DVD Dust-Off: Week 6 – 100% Bob Harper

“You love me, remember?” Bob grins into the camera, “I’m the Nice One!”

The Nice One from The Biggest Loser bought out a series of workouts in 2010 called Inside Out Method. I have three and gave them a spin for this 100% Bob episode of the Great DVD Dust-Off.

I reckon Bob must get sick of being called the Nice One all the time. Nice is one step away from dull and snoozy. I think Bob wanted us to know with these workouts that he’s actually cool and badass.

They’re very stylised compared to a Jillian DVD, for example. There are funky slow motion shots and occasional split screen bits, kind of like the opening credits of Law and Order. There’s edgy music throughout, even the yoga one. I thought they’d been filmed in a sepia tone at first, but then spied a stray fluro water bottle in the background. It’s just that the whole set is shades of brown – the carpet, the punching bag, the lockers and all their clothes! Très edgy.

As well as sexy styling and Bob hilariously growling, “you said you wanted me as a trainer, well now you’ve got me”, they’re great workouts. Bob explains the moves very clearly, starting with a more simple move then adding on stuff. He counts down the seconds like he does on the show too… threeeee tewwww wuhn! 

Yoga for the Warrior - Amazon link16. Yoga for the Warrior by Bob Harper (2010)

I didn’t like this one when first purchased – the guitar riffy bits don’t really get me in a zen mood. But I enjoyed it more this time around. I particularly like how he kinda picks on Robert, the only bloke. Are you okay back there Robert? Robert, you can do this modification if you need to.

It’s not a Om kind of yoga workout – it moves faster and is more about strength than relaxation. I couldn’t really keep up but enjoyed it anyway. It reminded me of how Bob does yoga with his Biggest Loser contestants. All I have to do is develop a creepy crush and expect him to rescue me from my emotional issues then it would be just like being on the Ranch.

Verdict: MAYBE


Body Rev Cardio Conditioning17. Body Rev Cardio Conditioning by Bob Harper (2010)

It’s called “Cardio Conditioning” but there’s a lot of resistance work here. There are some cardioish jump squats, jumping jacks, mountain climbers etc, but also compound moves with dumbbells. Since you don’t really stop moving you get the heart rate right up. I had to modify the jumps obviously, but overall it was a nice workout and you only need some dumbbells and a small amount of space.

Verdict: KEEP


Pure Burn Super Strength - Amazon link18. Pure Burn Super Strength by Bob Harper (2010)

I really like this one except for the Orgasmic Girl. She’s the one on Bob’s right and she never stops grunting and groaning and gurning throughout the whole bloody show.

It’s a great total body resistance workout using dumbells and simple moves. I liked the isolation ones, where you just hold a dumbbell out until you feel like your arm is going to fall off. We used to do that at kickboxing and it’s awful in the good way. Again I couldn’t really keep up with this workout, but it’s something to aspire too!

Verdict: KEEP

16 thoughts on “DVD Dust-Off: Week 6 – 100% Bob Harper

  1. I’m really enjoying your “DVD Dustoff” posts. I’m an at-home exercise person and really rely on DVDs, so it’s great to get your perspective ones you’ve tried and whether they are worth the money. Thank you!

  2. Is Jillian as scary in her DVDs as she is on BL? I’m not sure I could cope with someone shouting at me while I tried to exercise, I think I’d cry!

  3. I watched a little bit of the yoga one. I can’t imagine my yoga teachers saying, “Let’s push our bodies a little bit more”! This is totally yoga as physical exercise. I bet someone from India wouldn’t even recognize this as yoga!

    “All I have to do is develop a creepy crush and expect him to rescue me from my emotional issues then it would be just like being on the Ranch.” Ha, ha, ha! You crack me up.

  4. =) If I were to judge a book by its cover, I’d guess that yoga dvd is not the flavor of yoga I prefer. Given that he looks like he’s trying to be sexy and badass while meditating?

    I love your comment re: the sound-effects woman. I’m more and more frequently using the mute button on my tv during dvd workouts, once I’m familiar w/the moves, in favor of my own workout tunes. Sounds like that’d be a quick mute.

    Still digging all the reviews, wondering how many more you have left? Esp. since I presume you’re not viewing them according to hue. =)

    • I do that too, hehe! Sometimes I have workout on my laptop and then a movie or something on the telly. That kind of multitasking only recommended for very simple and repetitive weight training 😉

      I think I have another 15 or so left? I know, it’s so sad…

      • =) Well, I didn’t want to get into it, but I am SO enjoying these reviews, I wanted to know when I had to start steeling myself for the last. Your (unsad, imho) overabundance –> all the more education for us. Really glad to hear you are enjoying it.

  5. I wish yoga DVD’s would only have basic instructional voice-overs and NO MUSIC. Not only does the music often annoy me, but it is the thing that gets most repetitive over time.
    I don’t think I’m a fan of ‘push it’ yoga, although power yoga is a bit like that. I need it to be meditative and to focus my crazy brain. I get hyped up enough by daily life.

  6. Interesting. I have to say that I haaaaaaaate the Biggest Loser, and by extension hate Jillian and Bob – so I’ve never given their DVDs a fair chance. Glad to be warned about Orgasmic Girl, thanks!

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