Early Show Update Update

This is getting a wee bit silly now… I've been postponed again. Should be Thursday morning now! Fingers crossed.

At the very least I have had a grand old time in this city. Today I soaked up the inauguration atmosphere in Times Square then guzzled orange juice and cold tablets in the hope of downgrading my nose from Rudolph Red by Thursday.

Now I just have to grovel to my boss again then go out and buy some more knickers!

Early Show update!

Hellooooo! I hope that DVRs are easier to reprogram than VCRs used to be, as my Early Show thingo has been postponed until next Wednesday 21st January, due to the Plane in the River story. I'll let you know when I know if it is definitely going to happen. First I just have to wait til it's morning in the UK and ask my boss if I can get a few more days off. Oh man…

NB: My blog is set to UK time, so it would appear from this entry that I'm breaking my Internet Curfew big style! But it's only Thursday 9.27PM here in New York so I'm keeping the dream alive, baby!

News in Brief

Dietgirl Reader Gallery

I'm doing my best to carry on despite the heaviness in my heart following the untimely death of my beloved Basil the iPhone (some twerp put him in the washing machine). Sniff sniff πŸ˜›

So, apologies for the slackarse bullet points today!

Amazon.com is back in stock, woohoo!

– The Dietgirl Reader Gallery has two new masterpieces. Germany and Switzerland represent! Thank you Julia and Bianca.

– The Virtual Book Tour is rolling on through Week Two. You can check out all the stops here!

Capessa chats with Dietgirl (and I sound half asleep)

– I'm going to New York tomorrow (!!!) then will be on The Early Show on CBS this Friday 16th January (!!!2). I'll be yapping about blogging and how it helped me bust the lard. Hopefully I won't spew from nervousness!

Midnight Quickie

Greeting comrades!

  • There was going to be a new post today here today, but I spent ten gazillion hours mucking about with my book tour guest post for Refuse To Regain. Sometimes it's bloody hard to find the right words! The post is called After The Happy Ending and is all about my maintenance adventures – how it was great and then it sucked and then it got okay again. 
  • Amazon and Barnes & Noble.com are currently out of DG stock. The publishers are printing some more as we speak and they will be ready to ship on Monday! In the meantime try Powell's or this site helps you find a local independent bookseller. 'Mon the indies!
    UPDATE: 11 January – Barnes & Noble.com now back in stock, woohoo!
  • I'm a guest contributor on Blogs.com today with 10 Blogs To Drool Over When You're On A Diet. Food p0rn ahoy!

After the happy ending

I wrote this guest post for Refuse To Regain as part of the Dietgirl Virtual Book Tour. I've archived it here as I know lots of people stalk their way through the archives and it's a very important entry, explaining where I'm at now in terms of my maintenance struggles adventures! Be sure to stop by at Refuse To Regain - it's a fabulous blog and resource for maintainers.

My first year of maintenance was easy. I think I cruised through on euphoria alone. Every day in my new body was an adventure – I rejoiced in my new clothes, new fitness and new ability to fit inside bathtubs.

Later that year I finished writing a book that charted my six-year, 175-pound weight loss journey. I was still giddy with excitement as I churned out the Epilogue. My body is something to savor and celebrate, I wrote. Every time I put on lipstick and high heels it feels like I'm singing to world about the joy I've found within.

The second year was a different story. Everything was messy and unpredictable. I was simultaneously renovating our apartment, starting a demanding new job and promoting my book in the UK and Ireland. I also took on big fitness challenges, such as training for kickboxing grades and a marathon walk. As the year dragged on there were personal issues and a serious financial scare, then we sold our apartment and moved house.

As a result my maintenance efforts were chaotic. I'd alternate weeks of intense exercise with weeks of nothing at all. I'd buy takeout too often then go crazy with healthy cooking to compensate. I wrestled the same ten pounds all year long, pinging up and down the scale. Instead of high heels and celebrations, it was more brooding on the couch in my sweatpants.

Meanwhile, my inbox was flooded with messages from people who'd read my book. You're such an inspiration! You're living the happy ending! You must be so proud! I didn't feel proud or inspiring. Sure I've lost a few pounds but look at me now! I'm barely holding it together! If those kind readers knew how much I struggled, they'd demand a refund! I felt like a fraud as I answered their email questions about my exercise program, instead of actually doing my exercise program. I made jokes about my woes on my blog, not wanting to alienate readers new and old with too much doom and gloom. But the negativity crept in. I spoke about maintenance with words like "struggle" and "battle" and "never-ending stinkfest".

There were times when I could have cheerfully burned my book. I bugged the heck out of myself with my optimism and irritating self acceptance. I was just plain jealous of Book Shauna, to be honest. I could barely believe that was me who'd lost all that weight and stuck at it for so many years. How did I start wanting change more than chocolate? That determined girl seemed like a stranger and I worried I'd never find her again.

The third year of maintenance was rapidly approaching and I was desperate to make it different. It was a lot like the start of my weight loss mission – I thought someone else must have the secret. I started reading blogs written by fellow maintainers, such as this one. I stalked through their archives, looking for magic solutions. But instead of magic, I read about hard work and persistence; the ability to learn from mistakes and pick yourself back up after a crappy day. Or even a crappy month or year.

