2012 Wrap-Up

A final monthly wrap-up on the 2012 plans.

Why don’t I ever write the end of year wrap-up before the new one begins? I’m busting to get on with the 2013 jibber-jabbering but I want to send off 2012 in a flaming boat… there it goes, over the horizon. Begone with ye!

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December review
The Christmas HAM Plan kicked arse! 31 days of blogging and mindful eats and exercise, done and dusted. I’d say I was about 80% compliant and it’s got me fired up for the new year. I wrote a big old post about the awesome lessons learned from the experience, if you fancy reading it. Thanks everyone who tuned in over the month!

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2012 review
2012 was a tip top year and as I wrote in my mega non-fat annual review, I’ve really got nothing to whinge about. But a quick look at the health and fitness side of things… the main aim of 2012 was to “keep the mind attached to the body”. I wanted to stay present in tough moments and not abandon my structured mindfulness tools at the first sign of difficulty.

Was I successful? How do you definine and measure “success”? On one hand, I finished the year the same weight I started it. That’s not ideal with my dodgy knee and ongoing irritation at plus size clothes.

But I don’t want to get stuck in black/white all/nothing thinking. I’ve learned a lot in these two years of “regain maintenance”. I think that losing what I want to lose will start to happen once I practice what I’ve learned with greater consistency and focus. Practice practice practice. I feel empowered and squirmy all at the same time, knowing that it’s all in my hands.

Now on with the new year! It’s Bob Harper Week in the DVD Dust-Off and some fun things coming up. Stay tuned…

There was a sunny day a few months back ;)

There was a sunny day a few months back 😉

14 thoughts on “2012 Wrap-Up

  1. yes ..yes..everything you said..yes for me too. there was some really obnoxious out of control eating thrown in there on occasion through the year, but I guess the good outweighed the bad. -I didn’t gain any weight over the holidays. How the hell did that happen?

  2. Just had a lot of fun catching up with your HAM Plan posts. I am calling 2012 a “rebuilding year.” I may not have made visible progress but I feel like my head is finally together.

    Like you, i feel like i finally know what works for me: Regular meals, eating what I really want, following some simple rules, and moving. No looking at anyone else’s paper and no “blowing it and starting over tomorrow.”

    Happy New Year!

    • Rebuilding Year! I like that and you did so much work on figuring things out in 2012. Happy new year to you Jen 🙂

  3. “empowered and squirmy” is it EXACTLY. How DID you do that with those word things? GENIUS. scary = exciting, frequently. =)

    Big fan this and every year (in a cheerleader AND applauding audience kinda way), and am SUPER happy than in 2012 you’ve been writing more. Super enjoying it. And for THAT I THANK YOU!


  4. I’m mentally preparing for a serious weight loss effort starting in the next few weeks. Might even start up the old blog. Thanks again for continuing to share your struggles and thoughts. You do seem to be in a healthy place, mentally. Cheers to 2013… let’s go!

  5. I love your question about how to define “success”! We so often turn to a number on the scale or how tight our favorite jeans are, but I agree that it is so much more than this. Sounds like a lot of lessons learned and good practicing are successful to me. As for me, having had a baby mid-year, I don’t think I could measure “success” by any of those size factors either, but what a year of growth! I’ll take it 🙂

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