Monthly Check In: August 2012

Time for another monthly update on my 2012 plans.

This is how I feel whenever I try to put my thoughts into words lately:

I still miss The Far Side.

I still miss The Far Side.

In a nutshell August was a cracker. Any month that includes meeting the rockin’ Jamie from Cranky Fitness for cake has to be goodun!

As per July, I work work worked on the structured mindfulness dealie. It’s turning out to be as I’d thought in January:

I think it’s just going to take practice. Everything I’ve read about emotional eating – from people as diverse as Geneen Roth to Jillan Michaels – all say in one way or another that eating mindfully is a habit that you have to keep working on. It takes practice to sit with crappy emotions instead of chomping them into oblivion. So I’m going to keep practicing…

Exercise and eating have been good. Slow weight loss (averaging half to one pound per week for the past 5 weeks) and consistent movement. The gentle life overhaul continues!

I dunno quite how it happened this past six weeks… I guess I realised that while nothing has been wrong compared to the shitstorm of 2011, things have been fine and okay and it dawned on me that I want more than that. It’s a hoot to admit but the Olympics were a big catalyst. Olympians and Paralympians are not people who settle for fine and okay, are they?

So I’ve been thinking about what needs work then actually doing the work, which makes a pleasant change from just letting life happen.

From spring cleaning to taking control of my finances to getting up earlier to spending more time with Gareth instead of working too much, lots of small changes are adding up to a sense of calm and purpose. And more I carry on with the changes, the less need I feel to overeat. Suddenly I want to do all this healthy stuff, instead of thinking I should. Very big distinction.

I’ve realised I’m one of these people who needs a clear long-term vision combined with short-term goals, otherwise I drift and fall back into the self-destructive patterns. I’m determined to stop tuning out of my own life. Party on!

(Apologies to my Up & Running alumni forum comrades for already being subjected to a draft version of this post! i love you!)

22 thoughts on “Monthly Check In: August 2012

  1. Shauna, I loved this. Funny how we are pretty much doing the same thing right now. I, too, am working on mindfulness and some purpose in life. Though I will say that 2012 has been rather shitty with a major injury, surgery et al plus other catastrophies like a broken toe, different types of chaoses etc.

    I keep to myself, but know that you’re not alone in this 🙂

  2. I think I’m in much the same place as you right now. I’ve been thinking a lot about doing things with intention and about what I really want my life to look like.

  3. Very inspirational! A violin teacher (first lesson in _years_) reminded me today that it’s easier to learn new habits with which to replace old bad ones than it is to unlearn those bad habits. Sounds like you’re putting that advice into practice – and I think I should, too…

  4. Yay for partying on!! Aim high, darl!
    BTW b/c it IS all about me, I wrote the phrase ‘sugar-based stress management strategy’ in my blog the other day and I SUDDENLY REALISED what I’ve been doing to myself for the last 3 years. Doh. Amazing how we get these lightbulb momnets

  5. 1. Really, really great stuff. So proud of you, and your laying it all out makes it so helpful to anyone else who feels stuck in whatever rut they’re spinning in. I super appreciate your sharing it.
    2. I actually told a friend (who is becoming a tax advisor) in a meeting (about taxes, natch) “my brain is full.” And that was the end of the meeting. But, it WAS! 2 hours of tax info and BOING!! all additional data bounces off my over-stuffed brain.
    3. short and long term goals. Thinking that is the TICKET. Am adopting a small red notebook as my pal, so may craft some of those tomorrow & scribe them therein. =) And refer back to, frequently. Looking forward to all your updates!

  6. You’re a rockstar Shauna! I’m so happy to read about you getting on the path to the things you want. *hugs*

  7. I think most people achieve more and are generally more satisfied when they have both vision and goals. Go, you!

    Ooh, I just remembered – I had a long and detailed dream about visiting you and Gareth (and un-named assorted relatives) last night. You lived in a castle with an amazing view and I came to stay. It was a hoot! 🙂


  8. @Kek oh MAN i hope that dream comes true!

    @LBTEPA – can relate to ‘sugar-based stress management strategy’… very cool to have that lightbulb!

    thank you for your comments folks… hope you have a goood weekend!

  9. Wheeee! So pleased for you! Amazing the knock-on effect a tidy shelf and counted pennies can have on the rest of your life. A wise friend said the other day, “you have to work on your mental health” and I think you are both right. xxx

  10. Really interesting Shauna. Like you, I lost a good deal of weight, like you, I gained some back and now like you I am investigating the mindfulness stuff. My weight/eating issues go paired with some other lovely issues (don’t they always!) – complex post traumatic stress disorder, so on Monday I start a shrink-ordered Emotional Regulation Course. I am very curious to see how this impacts my eating habits because the same course is prescribed for those with eating disorders.

  11. It’s a process, isn’t it? A whole heap of little changes, lots of steps forward, a few steps back, but an overall shift into positivity.
    Big huggerbugs! Skype?

  12. Hey Shauna – I just came across your blog and I am loving what you have to say and the superhero vibe. 🙂 I like the point about making better choices because you truly want to and not because you think you should. Geneen Roth always says that’s the way to bring about real, lasting change.

  13. Loved reading your monthly check in. The days tick away. The little bits add up, whether they are positive bits or negative bits. So good to hear your bits are positive!

  14. I feel like I am in the exact same place. I know all the things I should do, but it is a lot easier when the should becomes want. I am finding that just taking the tiniest of steps can create the momentum necessary to make more good decisions. For instance, I have been telling myself I should go to hot yoga. I get amazing benefits and it makes me feel really good which you would think would be enough of a reason. Yet I was still finding excuses not to go. I then decided just to go to the gym to do 30 minutes of cardio a few times because it is a lot easier than 90 of hot yoga. Once I did that, the following week I actually wanted to go to yoga.

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