I finally had my DUH moment. Maintenance was really no different from weight loss. Sometimes it is fabulous and sometimes it sucks. And that's okay.

I think part of me thought that writing THE END on my manuscript would mean The End of the struggle and The End of learning stuff. Surely after six ridiculous years of lard-busting I'd have figured out my Issues for good? But life doesn't stop when you close a book. The story plows on, the character keeps evolving. Holding on to that happy ending is hard work.

A few months on I'm starting to feel more at peace with the realities of maintenance. I'm starting to live and breathe that happy ending again, albeit without the delirium of the first year. Life is still stupidly busy, but I remembered the best thing I learned in the weight loss phase – the journey is easier when you make it enjoyable. Last year I was falling back into the arms of my old dieter's mindset – all or nothing thinking, expecting perfection, dwelling on mistakes and not savouring the good stuff. But now I want to celebrate how far I've come, instead of feeling overwhelmed by it or taking it for granted. Maintenance doesn't seem like such a drag when I take time out to find the joy in the little things. The peacefulness of a Pilates stretch. The gleeful clobbering of my kickboxing class. The wholesome smugness of a healthy day's eating. I'm ready to dust off those high heels and lipsticks.

Tuesday Morning Radio

Don't touch that dial! There will be non-pimping posts soon – such as New Years Goals, and how yesterday I got back on a bike for the first time in fourteen months and it sucked and I ran out of gears halfway up a hill and couldn't remember which lever would make the wheels go so I just pressed all of them at once and the chain flew off and I got into a huff and told Gareth to just bloody carry on without me and stormed off home.

But first I have to do a few things, namely twenty radio interviews on Tuesday morning with random stations in random American towns (and two in Ontario!). If you're up early and fancy tuning in, click the link below for the schedule!

Thank you again for your comments and emails, it really means a lot πŸ™‚

All interviews are Tuesday 6 January and times are EST.

06:48-07:00 Toronto, ON CHUR-FM
07:05-07:15 Norfolk, VA WXGM-FM
07:40-07:50 Columbus, OH WBEX-AM
07:50-08:00 New York, NY WLNA-AM
08:00-08:10 National ABC Radio Networks
08:10-08:20 Grand Rapids, MI WLCS-FM
08:20-08:30 Kingston, ON CFLY-FM
08:40-08:50 Roanoke, VA WAMV-AM
08:50-09:00 Minneapolis, MN KWLM-AM
09:05-09:15 St. Louis, MO KFUO-AM/FM
09:30-09:40 Kansas City, MO KAIR-FM
11:15-11:25 Colorado Springs, CO KCMN-AM

These ones are being taped so not sure when exactly they'll air. Perhaps later the same morning.

Rochester, NY WHAM-AM
Boston, MA WDIS-AM
Charlotte, NC WSAT-AM
Boston, MA WATD-FM
Carbondale, IL WSIU-FM
Columbia, MO KRES-FM
Minneapolis, MN WMIS-FM
Regional IL WQUB-FM

Dietgirl Virtual Book Tour starts today!

Dg-virtual-book-tour If I was John Grisham or JK Rowling you can bet my private jet would be swooping into your town on a grand book tour, with an entourage of slaves to hold the hardbacks open and massage my signing hand. But alas, I've got to go to work and these are credit crunch times, so the book tour is all virtual!

Would you get a load of the Official Book Tour Logo? I was trying to learn from my incompetence during the UK release and be a sleek and organised machine for Dietgirl USA. I had a grand brand vision of the book with aeroplane wings, travelling round the world, but of course I've left it til 11 o'clock the night before the tour. All I can find on Google Images is stupid angel wings, so it looks like the book is DEAD and chuffing on up to heaven. I hope that's not an omen.

Over the next two weeks the tour will visit eleven kindly bloggers. There'll be interviews, guest posts, audio, video and giveaways. Here's the schedule in full – I'll update each stop with a direct link and more info as they go live:

Monday 5 Jan – MizFit* (video review – featuring party hat!)
Tuesday 6 Jan – PastaQueen* (interview - going from blog to book)
Wednesday 7 Jan – Refuse to Regain (guest post – After the Happy Ending)
Thursday 8 Jan – Escape from Obesity* (interview – bingeing, body image and missing your fat)
Friday 9 Jan – Back In Skinny Jeans (podcast – book deals, blogging community & find your purpose)

Monday 12 Jan – Cranky Fitness* (interview – Dietgirl the Movie, hot Scots and good lovin')
Tuesday 13 Jan – The ELFF Diet* (a bloody fantastic review)
Wednesday 14 Jan – Lynn's Weigh (interview – blogging trends, body discoveries and Moronic Cores)
Thursday 15 Jan – Roni's Weigh (reader Q&A session)
Friday 16 Jan – DietBlog (interview)

Monday 19 Jan: jen larsen dot net (interview)

* Win a copy of the book at these stops!

Hope you enjoy the tour. Thank you again to all the participants, you're true legends!