Farewell Dietgirl, and a new beginning

This is a long post but I promise I’ll make it worth your while.

Short version: I’m not stopping, just relocating! Plus, there’s awesome prizes to be won…

Twelve years ago today I started this secret blog. I was lonely, scared and convinced I was possibly the very largest person in Australia. I already had a blog, but thought everyone would disappear if I revealed the true shambles of my life. Who’d want to read about that?

I invented Dietgirl to hide behind; an alter ego far stronger and capable than I felt. I wouldn’t need her very long – for I had a spreadsheet! I calculated I could zap 80 kilos in neat weekly installments, so in less than two years I’d slip seamlessly back to my non-secret non-fat blog and begin a sparkly, skinny new life.

Do you reckon Me of 2001 would’ve freaked out if she’d known I’d be here in 2013? That the spreadsheet still isn’t “finished?”. Sorry 2001 buddy; it all got a bit messy. But messy in the good way! You took half a decade to lose the lard, then after a few years you found a big chunk of it again. Then there were unexpected adventures… a Body Pump addiction, a move to the other side of the world, a nice Scottish bloke…

Seems like yesterday…”outing” yourself in the paper, getting your arse kicked in your first and last kickboxing competition…

and whinging your way up some hills! (circa 2007. oh to be this fit and slinky again. I’m working on it, hehe)

… writing a book, re-learning to ride a bike

and discovering new shades of red. mwahaha.

… growing parsnips as big as cats, going to some brilliant blogging conferences, and shuffling 5K that years later sparked a groovy running community.

And of course, there’s all the kind, thoughtful, witty and generous people who read along and shared their adventures too. Incredible strangers who reached out over the interwaves just to say, “Dude, you’re not alone”. It was bloody awesome.

. . .

I was only 23 when Dietgirl began and now I’m a creaky 35… I’m no longer on a Diet and I’m certainly no longer a Girl! So after twelve years, today I’m hanging up the cape and will be continuing my adventures on my original blog at ShaunaReid.com.

I feel so giddy to be downsizing to one home for my web wafflings, whether that’s travels, lard busting updates, cake, perving on sportsmen or general happenings. No more compartmentalising or hiding behind not-at-all-secret identities. I’ve wanted to simplify things for about three years now but it’s taken me this long to get organised! I wasn’t kidding yesterday about the procrastination problem.

I’ll also be writing more often on the Up & Running blog, with my amateur bumblings providing nice contrast to Coach Julia’s Ironman heroics. We’ll be exploring the mind and body connection stuff even more this year, as running and fitness is about so much more than sweating! We’re also cooking up some exciting new stuff for 2013, including an e-course for those seeking a helping hand to start making exercise part of their life – basically what I wish had existed back in 2001.

So, from now on you’ll find me at ShaunaReid.com – complete with a whizz bang foxy new design!

Righto… if you made it this far, it’s time to CELEBRATE like crazy people!

For the past three years January 15 has meant time for cool prizes in the Dietgirl Birthday Sell Out, a way of saying cheers to everyone for reading. Today feels like the biggest celebration of all, I’m Selling Out once more! It all starts tomorrow at the new digs. So be sure to subscribe or stalk on Twitter or Facebook to find out when the first Sell Out post goes live. And the prizes are ace, I must say! UPDATE: The Sell Out has begun!

Thank you thank you THANK YOU to everyone who’s stopped by over the past twelve years. Thanks for your comments, emails, generosity, friendship and kindness. It’s been an unforgettable adventure and I’m excited to dive in to the next phase.

