Runs with hamburgers

Last night I was running on a trail beside a railway line, while holding a large hamburger in my left hand. I was dreaming, of course. But it felt so good to be running. I was light on my feet despite my unweildy body and the whopping burger.

I felt an urgent desire to be on the other side of the tracks. I came to a bridge that crossed over the line but it was extremely narrow; about a foot wide. I’d need to turn sideways then somehow wiggle and squeeze my way over. The hamburger would need to go. As my run-ragged heart hammered away I looked at the bridge and then looked at the burger then looked at the bridge and looked at the burger again. What to do? What to do?

I woke up half-laughing. Random dream or a painfully literal metaphor for the lard busting efforts? Hmm…

This is not a burger with the lot“What kind of burger was it?” Gareth asked, “I bet it was an Aussie burger with the lot!


“Well that’s a rubbish burger to run with. They put too many fillings in and it always falls apart. Lettuce onions tomato cheese bacon pineapple and I don’t know which is more ridiculous, the fried egg or the beetroot.”

“So I should have ran with a Scottish burger where it’s just crappy meat and cheese welded to the bun with grease?”

“Far more sensible.”

. . .

Once, twice, three times a blogging lady!

Three Times A Blogging Lady Challenge: Halfway Report. I’m slightly behind! I have three 85% completed posts. Shall knock those buggers over tomorrow. This Challenge along with the DVD Dust-Off have highlighted my tendency to noodle endlessly instead of just getting things done and moving on. Let go of that hamburger and CROSS THE BRIDGE baby!

17 thoughts on “Runs with hamburgers

  1. Ha! Dreams can be so… painfully earnest. I miss running too, that feeling of covering ground FAST under your own steam. I don’t think my creaky left knee will ever let me run on a sustained basis, but I do miss it. Cycling is a pretty good substitute–not perfect, but good enough.

  2. I’d lob the crappy Scots burger into the drink quicksticks, but a good Aussie burger with the lot deserves Serious Thought mmmmmmmmm maybe it means you should pop over for some proper food and weather soon? πŸ˜›

  3. That Aussie burger sounds horrendous. I like how the link recommended switching to kangaroo for a lower fat content. I’m not sure I could eat kangaroo — sounds rubbery!

    Such a fun post to read. I’m enjoying your challenge even if it does leave me with a Lionel Ritchie earworm.

  4. You forget a true Scottish burger needs not only fluorescent orange cheddar cheese but a dollop of onions that were originally fried about a week before the burger was assembled. (And yes, I would throw that off the bridge. After I had inhaled its seductively awful aroma for a while.)

  5. Apart from the meat parts (I accept these are the essence of burger, but hey, I’m a vegetarian) and the pineapple – seriously, what’s that about ?! – I’m liking the sound of the Aussie burger with the lot. It’s the beetroot and fried egg that particularly appeal, although possibly not in the same bun.

  6. I’ve been having vivid and hilarious dreams lately too… but yours is one I can relate to.

    Love the analogy. I’m letting go of my hamburger, got one foot on that bridge already.


  7. This cracked me up — and made me think. Two things you are always getting me to do! Plus Gareth’s response is classic.

  8. Funny how our dreams say so much. I used to dream about eating a lot when I first started my journey. Thought I was finally getting there the other day when my food dream was about cooking rather than eating it and I was making a healthy curry with loads if fresh veg too. πŸ™‚

  9. That seriously made me laugh out loud! Just the image of someone running with a burger in one hand was such a crazy image. Oh the dreams we have about food πŸ˜‰

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