone in a major way. I have actually bought, but not yet downloaded, the app that goes with the software I’m using for my nutrition study. I think it’s the instant gratification of seeing favourable numbers on a day to day basis that makes me love food software.

  6. Good for you ..there is hope. I’m interested in the “automated brekkie / lunch”. I need to make it super simple because I’ve gone from losing to maintaining to gaining.

  7. Good! You sound a lot more upbeat! It’s a good feel to have that sense of control (relaxed control?) back. I think automating breakfast and lunch is the way to go. Now I am trying to automate some of my weeknight dinners, too, by just having tilapia and some steamed vegetables. There are still a lot of meals left for getting in variety and treats.

    What is your username on myfitnesspal? I’ll “friend” you, since I’m also trying to track.

  8. At the risk of sounding like a shill, isn’t MyFitnessPal the best app ever? I’ve been using it this summer and it’s kind of changed my life. I thought I was eating well and working out, but MFP’s no-nonsense interface made me realize how many more calories I was taking in than I was burning. I’m actually losing weight. It gives just enough information to be useful (the database is so complete!). Anyway, glad to hear it’s working for you, too.Β 

  9. Go Team Shauna!

    Hey! It’s your half-namesake checking in on her favorite author/blogger/superheroine!

    I’ve totally been getting my miles in wogging (walk/jogging) and have my THIRD race coming up September 1st. Meanwhile, in another part of the universe, I finally took my first live Zumba class. WHY-DID-I-WAIT-SO-LONG? OMG!

    Anyway, just wanted to say “Hey!” and let you know I was thinking of you!

    Long Beach, CA

  10. Hi Shauna. I read your book a few months ago after browsing for inspirational weighloss books. It was this that led me to your blog where I realised there were other archived posts that were really interesting and useful to me. I have literally just finished reading your entire archive and have loved every minute of it. My boyfriend on the other hand feels like he’s been single for a few weeks and my to do list just got longer! Now I finally have ‘life after blog’ back I felt compelled to comment just to say thank you for the inspiration. So many of your posts resonated with where my head space is at the minute and it is interesting to see how you coped/cope with hurdles etc as well as laughing out loud at some of them! You have a great comic writing style. Some of your most motivating posts have been the ones that you say you wrote quickly/didn’t edit too much etc. Please please please don’t stop writing the unedited/emotional posts, they are probably the most insightful to both yourself and readers like me; there is always the delete button for the idiots who criticise and write crappy comments! Anyway, thank you for the many weightloss strategies and idea’s I have nicked from your book/blog, the inspiration, motivation and for the sheer entertainment of your posts.

  11. thank you for your comments folks!

    @Learningtolove – wow πŸ™‚ thank you very much and dude those archives must have taken ages! I really appreciate your kind words!

    @flora – it is indeed a goodun, just very uncluttered! and of course, the barcode scanner πŸ˜‰

    @Shauntay – OMG so glad you liked Zumba! and top work on your races!

    PJ Geek – basically i have pretty much the same brekkie (yogurt/oats/fruit/seeds or nuts or blob of nut butter) & same lunch (salad) – I switch around the fruit or the nuts or the kinds of veggies/protein/salad dressing but by simpifying those two meals there’s less decisions to be made! the key is to make em TASTY so you look fwd to em! πŸ™‚

  12. Love the piccy of the raspberries! like cheezles but yummier. want to go back to scotland to get the tasty raspberries…

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