See you on the other side! »

73 thoughts on “Farewell Dietgirl, and a new beginning

  1. Oh darlin’, as much as I’m sad to say goodbye to the old dietgirl, I’m equally as happy that it/she existed in the first place. That first oh so encouraging email when I’d had it with exercise classes was the start of a beautiful friendship! Thank you for being brave enough to put it all out there (would you have started if you’d known what it would all lead to?!) and for just being you. Funny, fabulous, foxy you. Never change, my lovely. xxxxxxxxxxx

    • Oh PK! Thank you gazillions for that. Sniff sniff 🙂

      I’ll still be going on with the same ol’ rot on the other site but will just be handier containing it in fewer places! 😉

  2. Shauna, am re-reading the book for the thousandth time… And feeling somehow related to you… Always thought somewhere it would hold the secret… But all in all it is just me, facing the mess I’ve got myself in and now digging myself out of. Happy to report I am a mere week into my diet.. Ahem.. ‘Lifestyle change’… And already 2 kilos down… Without exercise due to a bung knee sustained on the first day of said change. Thank you for being there.. Thinking my thoughts… Xxxxxx

      • Lol, Shauna is it kinda sad that I clapped like a small child when I saw you replied?! Like a star struck groupie!!
        At the moment I find myself an extra small in the fat chick stores…. Can’t wait until I can’t wear their overpriced clothes at all!! Only 26 kilos to gooooo!!!

  3. I read WNP for years without knowing about diet girl. Really pleased that you have come so far. You have a real gift for communication and I am so glad you have found a way of using it really positively both for yourself and for all the rest of us. Good luck ShaunaReid.com

  4. I have to write and thank you for your inspiration. I read your book several years ago and related to your reasons for everything such a lot. For me, after many years of therapy and soul searching I have finally taken the plunge and joined WW. They are fantastic – I’ve lost 31 lbs in 8 weeks. Funnily enough I took your book from my shelf last week and have begun re-reading it in light of my new determination. Such a brave and amazing thing you did, you don’t know me but I will always remember you as a kindred spirit and a shining example. Best wishes in your future endeavours. Thank you

    • Holy moly Jane, that’s fab! Well done on your hard work. Sounds like you’ve come a long way, mind and body. Keep us posted with how you go! 🙂

  5. You could start blogging at PoopyMcPoopPoopPooperson.com and you’d still be one of my favorite people. 🙂

  6. All the best at the new home Shauna!

    You’re going to be hugely missed by so many people, so before the rush of comments start, I thought I’d get a quick one in.

    You may look back on the last 10 years as getting a bit messy and maybe a little disappointing that the spreadsheet was never completed – but I think you’re absolutely fantastic. Dietgirl may just be a blog, but to someone who felt like the most miserable, hopeless person on the planet at 21 stone, your archives were one of the only things to give a little bit of hope and reassurance that I wasn’t alone, that someone else out there understood exactly how it felt and that life can change if you’re brave enough to grab for it.

    I’m still working on the last part, but for everything else, I just wanted to say thanks.

  7. I’ve also followed you since before I knew Dietgirl existed. Always fun and informative – and in dieting terms not an A-B-C plan to skinniness but showing how things really are. I got the book not because I’m a dieter but because I liked your style and didn’t regret getting it. Those little steps at the start – you always have to make them but there was always more to the world than the dieting especially when you’re feeling better to enjoy it. Looking forward to more on WNP now (oh, no, pressure to write there now!).

    Scott F 🙂

  8. Even though you’re not disappearing it feels a bit sad to say goodbye to Dietgirl. She was an inspiration because things went off the rails and she never gave up. I was so proud of your media attention and even though we’ve never met, you feel like an old friend.

  9. I hope you felt fabulous writing down this list of some of your amazing achievements..Thats one to get out and read when things feel bad I believe. You are absolutely wonderful and have spread so much inspiration and even got me running a 5k:D ! I don’t mind where you blog as long as you do blog as your posts cheer me up. So I shall be reading from you soon 😉

    Pity you can’t sell the blog name and make loads of mullah.. problem is you are sort of a brand.. you are the amazing adventures of dietgirl.


  10. You’ve just learned that being happy and living/loving life is more fun than torturing yourself for what others tell you is “the right size”.

