Show me the Monet

Last year at Fitbloggin I thought to myself, I must get more organised with this blogging caper. Get myself an “editorial calendar” and schedule posts in advance like the pros, so there’s no tumbleweeds every time I skip town for a few days. But here we are sixteen months later and I’m more slackarse than ever!

Speaking of professional blogging, whenever I see the word monetizing I always think of the legendary Impressionist. Monetize your blog, yo! Add some brushstrokey lillies and watch the dough roll in!


Yesterday on the train ride to Baltimore I was fretting about our Self Acceptance and Weight Loss discussion. All these fears and disclaimers were running round in my head:

…. is there time to get a t-shirt printed that said Yes I’m Fat But I’m Feeling Good About Myself And Actually Losing Weight In A Slow And Mindful Way, Thanks.

… also, I don’t know what to wear.

… to be honest, I should have just stayed at home.

… who’s dumbarse idea was this?

Then of course I worried about having so many non-self-accepty thoughts. Who am I to faciliate a discussion on this topic?

But I finally remembered that this freaking out cycle always happens before any public event. Accepting that made it easier to sit back and let the emotions run riot for awhile, then get back in the present.

Susan Ito of Food Food Body Body fame did a brilliant performance piece last night that included her own freakout about coming to Fitbloggin a few pounds heavier than last year. She too had contemplated not coming. I got all choked up thinking about how common these feelings are; how we feel like we’re not good enough the way we are. These feelings and fears can be genuinely paralysing. Which makes it all the sweeter that so many wonderful people find the courage to show up anyway. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being real, Susan said.

Here’s to showing up in all our imperfect glory and havin’ a good time!

34 thoughts on “Show me the Monet

  1. As usual, you’ve said everything I wanted to say so much more eloquently than I could so I’ll just say that I love your blog post and you as well.

  2. Amen to that, and have fun! Site looks nice and clean by the way. I normally read through RSS but now I stopped by because I’ve been getting the same posts through the Two Fit Chicks feed as well (…?…) which reminds me: any plans to do more podcasts?

    • Hi Tuuli, not at present, we’re a little time stretched sadly πŸ™ sorry about the rss thing too, I can’t figure out why it’s happening!

  3. Thank you for sharing your feelings! We do all feel that way at times. I love how you recognized them for what they were, accepted them, let the feelings go through you, and let them go. You could not have done that if you were stuffing them down with food. Hope you enjoy your time in Baltimore. I’m so jealous! I think I need to make it a goal to go to Fitbloggin next year. It sounds like such fun.

  4. Not sure of the time difference, so you may have already spoken, but I bet you’ll be fabulous.

    I’m certainly enjoying the twitter feed and photos and have Fitbloggin’ envy. Perhaps next year (if I can monetize my blog!!!! hee hee) I can head there from Oz.


  5. what a funny thing it is when no matter how long I stay away, you post how I am feeling, my thoughts, my frustrations. Love to you and I am sure you will do great! Jen

  6. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who feels the same before speaking in front of groups. I’ve been on occasion so paralyzed by fear of being judged that we’ve missed out on a lot of good opportunities, meeting new people and interesting experiences. I try not to listen to my fear-monster who feeds on negative feelings, but sometimes it gets the best of me. Wish I could have been at the session… the conference sounds like fun!

    • Nikki you hit the nail on the head. Especially the friendships/connections you miss out on if you don’t have the courage to show up to these things. I learned that lesson bigtime this weekend πŸ™‚

  7. As usual, you knocked it out of the park with this post.

    I just got home…and Mara is now on her way back to P-Town. I was telling Tim about Fitbloggin and was blathering on and on about a lot of the surface stuff. Then I got to talking about our session and Tara & Meegan’s session and I just welled up because it was SO SO powerful and typing that doesn’t do it justice. I am so honored that I got to sit next to you two years in a row and help promote a discussion that is so so important…we ARE living our truths. We are being real and it feels good, doesn’t it? Love love love you!

    • Oh Karen… You’ve got me blubbing again. Yes finally living my truth. A true joy (and a great giggle) to hang out with you. I can’t believe my luck πŸ™‚

  8. I re-read this after arriving home because it was exactly how I felt prior to Fitbloggin but after I have to laugh at myself. All the fears and worries were far from the truth.

    And now you will know exactly what to wear in Portland.
    So wonderful to spend the weekend chatting.

  9. Great post! I got weepy reading the part about “its not about being perfect…”
    I’m working on the loving myself regardless of the number on the scale. I think you are just a doll Shauna and I hope to get to meet you in person someday soon!

  10. Um. O.K. I think the same thing when I see the word “monetize”. I thought it was just me!

    Fitbloggin’ was great again this year, and I especially loved the self-acceptance discussion. Thank you for facilitating!

  11. Been reading through your archives and feeling like a stalker but have to say I’m enjoying your blog. I only had around five stone to lose at the start, lost it then put back one and a half. Reading your bog gave me the inspiration to start my own and it’s really helped keep me on track and start to get back to where I want to be. Got to agree about the professional blogging thing though, it’s not about making money it’s about motivating me and anyone else who happens to pop in for a read. Long may you continue to share πŸ™‚

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