DVD Dust-Off: Week 4, with bonus pointless stats

This is the 900th post on Dietgirl! The blog has been alive for 11 years and 11 months, or 143 months, or 621 weeks if you prefer. So that’s an average of 6.293 posts per month or 1.44 posts per week.

I also have an enormous spreadsheet that documents the weekly weigh-ins since it all began on 15 January 2001 (albeit with sizeable gaps due to travel, illness and/or denial). I could tell you my average weight loss over those 621 weeks but the number is so small you’d all have to go out and buy a microscope…

. . .

The Christmas HAM Plan is now 11 days strong and strangely enlightening! I lost weight in Week 1 while thoroughly enjoying cake-related festivities. I’m finding the HAM “rules” to be strangely freeing. I’m still blogging up a storm every day… swing by and say hello if you fancy?

. . .

Back to the Dust-Off. The Mothership emailed to “bagsy” the Tai-Chi video from last week. That’s one orphan with a new home.

Yogalates for Weight Loss10. Yogalates for Weight Loss with Louise Solomon (2008)

The instructor has a very odd way of saying the word “body” and she says it a lot in this workout. She elongates the bo then the dy fades away. Like BAHWdy. Bahhhhdy? Bohhhhdee. I was so busy trying to figure out just what she was doing to that word I wasn’t doing the moves properly and had to start over.

But once I got used to her voice I remembered that this is a fab workout; a hybrid of pilates and yoga as the name suggests. The first half is called Core Toning and features many classic Pilates moves and the second half is called Cardio Enhancer which is more lower body and ab stuff. It’s gruelling but her daughter does an modified version which I followed a lot. A worthy home substitute for a class.

Verdict: KEEP

Cathe Travel Fit11. Travel Fit by Cathe Friedrich (2009)

I always recommend this one if you don’t have a lot of space or dosh – a resistance band only costs a couple of quid. It’s 50 minutes of resistance band toning with short cardio intervals. Because it’s designed for hotel rooms, there’s no jumping around so it makes a great low impact workout. I bought a stronger resistance band to harden it up a bit.

There’s no repetition under the rules of the Dust-Off so I’m sad I won’t be doing this for awhile. It’s so good for when you can’t be arsed with equipment. It’s a good one to get in the download form for a laptop, phone or tablet for easy travels.

Verdict: KEEP

Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown (Amazon link)12. Yoga Meltdown by Jillian Michaels (2010)

This isn’t a traditional yoga workout – it’s more like yoga intervals. It’s fast paced and I was utterly knackered afterwards. It felt more like a body-weight resistance workout than yoga. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but if I’m in the mood for yoga I like it quiet and meditative. If I want something more intense I’d rather lift weights. Check out the Amazon trailer to see what you reckon.


10 thoughts on “DVD Dust-Off: Week 4, with bonus pointless stats

  1. Congrats on your 900th post dear, sweat Shauna! I remember picking up your book “The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl” just a short 2 years ago like it was yesterday and I’ve been hooked on your blog ever since. Here’s to the next 900 posts?! LOL!!!

    Thank you for gracing us with your warmth, humor, your life exploits–well–you! Thank you for gracing us with YOU!

    Love your half-namesake,
    Not-so-sunny (right now anyway) SoCal

  2. Congratulations on #900 =) Every post from you is a delightful piece of entertainment for us, so tho’ this next expression is ultimately selfish:

    YAY, SHAUNA!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!

    & I’m SO psyched you’re writing even MORE frequently, of late.

    I also have JM’s yoga DVD, and while I can enjoy yoga that’s challenging, I don’t find her style and what-my-brain-thinks-yoga-is terribly compatible. I think I need to re-home mine, too. =) Maybe I’ll post that it’s up for grabs on facebook. Thanks for the inspirash!

  3. Hey Shauna! Just wanted to say I’m feeling inspired by the HAM posts, very much and tomorrow I too am starting my very own mini challenge – clean eating here I come for a week, just to try it! Woohoo! Also that Cathe Resistance’ Band workout looks perfect for my current rooming situation, I’m in a house where the floors creak and the window rattles when i walk across the room, so I can’t do normal workouts here as I’m in an upstairs room, but that looks low impact and like I could do it without making too much of a rumpus. I shall get one I think. 🙂

  4. Congratulations.

    Ha, when I first looked at the Yoga Meltdown cover, I thought Jillian had a bazooka under her arm. That’d be a real yoga meltdown!

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