    I’m bigger than I’ve ever been, but I must say I’m happier, more content, and love living my life… more than I ever did when I was thin. I spent two thirds of my life thin but miserable… so I’m loving being the “cheerful pudge” now!

    I read your What’s New Pussycat way before I ever new this blog was here… it was always my favorite… you live where I’d give anything to live… so rock on and give us more life in Scotland and travel hi-jinks stories!!!

    We love you!!!!

  11. I’m not sad to see “Dietgirl” go at all b/c I read this blog for you, Shauna, whatever name you choose to be writing under:-) It’s ALLLLLLLLL good.

  12. I will miss Dietgirl terribly. She’s been one of my best friends along this life-changing journey I embarked on three years ago. I found her blog, read it from the beginning, bought her book, read it quickly and then later ready it again because it gave me such great motivation. I watched the tapes of gorgeous red-headed Dietgirl on TV, and I cheered her on, even though I already knew she had reached her goal before I ever found the blog! I taped words from her blog all around my computer, words that gave me hope that I too could change my life the way she had. And change I did!
    I want her to know, even though she’s grown up and not “dieting” anymore, that she was one of the main inspirations that led to my 178-pound loss and my 21 months (as of TODAY) of maintenance! She guided me to Sparkpeople, which has been a wonderful tool for me, as I continue to need daily motivation to maintain my loss. I will admit it was a bit disheartening to read of her slight re-gain, but I continued to follow her blog, hoping she would figure out a way of life that would allow her more freedom, more joy in living, and still get those excess pounds off. I will follow her to the new blog and continue to read her witty and inspirational words. I will root for her and laugh with her and share every part of her life that she is willing to share. But I will forever and always miss the late and beloved Dietgirl!!! You go Shauna!!!

  13. You actually did it! Yay for new adventures… I’m so glad you created Dietgirl though; without her we would never have met and my world would be the worse for it.
    Cheers to pastures greener and all that. x

  14. First-ever comment, even though I’ve been reading your blog for a few years. So sad that this blog is over, but so happy for you that you feel like you can leave this part of you behind and move on to a new phase.

  15. Shauna, thanks for creating such an amazing and inspiring place, I’ve really enjoyed following your blog over the years. Good luck on your new journeys lovely lady x

  16. Congratulations Shauna! I have been reading your blog on and off for 5 years and it has been a continual source of inspiration. As has your book (confession: have read the book 6+ times). What a neat and sensical move to ‘decompartmentalise’ your life. Well done girlfriend! xxx

  17. What?!?! 12 years already?! You’re 30 F-ing FIVE?! How did this happen… Congrats Shauna, it was a pleasure finding you all those years ago and getting to know you. I can’t imagine keeping 2 blogs going, I can’t even keep one updated. I’ll miss this one, but totally get it. See you around the interwebs! xx

  18. Thanks for being such a wonderful inspiration all of these years! I have had you in my google reader since I discovered you. I have enjoyed every post and look forward to continued reading.

    I hope that you will keep the old blog on the site or that you will have an archived version of it on your “new” site (love the re-vamp by the way).

  19. Aww! No PastaQueen, now no DietGirl, it’s like the Mayan apocalypse of the blogosphere as I once knew it! But the transformation is a beautiful one and I am glad to see you (both) still on the webz. Thanks for inspiring me before I was a blogger 🙂 Hugs and I will follow you on your new adventures!

  20. I’m glad you’ll just be keeping DietGirl in a deep sleep and not doing away with her altogether. I will sometimes delve into the Archives to learn from your experiences and for inspiration and motivation.

    I think most understand your consolidating your blogs because it’s a great way to focus your energy 🙂

    Cheers Shauna!

  21. I often thought you had outgrown the dietgirl tag – it always made me think of someone desperate to be thin and you are so much more than that! Am i making sense? Anyway its a compliment and it’s great to see you ‘moving on’. I’ll see ya on the other side.

  22. Well that’s just full circle for me as a reader 🙂

    I used to read WNP and didn’t know about DietGirl until you outed yourself.

