DVD Dust-Off: Week 3

This is a slacker Week 3 DVD Dust-Off Update but I wanted to get caught up since I’m nearly finished with Week 4! I’m enjoying this project but I hope this is more helpful rather than batshit boring for you guys. I have non Dust-Off posts coming very soon so don’t worry!

Element: Tai Chi for Beginners7. Element: Tai Chi For Beginners with Samuel Barnes (2008)

This was an impulse buy because I loved other DVDs from Element and felt a mad compulsion to collect them all, like I once did Baby-Sitters Club books (even the Super Specials) or obscure Radiohead singles. It’s beautifully made with serene music but the verdict is unchanged from years ago: I find tai chi more a snooze than serenity now! I may revise my opinion when I’m 70 but for now it’s time to pass it on. Also, the bloke reminds me of that bloke in Star Trek whose name escapes me and it was kind of unsettling. Profound, I know!

Verdict: Total REHOME

Cathe Friedrich's Gym Harcore Series: Gym Style Legs DVD8. Hardcore Series: Gym Style Legs by Cathe Friedrich (2005)

Despite the cheery faces on the cover this is a serious lower body resistance workout – over an hour with barbells, dumbbells, resistance band and stability ball work. I thought this would be a definite Rehome as there’s so much squat and lunge work, but I’d forgotten there there’s a good 25 minutes of floor stuff using just a resistance band which was doable with my dodgy knee – great moves for the hips and glutes. There’s an evil calf raise section which I could do no worries. So a surprise keeper! There’s lots of info, reviews and a clip on Collage Video.

Verdict: KEEP

Cathe Friedrich's Low Impact Circuit9. Low Impact Circuit by Cathe Friedrich (2006)

This workout contains three circuit cycles, each with a step aerobics routine, a step interval blast, a compound strength exercise then an upper body move. Cathe is so creative with her workouts – there’s some great variety in the resistance moves, including some natty resistance band work.

While the step work is low impact on this one (Cathe has some seriously crazyass step DVDs out there), the movements did not feel good on my knee so I just the resisty bits. I only have this DVD as it came as part of set, so I’ll find someone who actually likes step work to make full use of it. If you’re after an efficient mix of cardio and resistance work and like a bit of step action, give this one a burl! More info here.

Verdict: REHOME

Back tomorrow with November Challenge wrap-ups and the lowdown on my big December Challenge!


7 thoughts on “DVD Dust-Off: Week 3

  1. I’m finding these interesting. I haven’t done a Cathe workout yet but you seem to be a big fan. I need to do my own dustoff as I almost never do DVD workouts. You did inspire me to do yoga last week with Rodney Yee (he is great, definite KEEP) when I didn’t have time to hit my regular class.

    • Thanks Jen 🙂 I’ve heard many good things about him! I’d say I’d check him out but that would negate my challenge, hehe!

  2. I’m enjoying the dustoff series. I prefer to get my exercise outside whenever possible, but now that the days are getting shorter and rainier I need to add some indoor workouts to the mix. It’s also a half-assed way for me to bring in some variety in the form of strength training, even if it’s only seasonal. And now I’m looking to get the Element: Ballet disc.

  3. NOT bored, learning lots. =) Thinking that gym style legs one would be good. And then I get to buy workout accessories (bands). =) And I agree w/Jen. I love Rodney–I have the Yoga for Energy vhs (yes, vhs) from Yoga Journal. Fabulous. I’m sure I’ve used that video more than any other, and if you feel done before the long stretching out section, you can BAIL. =)

  4. Captain Sulu????

    Tai Chi is something I have wanted to try for about a year now. My cousin practices religiously. AND

    You have inspired me to go through my own collection..this week is power walking!

  5. I’m never bored by you, Shauna! Loving the challenge you’ve set yourself to go through them all – it inspired me to get my dozen or so exercise DVDs out of the cupboard the other day, though I am yet to place one in the DVD player. Hmmm… maybe I could go do that now…

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