Dudes, I was clearing out my old Draft blog posts today and i accidentally republished instead of deleted an extremely angsty very ancient 2008 post that I’d taken down at the time! All is well here – sorry for the alarm!!!

Long Walks with The Mothership

So far so good with Operation Don't Stop Exercising Just Because Your Mum Is Visiting. Today I did spinning bike intervals while watching a couple of episodes of Home Cooking Made Easy. Mum and I have also been taking long walks around the neighbourhood. We keep a brisk pace except for when she stops to exclaim at random plants and flowers, "WOW! We couldn't grow that in Oz!" or to take a photograph of caravan (edit: that's a trailer for the Americans) in someone's back yard as her dear husband has a caravan and he will be delighted to know that they have caravans in Scotland too.

Yesterday she paused before a rose bush out the front of a neighbours' house and said, "Did you know, when I was a kid helping your grandmother in the garden, my favourite job was dead-heading the roses?". She then started plucking dead rose heads off the bush and chucking them back into their yard. "I just love it! It's so theraputic!"

I had been missing The Mothership big time so it's absolutely brilliant having her here, and not just because she brought a bag of Pascall's Marshmallows. The bag still has a declaration of FAT FREE on it just like in the '00s, which made me nostalgic for the early lard-busting days when my favourite indulgence was hot chocolate (the instant sachet kind, packed with artificial everything) with two of these babies on top.


What’s rocking your socks today?

Yo, V.I.P.'s! What's good in your world right now? What's singing to your senses?

I've started and stopped three different posts this week but the words are all mangled and rubbish. It's a cocktail of inarticulateness (not a proper word) up there at the moment, I tells ya. I don't know what's wrong with me. But I don't want the blog to die! Before it's choked by cobwebs I thought I'd write about some little things that have brought sparkle to life lately, then ask you'd be up for sharing some of your own sparkly things too?

Let's kick it!

  • Walkmeter iPhone app – Sure you could just walk home from work. But you could also walk home from work with mile splits, a map of your route and squiggly wee graph showing elevation changes! Nerdgasms ahoy.
  • The Great British Bake-Off – It's a baking competition on the telly. So much tension! Oh no! There's not enough holes in the focaccia! The macaron doesn't have a shiny shell! The biscotti's not got enough NUTS in it! The poor woman put the oven on DEFROST so her brandy snaps failed! Who knew ovens have defrost settings these days. Note: I wasn't sad when the ginger guy got kicked off last night. I'd thought him lovely til he went in a huff when the judges dissed his ginger cookies for having too much ginger in them. He said something along the lines of, "You can either bake for the judges or bake for yourself and your family and my family LOVES lots of ginger". If you are just baking for yourself WHY GO ON THE TELLY THEN, eh? Dignity. Always dignity!
  • The Winter Of Our Disconnect by Susan Mushart – a book about a family who go sans-gadgets and internets for six months. Hilarious one minute, oh-lord-i-do-that-too-i-am-a-loser-with-no-life the next 🙂
  • This hummus, halloumi and red pepper open sandwich by Bill "Smiley" Granger – a very tasty combination!
  • Homemade rhubarb and vanilla jam. Made with homegrown rhubarb – which adds zero to the Smug Factor as the rhubarb appeared with feck all intervention on my part. Totally hyponotised by the floaty strands of rhubarb and vanilla specks. Pretty.

248. Rhubarb & vanilla jam

Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean

Was it Claudia in the Baby Sitter's Club books who once chanted "calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean" to herself during a time of stress? Google is not helping me on this one. Maybe it was when she was being patronised by her brainy sister Janine? The phrase has been in my head for years and popped out at work today when I was about to combust from terror. Tomorrow is my boss's last day before she goes on maternity leave and I'll be doing her job for the next six months or more, so this week I've busy extracting every last bit of information from her in a calm and orderly fashion. This is in sharp contrast to the ranting, pacing, cursing and bursting into tears of December, when I was first getting to grips with the idea of added responsibility. Hooray for progress! Mwahhaha.

Speaking of fear, are any of you lovely UK peeps watching The Brain: A Secret History on BBC Four? Poor Little Albert! If you're curious about what's going on in your noggin it's well worth a look.

Thank you everyone for your kickarse comments on the last entry. Yer all legends 🙂

More on the weekend when the giveaways begin. Woohoo!

Two Resting Chicks

We're taking a break to recharge our batteries and will be back with a brand new episode on Monday 24 January. In the meantime, we'll still be hanging out on our Facebook page and don't forget we're all ears for your Blogger News. If you missed it last week, why not check out our Holiday Food episode right here.

Thank you for all your support and wonderful emails and comments throughout 2010. Happy holidays to you all and here's to a cracker of a 2011!

Reverb 10 and Podcast

Greetings from snowy Scotland! How the heckles are you doing? I've been a slackarse with updates. November turned out to be a real busy bastard, full of "challenges" but lots of fun too. I need to do a mindful eating update and get back into the blogging groove. If you get out of the habit of flexing the writing muscle it doth turn soft and flabby.

But just a couple of quickies this evening:

image from The first thing is Reverb 10, which starts tomorrow 1 December. Reverb 10 is "an annual event and online initiative to reflect on your year and manifest what’s next".