    Looking forward to a centralised rambling point, and hearing about your next adventure!

  23. Doesn’t matter where you go, I’ll quietly stalk you there 🙂
    This is a good reason to celebrate though: I loved Dietgirl, but I still like Shauna more.

  24. I had a small moment of shock when I read the title of you post in my reader 😉 “What? Is she going to stop?”
    Thank you for all fun and deep and everything posts. I agree with Nik that it’s very good that you decided to keep the Dietgirl Blog as a archive.
    ShaunaReed.com is on it’s way to my reader. See you on the other side!

  25. Congratulations Shauna! I think it is so important to evolve in life, online and offline, especially when you’ve been blogging and putting it out there for as long as you have. It takes guts to walk away from something that isn’t working but it takes even more guts to walk away from something that’s been a huge success, acknowledging it and being grateful for all its gifts but not being afraid to move on so you have the energy to invest in the person you are now and who you want to be. I too know how hard it is when you feel obligated to hold on to an online persona that isn’t really who you are any more. In fact, I’ll probably be joining you on the other side in the near future. 2013 is definitely the year of change!

    Today, I think you’ve been more inspiring than you’ve ever been. The last line of your book says it all, really…”it’s time to find out what’s next.”

    To the next chapter for Shauna Reid xxxx

  26. nothing but great news here Shauna! it’s good to keep moving on with your life! I like to think of it as an old, favourite pair of jeans… you want to keep wearing them but eventually they wear thin in the arse…eventually you are going to have to say so long to them!! (OK this may or may not have recently happened to me – I was *thisclose* to having the bum exposed!)

    see you on your new blog!!

  27. YAY!!!!!!!!! New starts, and styaing goodbye to the old you – this can only be a good thing. Way to go with that whole growing and moving on and being downright kickass awesome!!!!! …..Are you leaving the archived stuff here, though?? I can’t begin to tell you how many people I send to the Moonwalk posts, lol. x x x

    • Thanks dear comrade! Archive is staying up forevermore as mentioned above… for generations to come must know about the HELL that is Moonwalk! 😀

  28. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for years and years of inspiration, motivation and laughs. The day I discovered your blog I read it from beginning to end, and have been hooked ever since. I will miss Dietgirl like crazy, but I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

  29. Thank you everyone for your comments! Without you it would be very very lonely around here!

    Just remember I’m not dead, I’m just over at shaunareid.com 🙂

  30. Farewell Dietgirl, my favourite superhero of modern times! I’ll miss readibg about your adventures in lard-busting but happy that it’s a new beginning for you and that you feel you can move on now!
    All the best xxxxx

  31. Bravo to you for growing up to be the superhero you always wanted to be! I’m telling ya what, trimming one’s blog life is a Very Good Thing (at least that’s been my experience). Leaves more time for kicking arse, right? I rarely read WNP, because DG gave me everything I needed/wanted in a blog. Am SOOO looking forward to following ALL your adventures in one tidy package. Congratulations on 12 freakin’ years of putting it out there.

  32. Oh, PHEW! I’m SO glad you’ll still be posting. I read the headline at 1:30 a.m. when I woke up ’cause I was starving, but was too sleepy to read it (as I blearily munched an apple), so went to bed dreading that my beloved Shauna-posts were going away. Good for you re: assembling yourself in 1 place (+ the cool runnings project). =) Less is (quite frequently) more. And SO glad you’re keeping this as an archive, ’cause there are innumerable gems therein. xo

  33. I read all 12 years of Dietgirl in about a month. Great inspiration. It’s your “fault” I gave BodyPump a try – and loved it 🙂 I’m definitely ging to follow you to the other side…

  34. Have a virtual high five and cheesy “whoop!” to see you on your way.

    Well done to you for taking the bold step. I have worshipped you from afar for yonks and have commented/e-mailed occasionally – once, you used a bit of my e-mail in one of your posts and I was deliriously happy for days….

