DVD Dust-Off: Week 1

Arrgh! The first week of the DVD Dust-Off was eight days long. I was away for much of it and forgot to pack any discs. So I did a lot of walking then played catchup today.

Jillian Michaels Kickbox FastFix1. Kickbox FastFix by Jillian Michaels (2012)

  • Description: 3 twenty minute kickboxing-inspired workouts in a circuit style that will be familiar to fans of JM’s DVDs.
  • Duration: 20 mins per workout.
  • What I did: Workout 1, which has an upper body emphasis.
  • Equipment: one set of dumbells (I used 4kg)
  • Pros: Short but highly effective workout, brief intervals so you never have to do the same thing for long, minimal space and equipment required, easily modified for a dodgy knee, some resistance work thrown in. If you’re new to kickboxing watch Jillian’s tutorial first as she does not really pause to explain the moves in the actual workout.
  • Cons: Occasionally squeally background exercisers.
  • Further reading: Detailed breakdown of workouts on this Amazon review.
  • Ideal for: time-strapped BodyCombat fans.
  • Verdict: KEEP

 Stretch Max by Cathe Friedrich2. Stretch Max by Cathe Friedrich (2005)

  • Description: 3 twenty minute athletic and yoga-based stretch routines
  • Duration: 20 mins per workout
  • What I did: Workout 3, resistance band
  • Equipment: nothing for Workout 1, stability ball for Workout 2, resistance band for Workout 3
  • Pros: Short workouts providing a good solid stretch, poses held long enough to do the job, and it’s kinda fun wielding the resistance band.
  • Cons: If you’re hardcore about proper yoga terminology and moves you probably wouldn’t like this one.
  • Further reading: Lots of reviews on Collage Video.
  • Ideal for: popping on after a cardio session for an extended stretch/cool-down.
  • Verdict: KEEP

Element Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners3. Element: Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners by Brook Siler (2008)

  • Description: Pilates workout combining standing and mat work.
  • Duration: 48 mins divided into two chapters consisting of 15 mins standing and 33 minutes floor work.
  • What I did: The whole shebang.
  • Equipment: A yoga mat or friendly floor.
  • Pros: I bought this DVD because the lady has red hair and looks a bit like Julianne Moore. She is very elegant so you can let envy fuel your workout. Her clear, calm instructions are delivered via voiceover. I like the variety of classic moves like the Hundred and roll up. I got a thorough Pilates workout and my abs were talking the next day.
  • Cons: Stupid title. I hate when they stick “Weight Loss” on there to make people buy it. I also dispute the Beginners label. I’ve done lots of classes so I understood the concepts
  • Further reading: Watch a snippet on YouTube.
  • Ideal for: those who’ve done a bit of Pilates before and want a good home alternative.
  • Verdict: KEEP
The overall theme of Week 1: Why did ever stop doing these ones? They’re fab. I’ll be getting stuck into some weight training titles for Week 2.

22 thoughts on “DVD Dust-Off: Week 1

  1. At this rate you’ll not make any dents in your collection!

    I’ve managed half of my favourite yoga tape and some of “strictly come dancing the workout” quite fun!

      • Hahah!! That is actually really good!! And realistic, too. My old perfectionist self would probably say one a day, but that’s waaaaaaaaay too much. With work, kids, husband, cat, home etc I absolutely know what you mean about only so much time (and energy) in the day!!

  2. I think we should get to vote on whether you keep the video or not, LOL!

    I love that you bought the last one because the woman looks kind of like Julianne Moore.

  3. Hahah!! Keepers, huh?? At least you are rediscovering them, which is great!! 🙂 You are doing great, though – I haven’t really started. Did a DVD yesterday and it was a new one *hopelesscase*
    Look forward to hearing more reviews!

  4. Woohoo, I am now asking for the Jillian Michaels Kickbox Fastfix for Christmas! 🙂 Sounds awesome! Love Combat but with 7 month old twins its a bit hard to get to the gym.
    P.S. You are a massive inspiration to me, Shauna, I am reading your book for probably the 6th time to give me the boost I need to get back on the weightloss/fitness wagon and continue getting out of life in the fat lane….40 kilos down, 20 to go!

    • holy moly Heather, well done on all your hard work! Can’t imagine how hard it must be to fit everything in with 7 mo twins! Thank you for reading the book 🙂

  5. This is fab Shauna – it’s briliant of you to do the hard work of sifting through all those DVDs so that we don’t have to.

    I’d like to get one or two for Winter workouts but the sheer number on the market just makes me want to sit on the sofa with a cup of tea instead. I’ll have no excuse now 🙂

    It would also be great to know if you need a living room the size of a gym for any of them. They never tell you about that on the box but I remember a particularly problematic Rosemary Conley and Lionel Ritchie combination from the early 90s …

    • Rosemary Conley and Lionel Ritchie!!! That sounds like a collectors item!

      Good point about the space required, I’ll include that in future reviews! For these ones, both the Cathe and Pilates only require the same kind of space that a yoga mat takes up. Most of the Jillian moves are kind of “on the spot” in a fighter’s stance, but there is one cardio drill called suicides where you need a few metres either side to run back and forth. I only have about 3 metres and it works okay! 🙂

  6. This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I *love* my current dvds but am experiencing a bit of burn out. And I feel I’ve hit a plateau (and the emotional eating doesn’t help any). Thanks for the recommends.

    And if you’re looking for any new ones to try out, may I suggest Beachbody’s Slim in 6 series with Debbie Siebers. I don’t think they are very challenging but I always worked up a sweat & saw changes in my body shape. (BTW, I got them at the library.)

  7. Worked out yesterday at home via jumping/jogging cleaning & then some “dancer’s legs” series of exercises (probably something from pinterest), all to my tunes, in LARGE part due to your at-home workout stalwart behavior! 40 minutes later I was DONE.

    So, thanks, chica. Now, to fit in another such event today PLUS make a pumpkin pie AND work and shower and change and meet folks for Game Night. Yow!


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