November Challenge #2: The Great DVD Dust-Off

How many workout DVDs does one woman need? Not this bloody many…

Workout DVD collection

Workout DVD collection

These poor buggers sit lonely and colour-coordinated on my bookshelf in their cosy blanket of fine dust. The collection is pared down dramatically from a few years ago – e.g. the rarely-used Billy Blanks Tae Bo was banished to the charity shop!

There’s another half dozen or so piled beside the DVD player – they’re favourites that I use over and over again while ignoring the rest.

While it’s nice having this retrospective of Cathe Friedrich’s changing hairstyles, the wastefulness bugs me. So many reminders of my old impulse purchasing ways. I’m sure half the workouts are totally unsuitable now with my dodgy knee. It’s time toΒ de-clutterΒ and get some variety into the DVD diet!

The Challenge: To use a different DVD every time I work out at home.

Duration: Continue until I’ve tried every DVD in the collection. This could see me through until summer! πŸ˜‰


  • Minimum of three DVD workouts per week.
  • No repeats.
  • Only one workout per DVD i.e. I can’t do all three levels of 30 Day Shred. One workout, then move on to a new disc.
  • Report each week en blog for accountability.
  • After each workout decide if the DVD winds up in the Stay or Go pile.
  • Thus we shall inch forward into a streamlined future!

Whatever ends up in the Go pile will go to the charity shop or I’ll give them away on the blog to happy new homes. If anyone is still using a DVD player by the time I’m done. I’m sure right now someone is working on the ability to download Jillian and Cathe directly to your eyeballs.

I started yesterday with Jillian Michaels’ Fast Fix Kickbox, a recent Favourite. Man, I’m going to miss that one. Only 20 minutes, just one set of dumbbells required, and there’s punching! Definitely in the Stay pile. Onwards!

Update: Here are the DVD Dust-Off Reviews:

  • Week 1: Kickbox FastFix by Jillian Michaels, Stretch Max by Cathe Friedrich and Element: Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners by Brook Siler
  • Week 2: Element: Ballet Conditioning with Elise Gulan, Zumba Fitness DVD Exercise Kit and Muscle Max by Cathe Friedrich
  • Week 3: Element: Tai Chi For Beginners with Samuel Barnes, Hardcore Series: Gym Style Legs by Cathe Friedrich and Low Impact Circuit by Cathe Friedrich
  • Week 4: Yogalates for Weight Loss with Louise Solomon, Travel Fit by Cathe Friedrich and Yoga Meltdown by Jillian Michaels.
  • Week 5: Cathe Friedrich Muscle Endurance, MMA: Boxing and Cardio Core Circuit
  • Week 6: Bob Harper Yoga for the Warrior, Body Rev Cardio Conditioning and Pure Burn Super Strength.

NB: Here’s the lowdown on November Challenge #1 if you missed it.

28 thoughts on “November Challenge #2: The Great DVD Dust-Off

  1. That is such a fun goal!! I should actually do that, too! I have a drawer full of dvdΒ΄s….. hidden away from DH’s sight, you could say. Lots of Sansone, some Jillian, some Bob, lots of stott pilates. So if I may, I think I will pick up your challenge and go with it!

        • Thanks for checking in! I am behind as I’ve been out of town the past four days and forgot to bring my DVDs! I need to do two tomorrow to hit my weekly target, eeep! πŸ™‚

          • You can do it! Do one in the morning and one in the afternoon πŸ˜‰ happy to say Γ­ am back on track. Swam 1300 meters today. Very happy πŸ™‚

      • Wow, that is one jam packed day!! Good for you. I loved my swim. Loved it! I actually got complimented on that by a woman who was swimming in the same lane πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Shauna. Your dvd collection is nothing.. Nothing! I have a whole cupboard full and more outside in the store cupboard and I had a clear out a few years ago of all the silly ones. It became a little bit of an obsession. I rue the day my mother suggested I could do different workouts every day of the week!
    I like car boot sales, ebay and amazon- shopping really, so this gave me lots of excuses to build up a collection! eek.

    I have lots of British dvds.. and VHS tapes!! Lets not forget the Wii and the few disks still in their plastic wrappers!!?!? I’ve pretty much ignored the American market.

    This post has strangely got me really excited. If you don’t mind I am going to join you on this challenge. I could keep going for a LONG time.. I have lots of dvds I’ve not tried, and old favourites..

    My favourites are Pump it up original, Tracy Shaw Salsacize original one, Davina 30 mins workout the kickboxing one and I have a 60 min beginners yoga one that is bliss.

    My least favourite, I had some original Reebok Step thing that was really boring and threw my back out from it! Also had some really dreadful celebrity dvds that got played once and chucked out. You name it, I’ve probably owned it at some point!

    I’m excited. I like dvds as its getting colder and I’m less inclined to go run in the park at the moment-hope I can do this.

