Hope in a disc

How did I end up with so many bloody workout DVDs? I’ve pondered this a gazillion times these past couple of Dust-Off months and this is what I came up with.

1. The Absolute Awesomeness.
I remember the elation of my first Cathe DVD – whoa this just like Body Pump except I’m home and it doesn’t matter how shite my workout clothes are!

I just dig the home workout. I can modify for my dodgy knee or skip high-impact sections, which is much better than paying money for a class that I can’t really do properly. I like seeing the evolution of instructor hairstyles and wondering if they get along with their background exercisers, or if one of them is secretly plotting to topple the leader with her own set of DVDs.

2. The Collect-Them-All Syndrome.
Like when you read a great book and urgently want to get your hands on everything they’ve ever written. Or watch one Scandinavian crime drama and immediately want to watch them all. I went a bit mad with Cathes, Jillians and the Element series, but turns out the majority of them are total keepers!

3. The Diet Book Mentality.
The whole Dust-Off project was sparked when Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution 90 day programme thing was released in the UK. It was over £100 and I hadn’t touched any of her other workouts for months, yet I was lusting after it. I scoured reviews and Googled for Before and Afters.

Years ago I quit my diet book habit after noticing the thought patterns… Maybe this one holds the secret? Maybe this one will tell me what to do and I’ll bust this lard for good? I’d feel like a twit when I finished reading because it was never anything new. Deep down I already had all the tools I needed; I just needed to get on with it. I reckon I’ve had a similar thought process with workout DVDs. They’re so shiny and revolutionary with never-before-seen moves that sculpt your butt in entirely new ways! Hope in a disc!

But really, the only Revolution I needed was to get back to moving my body on a consistent, sustainable basis. The answers were always within and there was certainly adequate support available on the groaning shelf of DVDs.

So, ten weeks since the Dust-Off started it’s fab to be enjoying exercise again. I’m going to give the project a rest for awhile. Firstly as I have a bunch of other things to write about, but mostly because I really enjoyed Bob Harper Week and want to give the workouts another go this week!

The more I look at the Yoga For The Warrior cover with his zen body but crazy eyes, I think he looks like he’s steeling himself to levitate…

Levitating Bob

You cannae beat a bit of bad Photoshop on a Friday evening

8 thoughts on “Hope in a disc

  1. Agreed, Jen. I think this is true for any self-help—lose weight, exercise, get organized, save money. How many times do I need to be told that the key to financial well-being is skipping my daily latte? (For me, a weekly latte is a treat.) Yet I still click through to these articles, hoping that this one holds the key that will get me to break my bad habits, only to find the same old advice again.

  2. Exercise dvds are one bad habit i’ve not got, thank goodness. I always worry about the strength of my floorboards when it comes to jumpy workouts!

  3. Bang-on Shauna! I was guilty of the excessive diet-book buying… until I noticed it was a way of Procrastinating (yes with a capital P) … why actually go out and exercise or prepare healthy meals when I could read about the latest fad diet?

    Thanks for the reviews of the dvds. Tip for dvd addicts, some local libraries have excellent selections of fitness dvds. You can also usually make a suggestion for purchase 🙂

  4. I put my diet books on a special shelf as they are my reference library. I’m fond of Harley Pasternak’s book 5 Factor diet. I may have a Nigella cookbook thrown in there too, but that’s just for reference too. I don’t buy any more diet books–or cook books.. I do occasionally buy ( on kindle) personal stories about maintaining weight loss or about changing the way we think of ourselves. Bob Harper crush here…..

  5. Yes, be it ever so un-earthshattering, now that holiday madness is over, I’ve decided to implement the suggested-during-my-few-personal-trainer-sessions workout schedule. M, F = warm up, upper & lower body weights, then 20′ cardio. W = upper body weights, then 45 min cardio, Sat = 1 hr spinning class.

    Minimum. But, let’s just get THAT DONE, eh? =) As you said, there’s no magic answer. Just get off your bum & get it done. =)

  6. Oh Shauna, everything you wrote is just SO TRUE. “Hope in a disc” indeed. And I’ve given up diet books for the same reason you did. Every one that comes out has more and more and MORE science backing it up, so that they are filled with esoteric chemical molecular-level reactions and such that frankly I don’t care about one whit! The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and just getting to it – whatever your “it” is – is all the science most of us need. Now, if the getting to it part was just easier…. 😉

  7. You make such a good point about how our diet mentality can sneak into our thoughts about exercise too. We are always looking for the miracle answer, aren’t we? It makes me wonder where else I do this in life–in regard to weight, but perhaps other things as well. Will be thinking on this…

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