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Hello! Things will continue to be quiet at Chateau Dietgirl as I'm blogging like a crazy woman with the daily Reverb 10 prompts over at my non-fat blog. Topics so far include magical moments, slackarse writing, chorizo caves, cupcakes, beauty and baffies!

What's New, Pussycat?
Also I'm busy lining up some nifty prizes ready for the Dietgirl 10th Birthday Sell-Out, coming up on 15 January 2011. After the frenzy that was the 9th Birthday Sell-Out, what better way to clock up a whole decade of indulgent ramblings by indulging those kind enough to read them? Stay tuned!

Coming soon - Dietgirl 10th Birthday Sell-Out

Let those with boobs rejoice – 10% @lessbounce discount for DG readers

11 Feb – Another update from LessBounce:

I was wondering if you would like to let your ladies know about our "Sports Bra Amnesty". Basically, we send old sports bras to Oxfam's Wastesavers and this entitles customers to £3 off their next item.

I thought they may find it useful, as they may be exercising a lot and changing shape! And this is a good way to help with the cost of ordering new bras.

Each returned bra is worth £3 off the price of your next item, you can only trade in one old bra against a new bra. The easiest method is to return your sports bra with your new order. Please send back to:

Sports Bra Amnesty,
The Old Bank,
High St,
Salisbury SP4 9PQ

A wee follow-up from the Sell Out. When LessBounce learned how many of you clamored for the Enell Sports Bra they offered up a February discount:

We have set up a 10% discount code for your ladies who didn't win the prize to use for this month!  The code is DG10 and this can be entered in to the coupon code box when ordering online or quoted over the telephone. Should they experience any difficulties using the code, they can enter it in the "How did you hear about us?" field and we will apply it manually.

The discount applies to all products, not just the Enell, for February 2010. LessBounce ship worldwide* and have sports bras for racks of all sizes – not just the wildly generous ones!

Regarding the Enell: As many of you pointed out it is pricey, but it's a great example of the Cost Per Wear principle. I brought two Enells in 2004, which would cost a total of £86 at 2010 prices. Even less with the DG discount. They've been in rotation for five years and still going strong.

Accounting for lazy periods, each bra is worn at least once a week, so 2 uses per week in total. 104 uses per year; 520 uses over 5 years. This equates to £0.16p per wear! With the minor bonus of five years of pain-free cardio. You can find a Cost Per Wear calculator on the Skinny Cow website, by the way.

* £7.50 for Europe and £10.00 for the rest of the world

Note: This is purely a community service announcement. I'm not affiliated with LessBounce and have not received any dosh nor free brassieres!

Sell Out winners!

The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell OutAs mentioned on the podcast today, I'm glad there exists such a thing as a Random Number Generator, so deciding the 9th Birthday Sell Out winners is entirely out of my hands. I only have to feel guilty that there can be so few. I wish I had 403 sports bras to give away instead of one, to avoid disappointing 804 boobs!

Here are the winners, listed by comment number and name.

Congratulations all you lucky ducks! Check your email for details on how to claim your prize and please reply to let me know you've received the message. You might need to check your Spam filters.

A huge thank you to everyone who entered and to all the very generous Sell Out sponsors.

Now we're all done with selling out, so alas it's back to me crapping on and on without any prospect of loot 🙂

Two Fit Chicks Episode 08 – Your Questions Answered II

For your aural pleasure!There’s a brand spankin’ new episode of Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone today. And as a very special bonus I actually hit the RECORD button and didn’t screw up the balance so you’ll hear our dulcet tones in stereo. Hurrah for progress.

Today’s episode is called Your Questions Answered II, as Carla and I are, quelle surprise, answering some of your questions! Self sabotage, injuries and food journalling. And a few tangents. And me puzzling over my missing dumbbell.

» Check out Episode 8 over at the Two Fit Chicks website

PS. Thanks everyone who entered the DG Sell Out – I’ll draw the winners tonight.

Sell Out Summary plus Cardio Coach winners

The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell OutMan oh man all this pimping is exhausting. Thanks for all your entries! That's all the Sell Out prizes announced now, and aside from Cardio Coach, you can still enter up until Monday 1 February  Wednesday 3 February* 10.00 GMT.