    Let me know if you need dvd inspiration. I’ve yet to try Cathe.. but I’m resolved to not buy any more dvds now. This is getting ridiculous.
    I can’t believe yours are colour coded! Mine are all in the wrong boxes and shoved in my cupboard under the tv.


    • Holy moly Ros, that sounds impressive/bonkers πŸ˜‰ I don’t have ANY UK ones. I heard Davina was okay but the rest seem to be burds from Coronation Street! Maybe once we’ve made inroads with our own collections we can do some swapping!

  3. p.s I keep mine hidden.. I tend to now want people to know I’m crazy obsessed! (they get shocked when they find out!)

  4. Great idea. I’m tempted to just chuck mine, but trying them first is a great way to mix it up.

    I would add a corollary — if, mid-workout, you are in pain, the video goes in the giveaway pile and you are allowed to finish with an Old Favorite.

  5. One of my free weights classes switched things up about a year ago, so we do the same routine all week (we meet twice). And then the next week, we switch it up to a totally different routine.

    This originally started so the instructor did not have to prepare a new set for every class. But what we immediately discovered is there are benefits to doing the same routine twice (or even three times) in a row. We know the mechanics/moves/positioning much better and can work harder. There is something about working those same (sore) muscles in the same way to sort of ease them. It is less stressful on the mind.

    I am not advocating doing the same routine for all eternity.

    But I am suggesting that at least one repeat before moving on to the next DVD might be worth consideration.

    And I think it is a great strategy to play the DVD two or three times in a row (back to back, same time) to do multiple sets of the exact same workout. My best workouts are usually three sets. I realize that you might not have time for this every day. But it is a GREAT way to mix things up on those shorter DVDs.

    One of the most effective workouts we do is when my Tuesday/Thursday instructor cuts a routine out of a magazine and turns it into a circuit. So the magazine might have 8-12 exercises in it. And we do each for one minute and then turn right around and repeat the same thing. My Saturday circuit class is set up this exact same way with 14 stations and is a very good workout every single week.

    And if you know anyone on a limited budget, stuck at home, with a weight issue (like a mom at home with a handicapped child or a new baby) they might really appreciate your hand-me-down DVDs.

  6. ooh, GREAT idea. A few years ago I was highly motivated to get into shape and set a few rules, to ensure I’d KEEP exercising, one of which was NEVER repeat the same workout 2 days in a row, only allowed one repeat a week, and exercised 5x/week. Love the JM–I’ll have to try that kickboxing one. Love your plan, and looking forward to your posts on it! =)

  7. You are part of the cash cow dynamic that is food, eating and diet in america. One way or another, they will have you buying something. Whether it is food to eat, shows to watch on how to cook, serve and eat, or how to diet and lose weight through this new drug or workout video. They have us coming and going. Whatever we decide to do, the power$ that be will be right there like a cheap ambulance chaser of a lawyer, ready to sell you that product which fits your needs. Heck, they will even tell you what your needs are, or create needs for you … and then provide the thing to purchase.

  8. Love it! I’ve got a box full of DVDs too. Some of them are fabulous, others not so much. The problem is that I get bored with hearing the same patter every time I watch (as though they’re going to say something different on the 10th playing!) and any little grammatical error or awkward phrase starts to leap out at me and then burrow its way into my brain, ending up with complete insanity. So no matter how good the workout, DVDs have a definite lifespan with me. DEFINITELY a good idea to work out an exchange program with friends, I hope someone tries that out.

    I’ve been FAR too sedentary lately, and haven’t quite worked out a “plan” to get me moving again. Sometimes the variety will interest me again; sometimes it’s easier to do the same simple workout every time so I can go on auto-pilot and not have to make decisions. But I think I will at least go rummage through my DVDs and see what I have…

  9. Hi Shauna,

    I’d love to hear your recommendations for your favourite DVD’s. I’m new to the exercise DVD world, in my mind they were all like the ‘Aerobics Oz Style’ TV show that my sister and I would get up to watch and laugh at – while sitting back on the couch eating breakfast. But, an impulse Groupon buy recently led me into this amazing world. Well – they did sit on the shelf in clingfilm for a month but then two days ago I opened that box and discovered pure gold!

    Three days into Jillian Michaels ’30 day shred’ and I’m hooked! Barely able to walk and in total pain (and I thought I was vaguely fit???), but still hooked. Would love to know where you (or anyone else) recommends going from here…


    • aerobics oz style! CLASSIC! you can’t beat a bit of grapevine-ing in front of the Sydney Opera House, hehehe! i will defo post about the dvds that i try, stay tune! glad you are enjoying 30ds, i love that it’s only 20 mins of torture.

  10. Wow that’s one heck of a collection! I can say I’m not that bad but I still have a fair few myself and have joined you on this months challenge. I have been following you for a while now and love your work, it has helped inspire me to do my own blog (largely to hold me accountable). I was hoping you don’t mind if I share the link to it here because I really need people to be commenting, questioning my choices, offering me motivation etc to keep me going. Feel free to delete this comment if you don’t want it on here!

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