Friday Link Feast #21

I was laying on my back in yoga on Wednesday night, transfixed by the Scream-like knots and swirls in the pine beams above, when I realised I’ve been going to the class for a whole year! Hooray for consistency in at least one facet of my life! I’m not sure my bendiness has improved that much but it’s been amazing for the brain.

I’m still dealing with the Yoga Snorkel situation though. I also need to buy a less voluminous top as I keep getting smothered by fabric in any sort of upside-downish position. Can I ask what you yoga folks out there wear? Do you just buy something that’s relatively tight-fitting? I’m not keen on sleeveless (it’s too cold and I’m too lumpen) and I don’t like fabrics that are too unnatural. Fusspot much?

Anyway, on with the linkage!

Zygocactus shadow on the living room wall. Just about to bloom!

Rather menacing zygocactus shadow on the living room wall. Just about to bloom!

The Good People Making Groovy Things edition

  • Sara has created a stunning graphic novel called Magpies. She’s just launched an Indiegogo campaign for the print edition. It’s hard to put into words how much I loved the beauty, intensity and intimacy of this book, so why not have a gander at the trailer and the incredible process of its creation.
  • Kathryn and Lucy have launched a swanky new edition of An Honest Kitchen magazine and it’s all about seasonal desserts. These ladies know how to make healthy food taste good.
  • Sara at Fit to Blog has started a Festive Fitness Focus challenge for bloggers looking for some support and drive as we head to the crazy end of 2012. Go team!
  • Philippa has started Book Ends: a podcast for writers and book lovers. So far she’s chatted to Lisa Jewell and one my favourite authors Nikki Gemmell. Fabbo!

18 thoughts on “Friday Link Feast #21

  1. I don’t know if I qualify as a yoga person, but I do prefer sleeveless stretchy tanks of artificial fabrics, so I’m not much help there! I find that sleeves tend to restrict my movements, and I sweat so the tech fabrics are a boon.

    I bet you could find some nice stretchy tops with coverage– that way, the fabric’s not getting in your way.

  2. I was thinking the same thing this week whilst downward dog by a mirror and nearly fell over whilst trying to recover up my tum , the pensioner beside me wore a running top that didn’t move an inch .

    Me I’m going tight top next week I find at zumba it inspires me to hold the tummy in if you can see it wobble.

  3. Not sure if you can get them, but these tops by Champion are THE BEST!

    They have a short sleeve and a V-neck and a little shape, but they are fitted enough that they don’t flip over when you go upside down in yoga. (I always wondered why people in yoga ads always wore tank tops; I thought it was affectation but later realized it was practicality because a baggy T-shirt doesn’t work).

    Congrats on a year with yoga. The benefits are tremendous. Yoga 4 Life!

  4. Thanks for linking me up! I got totally distracted by Magpies though, while investigating where all these blog hits were coming from.. that’s pretty amazing stuff.

  5. Happy Yogaversary!

    Can you double-up on the toppage? Wear a tight-fitting tank under a looser fitting t-shirt? You’d feel comfortable in your tee and when you have to be upside-down, you could be confident that nobody behind you would be blinded by exposure of glaringly white skin.

  6. I can understand wanting to be covered because of rolls and lumps. I need both a bit of looseness for the belly rolls and sleeves as I’m ashamed of my armey stretchmarks. Tried all sorts of yoga tops, even the infamous Lululemon, but nothing did the trick. I looked like a stuffed sausage.

    This is going to sound weird, maybe a little creepy, but I actually bought a maternity top! My BFF was preggers and we happened to be clothes shopping for her. The top looks somewhat like this one:
    I made sure to do a Sun Salutation in the changing room to make sure it kept all my jiggly bits under wraps. Fortunately it did. The length and the gathering seems to do the trick for me. Give it a go 🙂

  7. Happy anniversary! Seems that you have found something that you like and that fits with you “dodgy” knee.

    No suggestions for the snorkel problem though. I still wear my ballet outfit (leotard with long arms, shirt as second layer) to all classes. Keeps me warm in all positions but most people I know would feel very uncomfortable in it.

  8. Oh! I am swooning at getting to see Magpies – thanks so much for linking to it Shauna! Off to check out the other links too…

  9. My workout shirts used to be real clothes shirts. They are short sleeved, V neck, very fitted and a longer cut. So they stay put when I am upside down.

    They are cotton and soak up the sweat. I would rather have the sweat soaked up than run into my face and down my limbs.

    I change into dry shirt at the end of each class. So I keep a dry one in my yoga bag. I also change into dry socks at the end of any classes where I wear shoes.

    I have no mirror sensitivity NOW. But once upon a time I did. I wore similar shirts then, and just stopped looking at myself in the mirror THAT WAY. I switched to looking at my posture and positioning and retrained my brain. That was a long process.

    I wear very fitted yoga pants, shorts or capris to my classes. I found ones with strong tummy control which keeps them in place no matter my position.

    I have always worn very fitted exercise bottoms with as little stretch as possible.

  10. Thank you very much everyone! Such great suggestions, cheers! I always find good tops so much harder to find than the trousers. Off to the shops 🙂

  11. Primark does these cotton streeeetch tops as vests, t-shirts or longsleeved. And they come in multitude of colours. I think they are just called Basic. And they are like £1.50 – £3.00. Sorted!

  12. Congrats on the yoga anniversary! I’d like to get into it, but it seems intimidating at the moment. Anyway, I’ve been reading your blog for months and wanted to let you know how much it helped me (especially at the beginning of my weight loss journey about six months ago). Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I use a tight athletic type top (with built in boobie support) then cover it with a zip up top. That seems to work and doesn’t flop over my face. Really though, there are a lot of larger ladies in my class and nobody looks. Everyone is too busy with their own pain.. I mean ‘zen’.

  14. I’ve nearly been going to yoga for 2 years. That’s the longest I’ve stuck with anything exercise related. I’m not sure I’m any more flexible than I was 2 years ago but I’m better at standing on one leg and my arms don’t shake quite as much when doing lots of warrior poses so I guess that’s something! I tend to wear a vest top with a lightweight tee over the top so even if that falls down (up?) it won’t reveal my stomach, it does still end up covering my nose and mouth though…

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