Here's a summary of what's up for grabs:

If you'd like to enter please leave a comment on the corresponding entry of the prize. Not on this entry or the terms and conditions entry.

The Day 1 Cardio Coach prize has closed and the random number generator has spoken! The winners were 23 Sheila, 25 Ana, 49 SK, 78 asydfoodie, 109 Ellen K, 131 carrie, 167 FitFunk, 189 Briana, 190 Katie, 194 Fiona. You've all been notified by email.

For those who missed out, you can take advantage of the 25% discount consolation prize if you order by January 31. Just enter the code dietgirl at the checkout. Workouts are already nicely priced at $14.95 USD and even better with the discount.

Also for those who asked:

  1. You can test drive Sean's accent on the Cardio Coach website.
  2. Yes that is Sean himself trying to douse his hotness with water in the picture! Cardio-coach 

* UPDATE: I thought it was Monday then realised I'd put Wednesday on the contest posts. Still a few more days to enter!

WIN! $100 @cathe Download voucher – DG 9th Birthday Sell Out Day 9

The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell Out It's the final day of the Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell Out and today's prize is a biggun!

The prize: One $100 USD voucher for Cathe Downloads.

Available to readers from: Worldwide

What the heck is it?
Home fitness guru Cathe Friedrich recently released her entire 150+ workout catalogue in digital format, so you can watch your downloads on any computer or video-enabled mobile device, like an iPod.

Why do you dig it?
If you've been reading this blog for any length of time you may recall I like working out from home and Cathe is my favourite loungeroom arsekicker. I wrote a comprehensive review of Cathe Downloads back in November, so you can read all about it here, including a list of my favourite Cathe workouts. Or you might want to step back to the beginning and download some Step N Motion, circa 1989!

Vintage Cathe
Ye Olde Cathe

Leave a comment below to enter! This prize is open to readers anywhere and everywhere. Entries close Wednesday 3 February 2010 at 12.00 GMT. Winner will be chosen at random.

Check out the other prizes on offer here.
Click here to view the terms and conditions for the prize draw.

UPDATE June 2010: I've now become a Cathe Downloads affiliate, so if you purchase any Cathe workouts using this link, I'll receive a small commission. Any sales will go towards hosting fees for this blog so if you fancy supporting I will love you for life. Thanks for your consideration! 🙂

WIN! @dorsetcereals flake and porridge frenzy – DG 9th Birthday Sell Out Day 8, Part II

The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell Out We have a second prize today as this one came a wee bit late to the party. It's UK only, but hold your grumbles… 6 out of the 10 half of prizes have been worldwide! Tomorrow's 10th and final Sell Out is all inclusive 🙂

The prize: Dorset Cereals Fruity Porridge sachets and Tasty Low Fat Flakes

Available to readers from: UK only.

MOAR OATS! You can never have too many oats.

Dorset Cereals

What the heck is it?
Dorset Cereals are another great wee UK company hailing from the rolling hills of Dorset, obviously. They make delicious porridge, muesli, granola, bars and slices all stuffed full of tasty fruit, nuts and seeds. Today's prize is a big box of their brand new Tasty Low Fat Flakes, a marvelous mingling of apples, cranberries, cherries and raspberries with barley and wheat flakes. There's also a box of Fruity Porridge Simple Sachets so you're 2 minutes away from hot porridge, jazzed up with either apple and raisin or raspberry and cranberry.

Why do you dig it?
They make tasty goods without any funny business. There are no polysyllabic ingredients on the box. I particularly like their Fruit Nuts and Seeds bars for an arvo snack – toasted flakes, fruit, nuts and seeds, held together with butter, finely chopped nuts and agave syrup. Just 136 calories a pop.

Dorset Cereals

There are 3 prize packs to give away, consisting of a box of the new Tasty Low Fat Flakes and 8 sachets of Fruity Porridge. Leave a comment below to enter! Sorry, UK residents only. Entries close Wednesday 3 February 2010 at 10.00 GMT.

Check out the other prizes on offer here.
Click here for terms and conditions of the prize draw.

WIN! Uber Prezzie Box from Natural Balance Foods – DG 9th Birthday Sell Out Day 8

The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell Out The prize: Two lucky gits will win an Uber Prezzie Box of tasty treats from Natural Balance Foods.