    I do also have a drunken hazy memory of e-mailing you one new years’ eve and inviting you to stay at my house because you’re so ace – if I ever pressed ‘send’ I hope you took it in the spirit intended and deleted it instantly. I am considerably older now and consequently am never drunk on NYE.

    As I’ve said before, may you blog forever and ever – cheers to you!

  35. 12 years!!! Wow, that makes my 6 look positively piddly! I just wanted to say a huge congratulations on making the switch – I feel like it can only be a good thing for you to bring your separate blogging identities together. Looking forward, as always, to following along 🙂

  36. Wow, the very last Diet Girl post. I’m very sad to see it go! It’s been my inspiration for a few years now (Wish I’d known about it since I started my own lard-bust marathon back in 2005!)

    But I expect there always comes a time where you get rid of the old and start on the new! So no more Diet Girl but many happy years of Healthy Living Lady! 🙂

  37. Hello!!!

    You have no idea how sad I am that i have caught you just as you are hanging up your cape!
    I was THRILLED to see another blog (with a better name) about dieting! I will definately be reading your new blog. I hope our new blog / diet journey can be as interesting and brilliant as yours 🙂

    Farewell Dietgirl!

    Lots of love

  38. I feel like an idiot, sitting here crying for the end of an era. Before I knew (and loved) you as Shauna, there was DG. I’m excited for your new start but I’ll always have a soft spot for this little corner of the interwebs. 🙂

  39. Truly an end of an era. I found Dietgirl towards the beginning and these past 12 years have really flown by! I always felt such a connection with you even though you were on the other side of the world. I wish you all the best Shauna. Thank you for all your wonderful heartfelt, at times gut wrenching entries. I will never forget the Valentine entry from your first Valentine’s day with Dr. G….such a wonderful way with words you have my dear. I will keep up with you on your other site but will never forget Dietgirl…

  40. Good luck, Shauna.
    I was putting off reading this post because I knew I would be sad to read it, but having read it, I am very happy for you and will be following you over to shaunareid.com!!

  41. Dear Shauna,
    Thank you for so many years of Dietgirl. I loved her, but I’ve heard ShaunaReid has very special superpowers too. Love you!

  42. I’m sad, but super happy for you too!
    What you say totally makes sense. Dietgirl was that part of your journey and now you are (or have been) moving on to the next parts 🙂
    I’ll probably always think of you as Dietgirl with the cape flying through the skies of life 🙂
    I will be heading over to your one and only home now!

  43. My lovely Shauna – thank you for bringing “Dietgirl” to “life”, and for all the brilliant blogs, words and the book. Most of all, thank you for being ………….. (**alert: this might sound like sycophantic cliche, and a bit spewey – it is not meant to be – honest!**) ……..REAL, and just “getting” what is in the rest of our heads, and an inspiration, and recognising that life is not all rice cakes and sh*t, it is about good food (in moderation!), good friends, good times, good memories and LIVING. Shauna, you are an inspiration, and THANK YOU. All the best for the other side and lots of love x

  44. Vale Dietgirl !
    The end of an era – I’ve read you through thick and thin and thick again…..
    Thanks for all the entertaining entries – I’ve been reading you for about 9 years now and enjoyed it all – thanks to your wonderful writing I feel like I know you, Dr G and the Mothership.
    I look forward to reading shaunareid

    Tracey xxx

  45. Wow you have been blogging for awhile. Its been a minute since I have stopped but I am glad to see are going to finally be able to put all your thoughts in one home. We all change and grow and though its sad to see the end of this site I am sure the next journey well be just as great! Here’s to a new adventure on shaunareid.com!

  46. I’m new to your blog, but this sounds like lots of reason to celebrate and an exciting new chapter! Look forward to “seeing you on the other side” 🙂

  47. Just caught up with your news. I always liked dietgirl for the writing, so glad you’ll be continuing elsewhere. Look forward to reading about your exploits there. Cheers!

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