Meeting Old School Bloggers And Their Cats Tour

Hello! I’ve been in North Carolina for the past few days with my longtime blog pal Denise on a wee Meeting Old School Bloggers And Their Cats Tour (Jennette, Lori and Marla) before we head to the Fitbloggin conference tomorrow. It has been bloody awesome but the jetlag has turned me into a jibbering fool so will just leave you temporarily with this pic of a cute little Venus fly trap from the botanical gardens today. I was so excited as I’d not seen one before and called Gareth later to share my joy but he was all, “yeah I’ve seen them at Dobbie’s Garden Centre” or somewhere, like it was no big deal. Pfffft!


7 thoughts on “Meeting Old School Bloggers And Their Cats Tour

  1. Mhahahha Dobbie’s Garden Centre. Full of whirligigs and vicious exploding pomplebats.

    Hope meeting internet people in real life is not too bizarre!! Bonnes vacances xxx

  2. Hi Shauna! Off topic, but I really have to ask as I feel like a starving jackass right now.. How on earth did you keep out the days when you were starving?? Or at least when it felt like it… I have FOOOOOOOOD on my brain. You know, the place where I think it should have been carrots and work out-thoughts. Bah.

    • Hi Anne-Kari, if I am genuinely hungry, not emotionally hungry (bored, tired, cranky), I just eat something! This is the only way to go πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for answering!
        I think I’m hungry because I think of food 24/7 right now.. πŸ˜‰
        Have a nice weekend!

  3. The first plant (hm, actually ONLY plant) I bought while in college was a wee tiny venus fly trap. SO cute. And I was SO proud the day it caught it’s first TEENY, tiny fruit fly. =) I love those things.

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