Available to readers from: UK only.

What the heck is it?
Natural Balance Foods are "a little young British company dedicated to promoting health, humour and helpfulness. This means we make really delicious, natural nibbles that taste good and do good." This prize contains 20 of their finest treats:

  • 3 Trek bars: Mixed Berry, Cocoa Brownie & Peanut & Oat
  • 2 Trek Flapjacks: Oat Crunch & Cherry Crunch
  • 3 Nakd bars: Berry Cheeky, Apple Pie & Cocoa Loco
  • 4 Nakd Nibbles: Berry Cheeky, Apple Pie, Cocoa Loco & Banana Bread
  • 4 Nakd Raisins: Cherry, Orange, Lemon & Pineapple
  • 4 Nakd Nudies Gluten Free: Cashew Cookie, Cocoa Orange, Ginger Bread, Pecan Pie

Natural Balance Foods
Why do you dig it?

I was looking for a UK alternative to Lara Bars and had even tried making my own by blasting dates and cashews in the food processor. All I got was sludge and a smoking applicance. Then I found Nakd bars in a health food shop. They are ace for a 3pm snack or a great energy boost on a long walk. My absolute favourite is the Nakd Nudies in Cocoa Orange – it tastes like a squishy Terry's Chocolate Orange but it's just dates, cashews, raisins and cocoa and a hint of natural flavour. And only 130 calories, bonus.

There are 2 Uber Prezzie Boxes to be won. Simply leave a comment below to enter! UK residents only. Entries close Wednesday 3 February 2010 at 12.00 GMT. Winner will be drawn at random.

Check out the other prizes on offer here.
Click here to view the terms and conditions for the prize draw.

WIN! The Spark book from @sparkpeople – DG 9th Birthday Sell Out Day 7

The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell Out The prize: Four readers will receive a copy of The Spark, courtesy of

Available to readers from: Worldwide.

What the heck is it?
The Spark is a book from the experts who created It distills the wealth of information, plans and tips on the website into handy book form. Best of all it draws on the wisdom of "successful losers" from the site with inspiring before and after photos. The book is out now in the US and out in the UK from tomorrow.

Why do you dig it?
I was invited to read an advance copy of the book last year and now you can find my verdict on TheSpark's website:

How novel to see my floating head next to a quote that I actually said, as opposed to all those fake ass acai berry testimonials!

There are 4 copies of The Spark to be won. Simply leave a comment below to enter! Entries close Wednesday 3 February 2010 at 12.00 GMT. Winner will be drawn at random.

Check out the other prizes on offer here.
Click here to view the terms and conditions for the prize draw.

WIN! SuperJam 100% pure fruit jams – DG 9th Birthday Sell Out Day 6

The Dietgirl 9th Birthday Sell Out The prize: One reader shall winneth six jars of SuperJam 100% pure fruit jam, courtesy of the jam man himself, Fraser Doherty.

Available to readers from: UK only.
But read on, globetrotters, if you like a good enterpreneurial tale!

What the heck is it?
SuperJam is a range of 100% pure fruit jams; sweetened with grape juice and made using Super Fruits, such as blueberries and cranberries. Nothing artificial is added and SuperJam is much lower in sugar and calories than regular jams.

SuperJam was created by Scottish teenager Fraser Doherty, after being taught to make jam using his Gran’s secret recipes at the age of fourteen. From humble beginnings, the company now supplies major UK supermarkets and is even included in a museum exhibit as an example of an ‘Iconic Scottish Food Brand’.

He also runs huge SuperJam tea parties all over the country for elderly people,wth live music, dancing and of course scones, tea and jam. You gotta take your hat off to this guy. See here you cranky grown-ups, not all the youths are doing nowt but drinking and spewing up kebabs in the street!


Why do you dig it?
Because it's Scottish! And it's a fantastic story. And the labels are groovy. Oh yeah, and the jam is good. It's sweet but in a fruity, not sugary way. I love a blob of it in my porridge or on toast with almond butter. It is also magic on a freshly baked scone. Mmm mmm.

Simply leave a comment below to enter! Sorry, UK residents only. Entries close Wednesday 3 February 2010 at 12.00 GMT. Winner will be drawn at random.

Check out the other prizes on offer here.
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