Friday Link Feast #20

This weekend I’m hanging out with The Mothership! She’s been pootling around Europe these past few weeks enjoying her retirement, and now we’re meeting up to exchange Cherry Ripes for iPad lessons before she heads back to Australia.

Here is some Friday arvo reading for you. In the parlance of my mother, may your weekend be a little ripper!

  • I wrote about my North Carolina blogger-meeting adventure. I wish I were nimble enough to rob a bank so I could spend the rest of my days visiting every corner of the USA.
  • Pink of Perfection: Against Reflection
    Sarah is on my all-time favourite blogger list and this post – reflections on not reflecting – is just beautiful.
  • Brooklyn Active Mama: That One Time I Cried at Zumba
    “First let me say Fitbloggin is a trap. I thought I was going to come here and learn about weight loss, meet some bloggy crushes and workout! I did that. But I also did so much more.” – Nellie’s post is a fab example of how crazy emotional and lifechanging Fitbloggin can be.
  • Mostly Eating: Simple spinach, cottage cheese and oat pancakes
    Remember those blueberry pancakes I posted earlier this year? Sophie has turned them up to eleven, savoury style. I am thinking pancakes for dinner.
  • Sas’ Magical Mystery Tour: Purge
    “… opening my wardrobe to find a load of clothes that are too big for me, was beginning to feel like I was waiting for this to end. For the time when I return to the place of unconsciously unloving myself.”
  • William McInnes: Remembering Sarah Watt
    “I miss having someone to argue with, miss having someone to tell me to pull my head in. Miss having someone to be the filter for my early-morning opinions. This happens in all relationships. You know, the person through which you run some mad thought or opinion, some stupid idea that you think is clever. Over a morning coffee or tea, lying next to each other, you let rip with some idiocy and she would say, ‘I think you should just leave that one inside the house.'”
  • Susannah Conway: The Permission Slip
    “You are allowed to unfollow the people who make you feel bad,
    the ones who curate their lives like interior design magazines,
    whose day never seems to be filled with the
    dirty dishes of your reality.”

12 thoughts on “Friday Link Feast #20

  1. That piece by William McInnes made me cry. I have “Worse Things Happen at Sea” and it’s such a lovely, warm, rambling kind of book. More blokes should express their feelings that way.

  2. I love the permission slip – I am so bad at keeping blogs in my reader that just make me feel bad. I’ve been trying to remember to delete them rather than either scrolling through just to ‘read’ them or worse still reading them and agonising over everything in my life that doesn’t quite measure up!

  3. Have a lovely time with your mum and try not to let it bother you that I’m silently seething with jealousy over your trip. (I want to go away again!!!)

  4. Such beautiful recipes on Sarah’s blog. I’ll be trying lots of them! That William McInnes article is really beautiful. Thanks.

  5. You must let me know if you EVER make it to the West Coast of these United States. Will travel to see you speak, read, whatev!

  6. Can’t wait to check all these out, Shauna, and especially to make those savoury pancakes! We’d love to see you if you ever make it to Michigan! <3

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