Each day in December you get a daily writing prompt to get you thinking about the year that's been and what's ahead. Then you scribble your thoughts in a blog post or a Tweet or on the back of a bus ticket. This year the prompts are being written by some famous authors (and reportedly, one flaming amateur).

Reverb is the brainchild of genuine social media guru Gwen Bell, who I've linked to on here before as she's written some thought-provoking stuff about mindfulness and digital sabbaticals, among other things.

ANYWAY, after failing spectacularly at NaNoWriMo this month (my efforts curled up and died like a grotty cockroach at 10,000 words), Reverb looked like a fun way to kick-start my regular writing habit. I'll be posting over on my non-fat blog, What's New Pussycat?

If like me you're a total nerd for End of Year navel-gazing (I dunno why reading about stranger's favourite books or films or chickens is so compelling), why not sign up?

For your aural pleasure!In other news, Episode 21 of Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone came out last week and I forgot to beg you listen to it! It's the Staying Healthy in Winter episode, starring lots of your brilliant comments and ideas from this very blog. There is also a White Stripes song at the very end! And a chance to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS. One of those things is not true. Smell my desperation!

» Check out Episode 21 over at the Two Fit Chicks website

Episode 21 – Staying Healthy In Winter

Winter Today we have fantastic tips for staying healthy over the winter months. We can say they're fantastic not because we're raging egomaniacs, but because the tips come from sage readers of the Dietgirl blog!

We also talk about wearing bras to bed, SAD parties and going to the wrong toilet. We also finally bring you the Missing Self-Love Interview with the lovely Sue a.k.a. Mrs FatAss from Did I Just Eat That Out Loud?

Here's how to listen:

Here is an alternative download link and another in-browser player below:

21  Staying Healthy in Winter

Please let us know if you have any problems listening – our technical support team is here to serve you.

Many thanks to our Blogger News contributors:

  1. Kathryn from Australia
  2. Jenny from Me Against The Numbers
  3. Elizabeth
  4. Desert Agave
  5. Pamela

And to our winter tipsters: FD, Kate from Walking in the Rain, Katie from Fit Living Daily, Jules from Big Girl Bombshell, Wendy from A Wee Bit Of Cooking, Angel from Germany, Jo, LaLa from Schmeckt, Laura from Growth Is Optional, Tina from Downsized, Gingersnapper, and Laura.

These were just a sample of the great ideas shared – you can find the full thread over here at The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl.

Thanks again to our special guest, the very patient Sue/MrsFatass of Did I Just Eat That Out Loud?

Rug up to today's outro tune, In The Cold, Cold Night by The White Stripes.

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How do you stay healthy in winter?

November is such a bitch. This will be my eighth Scottish winter so the early sunsets shouldn't come as a shock. Yet I was spewing with indignation on Monday afternoon as I walked home from the bus stop through horizontal rain and pitch black darkness, "THIS IS INHUMANE! HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO LIVE LIKE THIS!?"

View The view on the way home 😛

I'm not alone though. From colleagues to friends to old ladies on the bus, this week everyone was talking about the urge to do nowt but curl up on the couch beneath a blanket until April.

We're recording a new podcast next week and will be tackling a question on this subject from listener Tuuli from Finland:

Any tips on how to avoid the hibernation effect? The one where suddenly you really really really want to do nothing but spend the next four months sitting at home in the dark doing constant bicep curls from the biscuit tin to your mouth?

Yes, it's winter time up north and my body and subconscious have decided that a warm layer of lard is the season's fashion accessory no 1. Oh dear.

I have my own coping tips to share but I was wondering what works for you guys? Light boxes, Vitamin D, lunchtime walks, yoga, fleeing to your Caribbean island? I'd love to hear what keeps your healthy and happy through the dreary months.

If you're up for us sharing your thoughts on air we would of course link back to your blog and/or Twitter page on the Two Fit Chicks blog.

Related reading:

Episode 20 – What’s Self Love Got To Do With It?

This episode is rather truncated due to Shauna forgetting to hit RECORD when interviewing our special guest. Said guest was very articulate on our theme of self-love and learning to like your body, a theme that was prompted by the large number of emails we get on this topic from you lovely listeners.

We are going to interview her again in the near future, but for now you get the first part of the episode where we talked about:

  • the power of the word "husky"
  • how the heck you're supposed to love yourself when loving messages have not been on your radar
  • what worked for us to start enjoying the view in the mirror.

Here's how to listen:

Here is an alternative download link and another in-browser player below:

20 What's self love got to do with it?

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  1. Paige from Oregon – @fjernsyn
  2. Helen from Scotland – @thebirdwoman
  3. Rainmaker Roxy from Workout Buddy Needed@RainmakerRoxy
  4. E of One Twenty Five – @OneTwentyFiveE
  5. Caro of On The Weight Watch
  6. Katie Nizi via email
  7. Liz of Amazons Aren't Fat
  8. Nicole via Facebook
  9. Christina from Miles4Kids
  10. Pauline via Facebook

Today's OMG I can't believe I didn't record the interview! outro tune is My Mistake by Split Enz.

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