Monthly Check In: September 2012

We’re 75% done with 2012. Time for another monthly plan update.

First of all I must report that I spoke too soon about the laundered Fitbit. It is officially deceased now.

. . .

In case the hyperactive witterings didn’t give it away, September was ace. On the lard busting front, I was happy with how I did in the USA and ended up maintaining on the scale machine. As per the recent travel pattern, the days were so full of grooviness that I didn’t really think about food.

I did guzzle vats of iced coffee, however. Now back here in Scotland, a sultry 8°C/46°F, it seems hilarious that anyone would ever get the urge to put ice cubes in coffee.


. . .

Now here we are at half-October and I’m getting back in the groove after an extremely shoddy start to the month that involved excessive amounts of chocolate. I could say, “I don’t know what came over me” but I know exactly what happened and I was even aware of it as I was doing it.

After feeling shitty and sugar hungover and doomed for a few days I got re-organised. I find the week after travel to be the danger time. You’re back to reality, you’re tired, there’s no food in the cupboard; your suitcase has vomited its contents all over the bedroom floor.

Now I’m back to my usual routine. What else can you do but get up and crack on with it? I’ve been walking. I made a big thing of wholesome soup. I did some pretend kickboxing with Jillian Michaels. I caught up on the washing (no gadgets were harmed this time).

I choose to kick arse for the remainder of the month. Stay tuned!

. . .

Finally, about these Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Cocoa Nibs. They’re so crunchy and earthy tasting and come in a dinky little tin that’s fun to rattle. The hinged lid is very satisfying to flip on and off. I feel like an eccentric old lady. My pills! I need my pills!

Anyway, it hilariously says on the tin, 1 Calorie Per Piece. I wonder if anyone ever says, “Oh just one for me, thanks”. They are the size of a mouse dropping. Or maybe a rat? Or a Tic Tac, let’s be classy.

I bought three tins on my travels. Since I don’t live in the USA I’d planned to ration them out, one dropping at time for the next few years*. But thanks to these past choctastic weeks there’s only one left.  Let’s see how long I can stretch it out!

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Nibs

This pic was my 2011 stock. It didn’t last very long either!

* Not really.

27 thoughts on “Monthly Check In: September 2012

  1. I love Trader Joe’s. I wish we had them in the UK! Might have to get my lovely BF to send me some of those Cocoa Nibs in the next ‘care package’ (care= stuff I miss from my visits to the states!)

  2. WHY OH WHY did you tell me about these? Trader Joe’s is altogether too close to my house, I don’t have to cross a huge pond to get there or anything, and chocolate is….well…..chocolate. Only one calorie per dropping???? Well that’s practically nothing! And dark chocolate is good for you right? RIGHT???

  3. Yes, let us know if you’d like some more cacao nibs!
    I haven’t tried them, sadly. I will have to remedy that!

      • Woops. Shouldn’t have written cacao nibs…that’s something else. But you knew what I meant! Def going to pick some up. I can have the whole tin for less calories than one serving of the hazelnut chocolate cookies I picked up from there that are burning a hole in my pantry!!

  4. Oh lord, I will be in CA in three weeks visiting my old haunts, and…. I know where all the TJs are. Now I have another reason to play the “how much snack food can I fit in my bag” game! (life’s hard, I know) At least they’ll make excellent bribes for the people in the rows ahead and behind us on the plane…

    Which reminds me: Must Buy Multipacks of Earplugs 😀

    • Ack! And I should specify that plane people might need bribing and earplugs because we are travelling with a toddler! My own lovely noisy one! It’s not that I shout and sing and dance on planes, really (except to entertain the toddler)

    • hehehe I love the “how much snack food can I fit in my bag” game! The TJ’s wasabi seaweed snacks are ace too, and very low calorie 😉

  5. I bought those once and they lasted a few days, tops. I am about an hour away from the nearest TJs.

    It’s good to see you doing so well!

  6. Rat droppings…because being classy is overrated. 😉

    Put chocolate anywhere near me, and it will be in my tummy within an hour. I admire the fact that you still have a tin left! 😛

  7. Ooh TJ’S! There’s one around the corner and I’m there three times a week (I find it hard to live without sea salt brownie petites!) You now have an American source to get your nib fix. 🙂

  8. The words “ration” and “chocolate” are both English words, and go in a sentence together, but, to me, they don’t make sense. Syntax error.
    If I like it, I buy it, I eat it.
    If I don’t want to eat all of it, I don’t buy it.
    Might sound silly but that’s the way it works in Cilla-ville.
    It is the same with Pickled onions. A large jar can’t last 48 hours in my vicinity. Ditto chips.

  9. Related to your fitbit VS the washing machine post. My tip is to check your pockets when you take clothes off and then turn them inside out. That way you know that you’ve checked the pockets as you load them into the washing machine.

    • Turning them inside out in advance! That’s a genius idea! That should take care of my crumbled tissue issue! Cheers Jess 🙂

      Sadly the Fitbit was clipped the waistband of some pocketless trackies that were the same colour as the Fitbit so I didn’t see it, d’oh!

  10. Just to say – I flippin’ love you, in a full-on-appreciation-of-your-writing type way. I hereby invent the word ‘womance’ to describe it. May you blog for ever and ever. Rachel

  11. I am saddened by the triumph of the washing machine over the fitbit. I am sure to do that to mine at some point, and you had given me hope that it wouldn’t be fatal!
    I am salivating at the idea of those cocoa nibs. And I love that you are cracking on and kicking arse.

  12. you are so funny, Shauna. I always smile when I visit your blog. the travel “afters” suck–I totally understand. Dark chocolate gives me a migraine. so does wine. I know, I know. It’s such a tragedy. thankfully vodka & tequila I do just fine with.

    I love iced lattes, even in winter. you all don’t do ice much, do you? when I was in college & travelled to the UK with a group from school, we were dying for ice in our drinks (very warm June that year). during one meal, the tour guide came around the table, all excited because he had ice for us. we each got ONE ice cube. hilarious.

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