Friday Link Feast #19

Classic Aussie teatowel sent over by The Mothership

Classic Aussie teatowel sent over by The Mothership

I’ve been storing these up for months like a squirrel so let’s go!

I wanted to say a huge thanks for all you comments on the Self Acceptance call for questions, they were so helpful! What a mind cruncher of a topic, eh? We should talk about the crazy stuff more often.

8 thoughts on “Friday Link Feast #19

  1. Wow. I just pinned that Henry Rollins essay. On my “inspiration” board, not the fitness once, ’cause that puppy is DEEP and widely applicable.

    I just started doing weights this summer (for physical therapy to FINALLY deal with my shoulder issues), and tho’ it’s making the scale less useful (’cause I weigh a LOT for me ’cause I actually have muscles), I am really starting to enjoy the differences I’m feeling, inside and out. I have a new line between my bicep & shoulder that I dearly love. =) And when I put my hands on my waist, I feel so much more SOLID, it’s kind of amazing.

    And I love the last line of that essay.

    Thanks so much!!!

  2. Thanks for the link to the “stop being so mean to yourself” article.

    There are some very vocal people in the weight-o-sphere who believe in tough love. Their approach is to shame and blame (i.e. “Stop stuffing your piehole you fat, lazy slob. If you only ate less and moved more you wouldn’t look like a cow.”) and openly mock those who admit that they are not constantly exercising, monitoring every morsel that passes their lips and actually sometimes eat foods that are not “clean” according to the shamers and blamers’ exacting standards.

    I find this hatefulness distasteful (pardon the pun) and counter-productive for the vast majority of people. Just my opinion.

  3. Thanks for including me in such good company Shauna. I’ve particularly enjoyed Helen Jane’s Internet related ailment relief – much as I enjoy it all this social media is an incredible brain drain.

    The chooks say “Bok”, and “yes, we know we are the cutest”.

  4. Oh my goodnes – thank you so much for introducing me to the wonder that is “Sas’ Magical Mystery Tour” – it’s just … well … magical! As a fellow peep who has figured out the mechanics of losing weight but nowhere even close to the vagaries of a mindset required to keep me there, I love reading about the happiness / fulfilment side of life, rather than more recipes for kale chips or whatever the hell is fashionable this week. Much love for you as always! Sue

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