Winners of the Up & Running Fall 2012 course giveaway

The mighty Random Number Generator has declared the following winners in the Up & Running Fall giveaway…

  • #72 – Leigh
  • #5 – Natasha
  • #69 – Anne
  • #41 – Japple
  • #10 – Super Sarah
  • #111 – Annika
  • #49 – KateC

Congratulations folks… check your email soon for a message with all the lowdown.

If you missed out this time around why not join us next week? The 5K Course starts next Monday 3 September and the 10K Thursday 6 September – we'd be dead chuffed to meet you at the starting line! Just think eight weeks from now you could have the smug and wholesome glow of a triumphant 5k or 10k runner… ahhhhh 🙂

5 thoughts on “Winners of the Up & Running Fall 2012 course giveaway

  1. Mum is really looking forward to it. I think I’m booked for gear shopping tomorrow…. She was funny. She looked at your pics, kind of brushed you aside as a ‘youngie’ and started with the quizzing: ‘How old is the other instructor, do you think she’s as old as me? Do people as old as me do “this sort of thing, really?”. Sigh.

  2. Congrats to the winners – and if you were interested but didn’t win then think hard about just signing up anyway!! Such a great course and community, and such a brilliant achievement when you get to the end of the course.
    Do it do it do it!!

  3. Hi Shauna! One of the things I like the most about your blog is its focus on intuitive eating, being in touch with your body, and having a healthy mindset. Could I ask you to update your ‘resources’ section to reflect this? I haven’t found many great blogs that talk about that and at the moment all of the websites you list talk about exercise or food in themselves, but not the greater integrated mentality we should be striving for behind it.

    Thank you so much!

  4. Hiya Lara, great idea, that page is in need of an update!

    I’ve not explored much in terms of websites – most of the reading I’ve done and useful info I’ve found has been from books so far – here’s some of the ones that have been helpful:

    Aside from that here are some of my friends that blog on this kind of thing:

    I’ve read a couple more good books lately so I’ll need to write about those soon too 🙂

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