I’ve attempted to collate your most frequently asked questions into one handy spot.

  1. Why haven’t you updated in years?
    I retired this blog in January 2013. I’m now writing up a storm at ShaunaReid.com. Hope to see you there!
  2. Do you have loose skin?
    I wrote a grand old entry about loose skin after weight loss here that covers the state of my skin and all my experiences and research on the topic.
  3. I want to publish a book too! How did you do it? How can I do it too?
    Here’s a post by author Caitlin Boyle of Healthy Tipping Point in which she shares her publishing experience and interviews some other authors about theirs, including me! I also highly recommend a book called Is There A Book In You? by Alison Baverstock which has some some great advice and information about getting published.
  4. Where can I find the weight tracker spreadsheet that you mention in the Dietgirl book?
    You can find this masterpiece of number crunching on my Resources page. This page contains all of my favourite diet, health and fitness bits and pieces.
  5. Can you suggest a beginners exercise program/ give weight training advice/ recommend a workout DVD?
    I am by no means a fitness professional so I’m really not the best person to advise you! If you’re just starting out and have not exercised in a while, that old cliche of Consulting Your Physician First really holds true. I personally started out with walking as a cheap and easy form of exercise. Since then I’ve tried many kinds of exercise over the years.To get started you might like to check out the huge list of all my favourite exercise DVDs, tools and websites over on my Diet, Health & Fitness Resources page. Many are ideal for beginners!
  6. Could you send me the recipe for the curry you made Gareth in the Dietgirl book?
    My pleasure – here it is! There are lots of other recipes on the blog too – check out the Recipes category page.
  7. Why did you blog about your weight loss? How did it help you? How can I start a blog?
    Check out my entry Why Blog? for my take on this.
  8. What’s the name of the company that you did your New York City cycling tour with?
    They are called Bike the Big Apple and they are ace!
  9. I’m going on trip to Edinburgh – where’s good to eat and what’s good to do?
    Check out my mega list of favourites here.

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